Alien Abduction Marijuana Strain [The Complete Review]

Alien Abduction Strain Overview
If you're in the mood for an out of this world high, you're in luck! The Alien Abduction strain is intense and induces an uplifting experience along with a relaxing and calm body buzz. Users also enjoy its refreshing piney flavor with undertones of lemon and tangy cake.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Muscle spasms
Body high/numbing
Growing info
This strain grows indoors and outdoors. Harvesting time indoors begins at about 8-9 weeks. Outdoor harvesting may begin in mid to late October.

USERS BEWARE: Alien Abduction will make you feel as if you’ve been zapped into outer space…!

Produced by the genius breeders over at Ocean Grown Seeds (based out of Southern California), Alien Abduction is an exquisite cannabis strain for a number of reasons (which will be further discussed throughout this review). Be advised though that the name is insanely fitting – Alien Abduction producea such an intense relaxation and mind/body high, that you may actually feel as if you were abducted by aliens and then suddenly zapped back down to the planet Earth.

Keep reading to discover more fascinating information about the Alien Abduction marijuana strain in our complete review…

What Is Alien Abduction?

Produced through the breeding of two parent plants, Alien OG hybrid and Alien Dawg indica, Alien Abduction has grown to become another masterpiece by Ocean Grown Seeds, who took their time perfecting this combination so that the results would not disappoint. And rest assured, they haven’t.

Alien Abduction is an indica-dominant marijuana strain, with a tad bit of sativa heritage thrown in (it stands at a 70% indica/30% sativa genetic makeup). It has an out-of-this-world THC content, with lab tests showing an average of 20-29% THC – one of the more potent cannabis types that is available on the market. Also, it has some insanely beneficial medical uses, in addition to being a desirable – and delicious! – crop for cannabis cultivators.

Alien Abduction: Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

This bud is packed with a whole lot of pungence. The aroma of Alien Abduction is quite piney and forest-like, reminiscent of Pine Kush, which makes it super attractive from the moment its delicious stank reaches your nose. Also, it’s an aroma that follows you long after the herb itself has been put away – trailing after you like a lost dog. It offers heavy overtones of skunk and earth, with undertones of spice and nuttiness.

The flavor, however, actually differs rather greatly from its smell, with a lemony and nutty taste and a sweet element that makes the cannabis strain somewhat resemble a tart, zesty cake. Appearance-wise, AA has tightly packed buds that are the quintessential size for holding in between your fingers. They tend to be a bright green in color, with impactful orange pistils, (those tiny hairs) curling and bending amongst the sugar leaves. No doubt, a beautiful sight to behold.

The sugar leaves are very frosty and look eloquent when light is shined on them. They glimmer and shine like high-end jewelry in a display case, which is part of what makes the marijuana strain so appealing to the eyes.

Alien Abduction Grow Info:

This is a marijuana strain that’s been greatly praised by cannabis cultivators for its high success rate of germination, and also for the existence of multiple exemplary phenotypes that are available for purchase. Alien Abduction, although a real treat for experienced growers, does require a bit more for the amateur cultivator in order to keep healthy plants thriving. Also, due to its indica-dominant nature, Alien Abduction does not grow particularly tall, but rather produces quite a wide stretch. So although bountiful upwards space is not necessary, you will need a wide location if you plan on growing more than just one crop.

Ocean Grown Seeds really seemed to master the breeding on this one, because the plant is relatively resistant to common molds and diseases. That being said though, it will require regular grooming, trimming and training in order for the branches to learn to support their own weight. Also, the “double A” can be cultivated brilliantly in either an outdoor or an indoor setting, as long as the proper maintenance and climate conditions are available.

Outdoors, Alien Abduction prefers a warm, humid environment where there is plenty of sunshine and light to reach its lower lying leaves and short stature. Indoors, there just needs to be adequate ventilation and as close of a mimicking to the same climate that the plant receives outdoors.

The only downside of Alien Abduction is that it could benefit from longer light cycles, except during flowering time when the light should be switched to the 12/12 cycle instead. The flowering time for this cannabis strain is around 8-9 weeks, and although the yields are not massive, they are extremely potent, so just a small bit goes a long way. For a successful indoor harvest, you will typically produce around 10-11 ounces of usable bud per meter squared, while outdoor yields can be expected to average in at 13 ounces per plant.

Since the THC content of Alien Abduction is rather massive, trimming this crop can be a real pain. Load up on sharp scissors and rubbing alcohol, plus coconut oil to wipe away all that goop, cause it’s going to get stuck just about everywhere. Sharpen your scissors often and get used to the feeling of sticky fingers; this is a tell-tale sign that your crop is going to be goooood.

Alien Abduction Effects:

There’s no easier way to put it other than, Alien Abduction might just make you feel like you’ve been abducted by aliens. This might not sound so cool, unless you’re really into having contact with the unknown beings throughout space, but the high can really just set you off into another world. It is extremely stoney and heavy, capable of full on melting the body into deep couch-lock and serenity, all while keeping the mind focused and creative.

You will definitely be able to produce some exquisite art with this stuff, or maybe even get some busy work done, but don’t expect to be moving around a ton after blasting off – after you start with this cannabis strain, you probably aren’t going to want to move around a whole lot. For this exact reason, we would say that the crop is more of a night time/evening strain. So unless you have nothing to do for the entire day and no plans in the world, don’t even risk consuming this marijuana earlier in the day, or God forbid THE MORNING – you’ll just come to find that it was not worth it and you could have used your time – and money – so much wiser if you had just saved it for later on.

Obviously, it’s your cannabis and your experience, so do whatever your heart desires, but we are just providing you with some food for thought, per se. Emotionally, Alien Abduction will have you all smiles and giggles – you’ll wonder if your usual emotions themselves were abducted and somehow scientifically changed. Expect to giggle at things that are not actually even that funny- you’ll somehow find a way to make them HILARIOUS, and the next day you’ll probably look back and see just how not funny that thing actually was. That’s ok- laughter is medicine! It is good to laugh, so why not have some fun with a cannabis strain that does just that for you.

Also, you probably won’t need a top up of this stuff after a period of allotted time- it is pretty freakin’ strong to begin with, so there’s a good chance you might fall asleep long before your first round of high actually disappears.

Medical Benefits of Alien Abduction:

Although not extremely wide-spanning or multi-dimensional for medical use, Alien Abduction is quite useful at relieving a small list of conditions and medical challenges, rather than being a fully rounded type of strain. For this reason, those that struggle with ailments under these categories truly swear by this marijuana strain, because it’s as if it is directly tailored to them.

The double A is particularly incredible at increasing appetite (reversing lack of appetite), minimizing nausea, and inducing sleep for those who have difficulties going to bed. For this reason, it is also beneficial with those who have been diagnosed with anorexia/bulimia, as well as insomnia.

Alien Abduction does, however, have a tendency to induce sleep. So for those chemotherapy/radiation patients, it might be a cannabis strain best saved before bed, because it will only further heighten any day time fatigue. Also, due to the high THC content, Alien Abduction also relieves pain quite well, including chronic pain, headaches/migraines, back pain, arthritis and joint pain.

For physical conditions, a simple bowl would actually be ok, because this stuff is just that potent, but if you’d like to opt for a smoke-free alternative, some dispensaries do sell this cannabis strain made into edibles, tinctures, extracts, gummies and candies for consumption. Some mental conditions, too, benefit, primarily depression and stress, because Alien Abduction numbs down the body and sets it into a deep state of relaxation, making you forget about your worries and concerns for just a little while (or a few hours, to be more exact). Overall, this cannabis is not the most medically well-rounded marijuana strain on the market, but it sure is outstanding for assisting what it was intended for.

Possible Side Effects of Alien Abduction:

Alien Abduction definitely produces a serious case of cottonmouth (dry mouth) and dehydration, sometimes moving into the realm of dry eyes too. These are extremely common adverse effects, but it’s ok- they’re manageable with a little extra preparation and planning. Simply drinking plenty of water can actually help with both of these side effects- it’s that easy, right? Be sure to hydrate before, during and after your initial consumption, and keep a filled bottle nearby- once that couch lock sets in, you won’t want to get up.

Just remembering to do this one thing will immensely lessen your chances of developing prolonged cottonmouth or dehydration, because H2O actually takes care of the problem. On some rarer occasions, paranoia or a headache can occur, but this is pretty uncommon so it shouldn’t be a cause for concern. All in all, Alien Abduction marijuana is fairly light in the realm of possible side effects, so if you’ve been thinking about it, definitely give this cannabis strain a go.

Final Thoughts:

If you are an individual seeking an herbal alternative to conventional medical solutions for nausea, lack of appetite, insomnia, bulimia, anorexia, chronic stress, chronic pain, arthritis, depression, migraines/headaches and others, then the Alien Abduction marijuana strain may be a suitable option to end your search and fulfill your own personal requirements. We hope you found this article to be not only entertaining, but also educational and informative.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken. And lastly, it’s vital to note that none of what is written above has been evaluated by a doctor or medical professional, and therefore should not be interpreted as advice.

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