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Cherry AK-47 Strain Overview
Just like it's name, Cherry-AK 47 is an explosive thrill ride. This strain has some potent tendencies as well as a fruity taste many tokers love. It has a short harvesting time of only 7-8 weeks.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Growing info
Flowering period is about 7-8 weeks and plants can thrive both indoors and outdoors.
The Cherry AK-47 strain is definitely a strain that will knock you off your feet. Although far from deadly (and tasting of cherries), the Cherry AK-47 strain is capable of giving you a real bang. With a THC content of around 16% and a CBD content of around 0.5%, it is a favorite amongst the recreational cannabis crowd.

Many love the creamy, cherry flavor that comes with the Cherry AK-47 strain, as well as the earthy, pine-like aroma of the bud in the raw. It is usually purplish-red in color, and a real visual treat for your eyes as well. With many amazing effects from Cherry AK-47, it’s no wonder people are so crazy about this beast of a strain.

In this review, we’ll be giving an in depth look at the Cherry AK-47 strain – a very potent and wild strain that will give you a real blast to the senses. So follow along to find out more!

What is the Cherry AK47 Strain ?

The Cherry AK-47 strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain of cannabis. It is 70% sativa and 30% indica. This strain originated with the AK-47 strain but went forward with a cherry twist. It was grown and engineered in the US and was geared towards the medical marijuana market. Cherry AK is a more THC abundant strain, with around 16 to 21% THC and very low CBD levels, reaching as low as 0.5%. Despite having low CBD levels it is still very popular amongst the medical community for its great effect on depression, anxiety, and its strong ability to help aid in relaxation.

what is the cherry ak47 strain ?

The Cherry AK-47 weed strain is a little bit different from most strains because, instead of plateauing, you can keep getting higher and higher with every puff. This strain is also a creeper, which means that it will take effect slowly rather than all at once – so don’t think it won’t work or is ineffective if you don’t notice anything immediately.

The trip from Cherry AK is said to be quite relaxing as it will induce a cerebral and body high. It is nothing crazy that will have any extreme psychedelic effect, but it can definitely make you feel more energetic, creative, and focused.

The smell and flavor of the strain has been said to be very creamy, woody, and fruity. The most common description is a cherry-and-cream sort of flavor with a hint of sandalwood as an aftertaste. In addition to these fruity and woody tastes, there’s also that pungent diesel, earthy taste that is a hallmark of the cannabis plant.

Cherry AK47 Strain: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

Aroma : Upon first whiff of the Cherry AK47 marijuana strain in its raw form, you may find it to be very earthy, piney, diesel-like, and at the same time sweet. You will get a hint of the cherry within the aroma as well.

Flavor: As far as the flavor goes, this is a big hit with anyone who is into fruits. The flavor has often been described as a creamy sort of cherry dessert, with aftertastes of sandalwood and citrus as well.

Appearance: In terms of appearance, Cherry AK-47 looks a lot like a cherry. With its purplish red hue in addition to the lime green colored leaves, it leaves quite an impression upon its consumers.

Cherry AK47 Strain Grow Info

Although there is not much information about the Cherry AK-47 strain’s growing conditions, it can often be treated just as the original AK-47 strain, which means that the Cherry AK-47 strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

This specific strain, however, is at risk of becoming moldy while growing, so the humidity levels must be closely monitored. For this reason, it is often one that is grown indoors so that the humidity levels can be controlled a little bit easier. You can buy Cherry AK-47 seeds online, but when you do so just make sure to get them from a reputable company or grower.

With the indoor growing method, you can harvest around 17 oz per square meter in around 50 to 60 days, which is pretty good. You can grow Cherry AK outside as well, but the yield is only around 17 oz per plant and will often not be ready for harvest until mid-October. In addition, the Cherry AK-47 strain is very strong smelling – so if you don’t want others to know that you are growing it and your grow-op is on the down-low, you may want to stick with growing it indoors because the smell can travel.

THC Content – Highest Test

In terms of THC, the highest levels of THC found in the Cherry AK-47 cannabis strain have been recorded at 21%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

In terms of CBD content, the highest level of CBD found in the Cherry AK-47 strain has been just 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Cherry AK47 Strain

Some of the medical benefits of the Cherry AK-47 strain include a noticeable dissipation of anxiety, depression, and stress. It has very little CBD in it, so it is not good for helping with seizures, but that aside it can still help with physical pains and inflammation. Many people even take it for fatigue because of its ability to energize and give you that much needed kick when you are feeling tired and low.

Possible Side Effects of the Cherry AK47 Strain

Like all strains of cannabis, there is some risk of side effects. The most common side effects from the Cherry AK-47 strain include dry mouth, dizziness, dry eyes, paranoia, or anxiety. If you are sensitive to THC, you should exercise caution when using cherry AK-47 because it is primarily THC. There is very little CBD content to this strain, so if you are searching for something with a more mellow and calming effect, you may want to search for another strain.

possible side effects of the cherry ak47 strain

Despite the risk of side effects, responsible usage and making sure you are well prepared for anything that may occur can help to mitigate those side effects. Being sure to stay well hydrated can help against dry mouth and dry eyes. Being in a safe and stable place where you are not likely to fall down can help you in case you become dizzy while smoking Cherry AK.

Final Thoughts on the Cherry AK47 Strain

The Cherry AK-47 is a pretty potent strain with a lot of THC and very little CBD. It can give you an energetic, focused, and creative high that can also help to ease fatigue and any sort of mild pain. But if your primary goal is to eliminate pain, you may want to search for another strain since it has very little CBD in it. Besides the effects, the smell and taste of Cherry AK is like no other. It tastes of a sweet and creamy cherry dessert in addition to that earthy and pungent cannabis taste that makes marijuana… marijuana.

There are also only very minor side effects to this strain due to the low CBD and high THC content. Overall, if you are looking for something that can help you to focus be more creative whilst getting rid of anxiety and depression, and pain is not your number one concern, Cherry AK maybe just the strain for you. It is definitely more of a lifter and can bring some ammunition to your energy levels!


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