Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain [2020 Review]

Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain Overview
Black Cherry Cheesecake strain may sound like a dessert, but it's much more than that. It's a moderately potent strain that's got some awesome effects, including mitigating chronic pain, enhancing mood, and assisting with insomnia and sleeplessness. Black Cherry Cheesecake is also used for those suffering from stomach conditions and pain.
Black cherry
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Upset stomach
Growing info
This strain grows both indoors and outdoors, though it thrives best in cold, dry environments. Harvesting can typically begin after 7-9 weeks indoors. Outdoor harvesting can begin the second or third week in October.

When you first hear the words Black Cherry Cheesecake, your mind instantly jumps to the delicious dessert. You start to picture a rich, creamy cheesecake topped with decadent cherries and a swirl of chocolate for decoration.

Black Cherry Cheesecake is more than just a mouthwatering dessert. It is also the name of a hybrid cannabis strain that is just as sweet and enjoyable as its sugar-filled counterpart.

Black Cherry Cheesecake has become a popular strain among those who are looking for an indica-dominant hybrid that still manages to provide the uplifting sensation of a sativa. Black Cherry Cheesecake manages to give this perfect balance of effects, along with a flavor profile so sweet it could easily be a luxurious piece of cheesecake.

Let’s take a closer look at Black Cherry Cheesecake and whether it really is as sweet as it sounds.

What Is the Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain?

black cherry cheesecake strain

There is not a considerable amount known about how Black Cherry Cheesecake came to be, due to the breeder responsible for its creation preferring to remain anonymous. It is thought to originate from Southern Oregon, although there seems to be little agreement as to when this occurred.

Black Cherry Cheesecake is an interesting cross between Black Cherry Soda, Super Silver Haze, and Cheese. Black Cherry Soda was chosen for its rich terpene profile and sweet taste and is the source of Black Cherry Cheesecake’s rich, dessert-like flavor profile.

Super Silver Haze was chosen for its uplifting effects and to help counter what would have otherwise become a sedative strain with little else to offer. Cheese, meanwhile, was selected for its dependable growth cycle and sturdy structure and gave Black Cherry Cheesecake its strength and resistance.

The result of this three-way cross is an indica-dominant hybrid with a 70% indica / 30% sativa split. While Black Cherry Cheesecake is predominantly an indica that provides a deep level of physical relaxation, it also has a subtle yet effective sativa layer that works to enhance your mood even on the darkest of days.

Black Cherry Cheesecake gets off to a rather slow start, taking up to half an hour for its effects to kick in. This can often result in people taking a much stronger dose than they need as they believe the strain isn’t working. This is worth considering the first time you smoke Black Cherry Cheesecake so you can avoid an overwhelmingly intense high.

As the effects of Black Cherry Cheesecake start to take hold, you notice a wave of euphoria flood through your system. You suddenly feel uplifted and able to focus on positive thoughts; all of your worries and anxieties are pushed to the back of your mind to be dealt with another day. Some people also experience a burst of creative energy at this early stage of the high. For those who are looking to take advantage of this, it is crucial to act quickly because the strain’s indica side starts to take hold.

As Black Cherry Cheesecake travels through your body, you are filled with a deep sense of relaxation. Any energy that was at first felt leaves quickly. Depending on your energy levels before smoking Black Cherry Cheesecake, the overwhelming sedative effects can cause you to drift in and out of sleep.

It is also common at this stage of the high to experience a sudden feeling of hunger. You may wish that you really did have a black cherry cheesecake to work your way through! It is always a good idea to make sure you have some snacks on hand when smoking Black Cherry Cheesecake, as you are going to feel far too relaxed even to consider heading out to the store to get some.

Black Cherry Cheesecake is definitely an evening strain. It will completely knock your energy levels for the rest of the day. Black Cherry Cheesecake is best enjoyed alone or with a small group of people who you feel comfortable enough around to sit in silence and simply enjoy relaxing.


Black Cherry Cheesecake marijuana strain plants have a delicious cherry scent to them, mixed with a hint of sugar lingering in the background. This sweet blend of aromas allows Black Cherry Cheesecake plants to blend in among other garden plants easily and adds a pleasant sugary scent to the air.

Black Cherry Cheesecake really comes to life when you break its buds apart; a strong cherry smell almost bursts from the inner part of each bud. Rubbing a few pieces of broken Black Cherry Cheesecake buds between your fingers leaves a fresh cherry aroma on your hands that you cannot help but keep smelling.

As Black Cherry Cheesecake burns, the sweetness from the buds caramelizes in the air, conjuring images of sweet treats topped with a warm layer of sugar. Black Cherry Cheesecake’s smoke is smooth and easy to breathe through, allowing you to take in the strain’s dessert-like aroma with each sugary sniff.

Is Black Cherry Cheesecake’s flavor profile just as sweet as its name and aroma?


Black Cherry Cheesecake lives up to its name in terms of its flavor. From the first puff, your taste buds are filled with a sugary explosion and the sense that there is even more hiding in the background ready to burst out.

As the sweet smoke works its way through to your lungs, you can distinguish the different notes, and the underlying cherry flavor becomes much more noticeable.

As you exhale, you notice a sweet feeling hanging on your tongue along with a slight tang in the background from the cherries. Black Cherry Cheesecake’s flavor profile makes it difficult not to keep taking continuous puffs; it requires a great deal of self-control to ensure that you do not consume too large a dose as a result.


black cherry cheesecake strain

Black Cherry Cheesecake plants have an attractive appearance, and at first glance look more like a piece of coral from the Great Barrier Reef than a cannabis plant. The plant’s distinctive look is the result of its purple flowers combined with a thick layer of yellow pistils.

Black Cherry Cheesecake flowers are a vibrant purple color with speckles of pink throughout. When mixed with the plant’s almost rubber-like yellow pistils, the plant has a coral-like appearance. This creates an interesting texture and the impression that it is covered in a layer of rubber spikes.

When Black Cherry Cheesecake buds are dried, they develop a dark purple tint to them, along with the yellow pistils becoming a rusty orange color. This gives the buds a burned appearance, reminding you of autumn leaves as they fall and cover the ground.

Black Cherry Cheesecake’s leaves are long and thin in shape with sharp edges. Leaves vary in color, with the majority being a variant of a deep, rich green color and standing out in contrast to the rest of the plant’s coloring.

Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain Grow Info

Black Cherry Cheesecake is a relatively easy plant to grow and is ideal for beginners due to its resilience to most common molds and pests. Black Cherry Cheesecake can withstand cold temperatures. However, extreme temperature drops overnight can affect the plant’s growth and result in a reduced yield.

Depending on the time of year that you start growing and your local climate, it might be a good idea to keep plants in pots so that they can be easily moved indoors in the event of a sudden temperature drop.

Black Cherry Cheesecake has inherited its sturdy structure from its parent strain Cheese. Black Cherry Cheesecake plants can cope better than most with sudden changes in weather, especially sudden gusts of wind that might damage other strains.

That being said, it is still essential to keep an eye on your Black Cherry Cheesecake plants and keep them trimmed to maximize their growth.

Black Cherry Cheesecake is at its happiest when grown in cold, dry climates. This makes it ideal for those who live in slightly colder climates and struggle to keep strains that can trace their origin to California and other hot parts of the country.

When grown indoors, Black Cherry Cheesecake takes between 7 and 9 weeks before being ready to harvest, and you can expect a yield of between 10 and 12 ounces per square meter. When kept outside, Black Cherry Cheesecake is ordinarily ready to harvest between late September and mid-October and produces an average of 12 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Cherry Cheesecake is thought to have a THC content of between 17% and 21%, with highs of 24% in some cases. The strain’s higher than average levels of THC explain why Black Cherry Cheesecake can take you from uplifted and creative to drowsy and calm in such a short space of time.

How does the CBD content of Black Cherry Cheesecake compare to its high THC levels?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Black Cherry Cheesecake contains very little CBD, with an average of less than 1% in most cases. This is not surprising given how rare it is to find a strain that has both a high THC and CBD content.

CBD is the primary cannabinoid that is responsible for the medical benefits associated with cannabis, and this is why Black Cherry Cheesecake is often wrongly disregarded as a medicinal strain. Despite its reputation, Black Cherry Cheesecake does have a few different health benefits that can affect both physical and mental health.

So, why might you want to consider Black Cherry Cheesecake the next time you are seeking a medical strain?

Medical Benefits of the Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain

The euphoric and uplifting mind high that is felt shortly after smoking Black Cherry Cheesecake makes it a perfect strain for managing the effects of stress. Black Cherry Cheesecake helps to push feelings of dread and doom to the back of your mind, leaving you with a new positive outlook.

Some people have found Black Cherry Cheesecake to be useful for managing PTSD for similar reasons, as it allows for negative thoughts to be easily blocked out.

Black Cherry Cheesecake can be extremely effective in numbing pain, in particular, headaches. The deep physical relaxation that comes with Black Cherry Cheesecake helps to reduce even the most persistent of pains and can offer a few hours of pain-free bliss and enjoyment.

Black Cherry Cheesecake acts as an appetite enhancer, which, when combined with the pain-reducing effects of Black Cherry Cheesecake, can be extremely useful for those who suffer from stomach conditions.

Black Cherry Cheesecake reduces pain and inflammation while also increasing your appetite. Tackling both the physical and mental effects make it possible to enjoy food in a way that does not usually feel possible.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain

As with all strains, there are always a few negative side effects that you should be aware of when deciding whether a particular strain is right for you.

The most commonly experienced adverse effect when smoking Black Cherry Cheesecake is dry mouth, often known as cottonmouth because it feels as though there is a layer of cotton stuck to it. The dry mouth lasts typically for no more than a few hours and can be eased by drinking plenty of water.

Dry eyes is another common side effect of Black Cherry Cheesecake and can leave your eyes feeling dehydrated and sore for a few hours at a time. Just like dry mouth, there are no long-lasting effects on your health, and both are more of an annoyance rather than a real health concern.

Some people find that when they smoke Black Cherry Cheesecake in larger doses or busy environments, they experience waves of dizziness. This could be due to the strain’s high THC content, but also a result of Black Cherry Cheesecake being a relaxing, soothing strain. It could make it difficult for your body to handle fast-paced environments.

In sporadic cases, people experience an increased sense of anxiety; this occurs typically in people who already suffer from some level of stress.

Those who have a naturally low THC tolerance are also more likely to find that Black Cherry Cheesecake causes anxious thoughts. For most people, however, this is not something that they will experience and should not avoid all of Black Cherry Cheesecake’s positive effects as a result.

Final Thoughts on the Black Cherry Cheesecake Strain

Black Cherry Cheesecake is the perfect strain to help you relax after a long day when you need to switch off from reality and simply enjoy some downtime. Its sweet, cherry flavor helps to lift your mood from the very first puff and sets the scene for the rest of the high.

Black Cherry Cheesecake provides the full relaxation experience, combining a deep physical high with a mood boost all at the same time.

Black Cherry Cheesecake is more than just a recreational strain, though; it also has several medicinal uses that might just make it the perfect strain to ease your pain. Whether you are looking for a way to alleviate stress or manage uncontrollable pain, Black Cherry Cheesecake is worth giving a try.