Big Smooth Cannabis Strain [Benefits, Origins, Potency]

Big Smooth Strain Overview
Big Smooth is a strain that is reminiscent of dipping your finger in a big bowl of cake batter, mixed with notes of blueberry and vanilla as well. It is sweet, dessert-like, and well...smooth. This strain is great for a body numbing high where you can just forget about everything around you and relax. It can also help with sleep - so it’s a perfect late-night treat.
Wedding Cake
Common usage
Chronic pain
Body high/numbing
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 7-9 weeks, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

Trying to choose the perfect strain of marijuana is no easy task; do you go for an energetic sativa or a calming indica? The trick is matching the strain to the environment that you are going to be smoking in. Planning a lazy afternoon in front of the TV? Then an indica is going to hit the spot. Alternatively, sativas are great for active days out with friends, when you’re looking to add a cheerful boost to the group. What happens, however, when you want to mix the two together; a chatty afternoon barbequing with friends before chilling under the stars and winding down for the day? This is why hybrids have become so popular, giving you the best of both worlds allowing you to enjoy an uplifting yet calming high all rolled into one.

Big Smooth is a hybrid strain with strong indica effects that still manages to sneak in a subtle hint of a sativa’s traditional uplifting high. This one is ideal for group gatherings where you want to chill out but also benefit from the mood enhancing effects that come with sativas.

Let’s look in more detail at what you can expect from Big Smooth.

What is the Big Smooth Cannabis Strain?

Big Smooth is a hybrid strain that was initially created by Exotic Genetix, a Washington based company, who crossed Cookies and Cream with OG Blueberry. Being the product of two strains that got their names from baked goods, it is not surprising that Big Smooth has a flavor profile that resembles a syrup-covered pancake, just waiting for you to dig in and enjoy.

Big Smooth is not recommended for those new to marijuana due to its indica-heavy effects that quickly take effect and last for longer than a traditional hybrid high, resulting in a rather daunting first impression of marijuana. If, however, you are an experienced user who is looking for a strain that offers a strong body high that builds over time, then this might just be the perfect strain for you.

Best enjoyed during the late afternoon and evening, Big Smooth is ideal for individual use or with a few close friends who silence is never awkward around. With strong sedative effects, it is best to take Big Smooth when you have a specific schedule for the rest of the day and know that you are not going to be disturbed from the peaceful trance that is Big Smooth.

Within just a few tokes of Big Smooth, you begin to feel the euphoric effects that creep through your body, leaving you with a sense of calm happiness. It is during the earlier stages of the high that you notice most of the sativa effects of Big Smooth; with an increased sense of creativity you are almost itching to let all of your sudden great ideas out. It is best to act upon this bout of creativity fast if you are looking to create the next Mona Lisa or invent the next light bulb, because the indica-induced body high quickly sets in leaving you unable to fulfill such tasks.

The first signs of Big Smooth’s body high can be noticed around your eyes and ears, with a tingly feeling that gradually moves through your body, working its way down your limbs leaving you feeling heavy and almost weighed down. It is at this point that you are going to want to order your favorite pizza, grab some snacks and settle into your sofa for the next few hours and enjoy as the high develops further.

One of the reasons that Big Smooth is so popular among experienced smokers is due to the complexity of the high. Despite feeling drowsy and unable to do much more than turn the volume up and transport chips from the bag to your mouth, the happy sensation that first hits at the start of the high continues to develop. The deep feelings of happiness have been described as a roller coaster ride of emotions that only travel through the happy parts of your brain. You are able to easily block out the negatives within your daily life and focus 100% on what makes you happy. There is also a tendency to find yourself randomly laughing at things that you would not usually find so amusing as you enter a care-free world for a few hours and enjoy the calm.

With such sugary parent plants, what can you expect from Big Smooth in terms of its aroma?


Combining the sweetness of Cookies and Cream with the strong berry scent of OG Blueberry, Big Smooth will remind you of Sunday mornings waking up to the smell of pancakes being cooked in the kitchen below. Rolling the buds in your hand, it is easy to close your eyes and pretend that you are rolling balls of cookie dough onto a tray, as the uncooked sugar fills the air.

Grinding Big Smooth unlocks the strong blueberry tones that are hiding within the pancake batter. Imagine squashing the blueberries into the batter with your fork and watching the juices flow across the surface of the pancake, and you begin to understand the sensation that comes when opening up a grinder filled with Big Smooth.

Burning the buds releases aromas similar to those that fill the air as your pancakes sizzle in the pan and the blueberries burst, turning a dark purple color and making your mouth water.

Is Big Smooth’s flavor profile as sweet as its aroma? Let’s delve deeper into what you can expect from Big Smooth in terms of flavors.


Just as you would expect from its aroma, Big Smooth has a sweet taste that reminds you of sneakily sticking your finger in cake batter, for a quick taste of what is to come, and hoping that nobody notices.

On inhaling Big Smooth, your mouth is filled with a sugary pancake-like taste that leaves you wanting more. With further puffs, you start to notice the details that go into making this delicious flavor. There are subtle notes of vanilla and nuts that work alongside the blueberry batter taste, adding a layer of complexity to your pancake smoke experience.

Upon exhale, your mouth is left feeling warm and sweet, almost begging for another puff of pancake batter. With such a smooth smoke that warms your lungs and tastes so good, it is hard to stop yourself from smoking yourself into a deep sleep for the rest of the day.

What can you expect from Big Smooth in terms of appearance?


You can expect Big Smooth’s buds to feel heavy in your hand due to their denseness. As a result, you will be pleasantly surprised just how far one bud stretches when ground. The buds are covered in a thin layer of fur that comprises of trichomes, giving them a fluffy and almost comforting feel. Dark greenish, purple pistils work their way through the thin, furry layer, sticking out and adding a rather striking appearance to the plant.

Big Smooth’s plants tend to grow wide rather than tall, resulting in a bush-like appearance. Leaves are a dark green color with a purple tint, in keeping with the blueberry theme of the strain and growing out of the plant to add an almost magical vibe.

You might be wondering how you can grow your own Big Smooth plant and enjoy its sweet flavor profile as often as you desire. So, let’s take a look at the basics that you need to know to get you growing Big Smooth like a pro.

Big Smooth Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Big Smooth is a relatively easy plant to grow successfully and should not cause problems for novice growers, who are still building their confidence. With a shorter than average flowering time, you begin to see the rewards of your hard work in just over a month, as flowers begin to grow. You can expect the plant to be ready for harvesting with 7 to 9 weeks, with a larger than average yield.

Big Smooth plants grow to a medium height, tending to grow out rather than up, making it an ideal plant for growing indoors, even in confined spaces. As a plant that is not sensitive to sudden temperature changes, it can be grown both indoors and outside and requires very little attention other than ensuring it gets enough water and nutrients.

Before you start growing, you might be wondering what you can expect from Big Smooth in terms of its THC content.

THC Content – Highest Test

Big Smooth has a significantly higher than average THC content for hybrid strains, with averages of 24.5% and highs of 26%. With such high levels of THC, it is no surprise that this is a strain that triggers such a lethargic, sedated high that lasts longer than you would normally expect from a hybrid.

How does its CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Given the extremely high THC content that is found in Big Smooth, it should not be surprising to learn that its CBD content is thought to be less than 1%. It is very rare to come across a strain that contains both a high level of THC and more than trace amounts of CBD, and this is very much the case with Big Smooth.

With almost non-existent levels of CBD, you could easily believe this to be a strain with no medical benefits, but Big Smooth actually has a number of reasons to be considered for medicinal purposes.

Medical Benefits of the Big Smooth Cannabis Strain

The number one use of Big Smooth as a medicinal strain is for its ability to combat insomnia. Leaving you feeling drowsy, weighted and clear-headed, it is hard not to drift off to sleep towards the end of the high, even as someone who suffers from insomnia. For similar reasons, Big Smooth is recommended as a sleep aid for those who suffer from stress and depression that leaves you lying awake for hours every night while worries swirl around your mind preventing you from getting a full night’s sleep.

Big Smooth can also negate the effects of stress and depression throughout the day, helping you to block out problems and focus on the positives in your life; however, the sedating effects of Big Smooth can limit your physical abilities, which can become frustrating.

The other main use of Big Smooth for medicinal purposes is as an all-natural alternative pain killer for managing minor aches and pains. If you are someone who does not want to fill your body with harmful chemicals, which are all so often found in over the counter painkillers, then Big Smooth should have a permanent place in your medical cabinet. Big Smooth offers pain relief for most minor aches and pains, especially headaches and sore muscles.

It is almost of unheard of to find a strain that offers such excellent health benefits and somehow manages not to pack any adverse side effects into the package. So, what negative side effects can you expect from Big Smooth?

Possible Side Effects of the Big Smooth Cannabis Strain

There are very few negative side effects to worry about with Big Smooth, with the two most common being dry mouth and dry eyes. Both dry mouth and dry eyes are extremely common side effects of most marijuana strains and luckily have no lasting effects on your health and should not prevent you from trying Big Smooth for yourself.

Less common side effects of Big Smooth are sudden feelings of dizziness and anxiety. While both of these can slightly reduce your enjoyment of what is meant to be a relaxing high, they should only last a few hours and as long as you are in a place that you feel safe and with friends you can trust you should have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts on the Big Smooth Cannabis Strain

Big Smooth lives up to its name, packing a big punch that is best enjoyed when you have a free afternoon and just want to chill out with a good film and a close friend. This is a strain that will leave you feeling heavily sedated and unable to move far beyond your sofa for at least a few hours, the perfect length of time to forget your worries and sink into your favorite film with a new giggly perspective on the world.

More than just a recreational strain, Big Smooth should be part of more people’s basic medical kit, acting as a fast and effective, all natural form of pain relief. Giving you a break from bothersome aches and pains that can prevent you from enjoying your day, Big Smooth will leave you feeling calm and peaceful.

If you are lucky enough to be able to get your hands on Big Smooth and think that you can handle its intense body high, you are set for an experience like no other from its blueberry flavored smoke and the beginning to the peaceful sleep that you drift into as the high wears off.

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