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Citral Strain Overview
Citral cannabis is a powerful indica-dominant strain with some wondrous effects. People utilize this to de-stress, ease tension and worry, chronic pain issues and insomnia. Citral may prove a bit too fussy for some newer growers, but it is worth the effort. It has a tasty fruit, earthy and sweet flavor.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Although this strain can grow both indoors and outdoors, most cultivators state that it should be grown indoors. This is to ensure a consistent climate. The average harvest time is 8 weeks.

The Citral cannabis strain is part of the elite group of strains that most people are familiar with because of their popularity among breeders. You likely know the name from looking at cannabis menus, but despite this, very few people have actually tried it for itself.

This collection of strains – which includes famous names such as Haze, OG, and Skunk – is often chosen by breeders due to the distinct and reliable effects. Citral is one of these strains, often used as a base for creating new and slightly more complex strains.

It is clear why Citral has managed to fall into the base group of strains and gone on to be responsible for so many popular strains that we all know and love today, as Citral offers a strong body high combined with a fresh aroma and very pleasant smoke.

Let’s take a closer look at Citral and find out whether it might just become your new favorite strain.

What is the Citral Cannabis Strain?

Citral is an indica-dominant strain with a 75% indica / 25% sativa split. As you would expect from a strain that consists of mainly indica Citral hits hard and heavy, offering users a powerful body high that can take novice smokers by surprise.

What is more surprising is that, despite being a predominantly indica strain, Citral also has some strong cerebral effects that you would not expect given its low sativa percentage.

While the exact lineage of Citral is not known, it is thought to have some link to the Hindu Kush region. The lack of history has not held Citral back from becoming an award-winning popular strain, winning 2nd place at the Highlife Cup in 2004.

Citral is a top choice among breeders, often being used when crossing different strains in order to create something new and exciting. Citral can often be found when researching the lineage of different strains, including Citral Skunk and Citral OG Haze.

The effects of Citral take hold within just a few minutes of taking your first puff. First, you notice a warm feeling traveling through your body, adding weight to your limbs. Your body quickly enters a state of deep relaxation, making it hard to find the motivation to move; this is a good time to just sit and allow your mind to wander as the sativa effects start to trickle through. A wave of happiness and calm takes hold of your mind, and you find yourself entering a state of peaceful bliss, free from negative thoughts and anxieties.

Combined with the physical effects of Citral, some people find that they can spend a few hours at a time simply relaxing in front of the TV or allowing their mind to drift to new and creative places. For most people, the only motivation to move and disturb the peaceful atmosphere is the hunger-inducing effects that kick in midway through a Citral high.

Citral can be enjoyed with a group of friends while watching a film or chilling together while drifting in and out of conversations. Alternatively, some people prefer to smoke Citral on their own, giving them maximum opportunity to zone out and take advantage of the deep sense of relaxation caused by this strain.


Citral has a pleasant, fresh aroma, often described as being similar to household cleaning products. Others may find that it reminds them of walking through a flower packed garden in the middle of summer. Citral’s buds give off a flowery aroma when rubbed between your fingertips, drawing people in with what promises to be a complex profile.

Grinding Citral buds releases a wave of different floral notes that linger in the air, much like when you spray an air freshener. Those who are sensitive to different smells will be able to pick apart the different notes that hang in the air and even detect a subtle sweetness that, for most, is only noticeable upon burning Citral.

As Citral burns, the floral aroma begins to fade with the heat and is replaced by a sweetness, filling the air with a comforting warmth. The heat also unleashes earthy notes that hang in the air, reminding you of a summer’s night lying on the grass after a particularly hot day.

How does the flavor profile of Citral compare to its sweet, floral aroma?


Citral has a gentle flavor profile that at first is difficult to pick apart and is often described as a sweet herbal taste. As your taste buds adjust to Citral, you are able to identify the unique blend of floral and herbal notes that feel as though they have been sprinkled with a pinch of sugar for a little added sweetness.

As you inhale your first puff of Citral, your mind is transported to an herb garden, with a wave of different herbs all flooding your senses at once and making it hard to distinguish even the obvious. As you exhale from this first puff, you are left with sweetness on your tongue along with a subtle blend of herbs.

After a few puffs, you adjust to the sweetness, allowing the floral notes to shine through as the herbal flavors mix in the background. Citral is definitely one of those complex strains that take some getting used to, and with time you will grow to love and really appreciate all of its different elements.

Citral produces a clear smoke that is easy to inhale, traveling down your throat and into your lungs with ease. This makes Citral the perfect strain for smokers with less confidence who find themselves coughing uncontrollably with the majority of strains.


Citral plants have an interesting appearance combining a strange mix of forest green leaves with a thick layer of white trichomes. The strange combination of colors gives Citral plants an appearance similar to a Christmas tree that has been sprayed with fake snow.

Citral’s buds are almost hidden under the thick layer of white trichomes, making them difficult to identify when looking at the whole plant. When looking at buds up close, you are able to see their grass-like color mixed with brown pistils hidden within. Citral buds are dense and difficult to break apart. While this can be annoying, it does mean that just one bud of Citral is normally more than enough to keep you going for some time.

Citral plants tend to grow tall rather than wide, with the plant’s leaves normally growing to at least three times the plant’s width in length and making them stand out from the rest of the plant.

Citral Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Citral plants can be temperamental, and as a result, are not recommended for those new to growing who are still looking to build on their confidence and develop their knowledge of growing different strains. This does not mean that new growers should be put off, just that you need to be willing to dedicate a little extra time and effort to grow happy and healthy plants.

While Citral can be grown outside in the right climate, it is normally recommended that Citral plants are kept indoors as this allows for full control over temperature and contaminants.

For those who do decide to brave growing Citral outside, plants are normally ready to be harvested around the middle of September. When growing indoors, Citral has an average growth time of 8 weeks and produces a larger than average yield.

Both Citral seeds and plants are easy to find online for those who are looking to grow their own Citral plants. Clippings from mature, healthy Citral plants are ideal for those with less growing experience making the process from planting to harvesting much more predictable. For those who are looking for an extra challenge, seeds can be purchased for as little as a few dollars each.

THC Content – Highest Test

Citral has a THC content of between 15% and 20% with some results showing levels as high as 30%. Citral’s higher than average THC content results in a powerful strain that most people find they only need a few puffs of in order to achieve an intense high that can last for hours at a time.

With such a high THC content, what can you expect from Citral in terms of its CBD content?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Given the high THC content of Citral, it is not surprising to learn that Citral contains almost no CBD; this is very common with strains that have an average-to-high level of THC.

Despite containing almost zero CBD, Citral still has a number of health benefits that make it worth considering for medicinal purposes. Let’s take a closer look at why you might want to try Citral for medical reasons and some of its health benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Citral Cannabis Strain

Citral is often used to treat chronic pain as a result of the strain’s intense body high. The numbing effects of Citral make it ideal for when you just need a few pain free hours, although the sedative effects can make it challenging to do little more than chill out on the sofa and enjoy your favorite TV shows.

With Citral causing very stereotypical indica effects, it is no surprise that it is often used to combat the lack of appetite caused by medications and treatments. Citral increases your appetite, giving you the push that you need to work through three healthy meals a day and keep your immune system strong.

Another reason why Citral is suggested for patients undergoing treatment is due to the strain’s ability to prevent nausea, allowing you to carry on with your normal daily routine.

The uplifting mind high that is often experienced with Citral makes it ideal for treating depression and stress, especially during the evening, clearing your mind of negative thoughts and giving you some much-needed downtime. This can also be helpful for those who suffer from insomnia as a result of stress and depression, helping you drift off to sleep stress-free.

Possible Side Effects of the Citral Cannabis Strain

As with most strains, it is almost impossible to avoid the famous cottonmouth effect when smoking Citral. This extremely common side effect of most cannabis strains got its name due to the dry, cotton-like feeling that it causes throughout your mouth.

The effects of cottonmouth can be held at bay by ensuring that you stay hydrated in the few hours before and after smoking. While annoying at the time, cottonmouth (also known as dry mouth) has no longer-lasting effects and normally fades after a few hours.

When smoking Citral, some people find that they also experience dry eyes. Although this is much less common than cotton mouth, this is again a negative effect that should last no more than a few hours and does no lasting damage to your eyes.

Due to the high THC content of Citral, those who have a tendency towards anxiety or have a low THC tolerance may find that Citral can cause increased anxiety. The chances of experiencing such an effect are increased when smoking in larger doses.

Final Thoughts on the Citral Cannabis Strain

Citral offers users a traditional indica high with a little bit of sativa thrown into the mix for an uplifting mood boost. It is clear why Citral is such a popular strain among breeders; with its solid, predictable effects and smooth smoke, it makes the perfect base to build upon.

Citral is ideal for smoking both in social situations and alone when looking to unwind after a long week at work. Despite its extremely low CBD content, Citral still manages to have a number of medical benefits that make it worth considering and is a strain that definitely should not be disregarded based on its CBD content alone.

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