Avidekel | Cannabis Strain Review for 2020

Avidekel Strain Overview
Avidekel is a medical marijuana patient’s dream come true. This bud is super high in THC, averaging in around 18%, while still containing a little bit of THC to ensure the most wholesome effect from all parts of the plant working together. There is no chance at a psychoactive high, only a super relaxed and at-ease state with benefits to many conditions from colitis to arthritis.
Common usage
Growing info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time is approximately 7-9 weeks.

A one of a kind cannabis strain, meet the first bud offering all the benefits of marijuana, with none of the psychoactive effects!

Known as a medical marvel amongst cannabis strains, Avidekel was created to help its patients combat a wide range of medical conditions. Packed with CBD levels that are literally through the roof, and THC levels so low, that you can barely feel them, this strain won’t let you down!

With that said, if you are a fan of THC, don’t be put off by Avidekel’s lack of THC levels. Avidekel was crowned High Times Cannabis Strain of The Month in July 2013 and since then, this unusual bud has become the working man’s strain across America. Favorite amongst those who are just too busy to get high, Avidekel is the perfect alternative to the more well-known marijuana strains on the market today.

What Is Avidekel?

Created by Israel’s leading medical cannabis supplier, Tikun Olam; Avidekel is the world’s only cannabis strains to feature CBD levels reaching 18% while THC remains as low as 1-2%! This marijuana strain was explicitly designed for medicinal use, to enable patient’s to reap the benefits of the whole marijuana plant as opposed to CBD alone.

Avidekel has received some negative reviews from those hard-core cannabis aficionados for its inability to produce a hard-hitting high! However, for many, the option to benefit from marijuana without the chance of it interfering with their day is far more appealing!

This Indica-dominant cannabis strain has been used to treat a wide range of medical conditions with great success. In fact, to date Avidekel has been used in the treatment of the following:

While Avidekel does contain little amounts of THC, regular users of the strain have reported no heady high, but a relaxed and mellow sensation throughout the body. Avidekel does not cause feelings of laziness, which is why it has proven so popular amongst those who have demanding lifestyles.

Avidekel Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance:

avidekel strain

Known to be a more natural smelling herb, Avidekel gives out a delightful odor reminiscent of fresh earth with a discreet nutty undertone. This pleasant combination of smells draws you in and keeps you coming back for more!

An allover sensory phenomenon, Avidekel couples those earthy aromas with a lingering sweet taste that is delicious and moreish! Expect a gentle smoke that is smooth and rich, adding to the overall uplifting experience that comes with this marijuana strain.

The Avidekel plant looks impressive, boasting golden nuggets with deep green tones – it is the whole package!

Avidekel Grow Info

The advice we can give for the growing of this herb is limited since Tikun Olam have not yet made the strain available for public cultivation!

The best we can suggest if you are in search of Avidekel is to purchase it from your dealer and use it this way. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on an Avidekel plant, it is likely to do best in a warm environment and grows well inside greenhouses.

The flowering time for this impressive plant is between 7 and nine weeks if you are growing it indoors! The Avidekel plant won’t grow beyond 6 feet, making it especially easy to grow inside! Be prepared to maintain your plant by trimming down the leaves to allow for maximum sun exposure! This plant grows outwards rather than upwards, and you don’t want to lose any precious buds, so keep an eye on its growth!


While this is an Indica heavy strain, the combination of effects from both makes it an absolute pleasure to smoke! Avidekel offers the user a refreshing and uplifting effect, unlike your standard “high” it will not render you couch-bound, nor will it lead to unusual behavior. Instead, you can expect a relaxed effect that leaves you feeling happy and light.

This is a perfect strain to smoke at night, as it is excellent for aiding sleep, while it does not leave you feeling tired, it works to relax the body ready for a good night sleep!

If you are after a high, that is like no other; this is the strain for you! No buzz, no psychoactive effects, just an all-around good feeling.

Medicinal Benefits

This is where Avidekel can show off as it has already been permitted for medical use! Designed purely for the medical marijuana market, the high levels of CBD without the psychoactive properties makes it a patient’s dream strain! While many patients may appreciate a good high, a significant portion avoids THC where possible, and this strain is the go-to for this!

With up to 18% CBD levels, the abilities of Avidekel are unmatched by other cannabis strains, as it works to loosen muscles, relax the body, reduce inflammation (and so much more!)

This marijuana strain is possibly the most accessible on the market for those of you who are looking for something less intimidating to treat your condition.

Possible Side Effects

There are very minimal side effects to this herb, with its limited THC levels eradicating any chances of paranoia or other mental side effects that are more commonly found amongst cannabis strains.

Users of Avidekel may experience dry mouth, and perhaps a little sleepiness. In the grand scheme of things here, there is very little to worry about with this strain!

Final Thoughts About Avidekel

There is no doubting that Avidekel won’t be for everyone! Its unique make-up rules it out for many experienced smokers who love the THC high! In fact, if you’re main reason for using marijuana is getting stoned, there’s no use in even trying this little beauty out.

However, for many others, in particular, medical marijuana patients, we just cannot fault Avidekel! In fact, it goes without saying here that it would be up there in our top recommended strains for anyone looking to smoke for the medicinal purposes only!

(None of the information written in this article has been reviewed by a doctor or medical professional, and therefore it should not be interpreted as medical advice)