Ace of Spades Marijuana Strain Review

Ace of Spades Strain Overview
Ace of Spades is a hybrid strain, achieved by crossing the Black Cherry Soda strain with Jack the Ripper. As a result, it’s flavor profile is very cherry and berry-like with hints of citrus (thanks to Jack the Ripper). It is a popular medicinal bud and has been used to remedy conditions from arthritis and back pain to anxiety and PTSD.
Common usage
Growing info
Flowering period is approximately 8-9 weeks, best grown outdoors

Just when it looked like TGA Subcool Seeds had done it all in terms of breeding top-notch cannabis strains, they proved that they had yet another “ace” up their sleeve. As well as being a great recreational strain, the Ace of Spades strain is arguably even better suited to the medicinal cannabis smoker due to the many health benefits it has to offer.

What is the Ace of Spades Strain?

The Ace of Spades strain is a hybrid cross between the sativa Jack The Ripper and the hybrid Black Cherry Soda. Like its parent strain, Jack The Ripper, the Ace of Spades strain contains a significant amount of the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabivarin, or THCV for short. Research has shown that THCV has a number of health benefits, which include use as an anti-inflammatory and an appetite suppressant, as well as treatment for anxiety, to name just a few.

In 2014, at the High Times Seattle U.S. Cannabis Cup, an Ace of Spades shatter (a shatter is a term for a cannabis concentrate, so called because it tends to shatter like glass when cold) was tested and was found to contain a whopping 2.4% THCV. It is the significant amount of THCV contained in the Ace of Spades strain which makes it an excellent choice for the medicinal cannabis smoker.

On the other hand, the recreational cannabis smoker will also enjoy the Ace of Spades high, which is euphoric without being too overwhelming. After the initial high has tapered off, smokers of this strain say they are left feeling uplifted and happy.

The Ace of Spades indica effects kick in later as the initial high starts to fade into a deep body melt. A feeling of deep relaxation and ultimately sleepiness follows. The pattern of this strain’s effects makes it a good choice for evening use.


The Ace of Spades has a sweet and sour aroma which is pleasantly fragrant. An earthy odor infused with berry notes and citrusy smells give this strain a deliciously distinctive fragrance.


The Ace of Spades strain has a similarly lemony, citrusy taste with herbal and berry flavors detectable on the exhale.


An Ace of Spades plant grows bushy and tall with large flowers. The leaves are light green with large heavily frosted buds which can be purple, pink or bluish in color, depending on the phenotype. Long, bright orange pistils grow prominently among the leaves which give this plant a bit of added color.

Ace of Spades Strain Grow Info

If you are planning on growing your Ace of Spades plant indoors, then space is an important consideration as it will grow tall and bushy. You will need to prune and trim this plant fairly heavily as it thickens up. Experienced growers of this plant recommend beginning Low-Stress Training (LST) early in the vegetative stage.

LST involves gently manipulating and bending the plant’s stem to one side. A careful way of carrying out LST is to use the three-finger technique. With your thumb behind the stem, grip the plant’s stem between your index and middle finger and bend it gently over your thumb. The aim of LST is to encourage new node growth so that the plant grows thicker and bushier. It is important to give the plant at least 24 hours to recover and respond after each bout of LST.

An Ace of Spades plant thrives in a warm, sunny, Mediterranean type climate. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a place where a beautiful climate is the norm and intend to grow this plant indoors, then the recommended temperature range is between 75-79 degrees Fahrenheit.

The flowering period for an Ace of Spades plant grown indoors is 8-9 weeks. If you are growing this plant outdoors, then late September or early October is the ideal time of year for harvesting. An Ace of Spades plant grown indoors will produce a very generous yield of 23 ounces per meter squared. You can expect an average yield of around 19 ounces per plant if you are growing an Ace of Spades plant outdoors.

THC Content – Highest Test

The average THC level of an Ace of Spades plant is approximately 14%. However, THC levels as high as 20% have been recorded in samples of this strain.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of Ace of Spades has been recorded at 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Ace of Spades Strain

As mentioned above, as Ace of Spades is a strain with a relatively high THCV content, it offers more health benefits than your average strain. THCV’s effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory makes the Ace of Spades strain a great choice for treating chronic pain conditions like arthritis. The Ace of Spades strain is also good for relieving other painful conditions such as lower back pain and muscular pain.

Another added health benefit due to the significant amount of THCV contained in the Ace of Spades strain is this strain’s effectiveness at reducing anxiety levels in its users. Research has shown that THCV can reduce or even prevent panic attacks by suppressing the body’s natural fight-or-flight reaction, which makes this strain an excellent choice for sufferers of anxiety or PTSD.

The deep feeling of relaxation experienced after smoking Ace of Spades weed makes this strain a great way to de-stress and unwind after a long and busy day. The relaxing body-melt and sleep-inducing effects produced by Ace of Spades weed make this strain effective at treating insomnia.

Possible Side Effects of Ace of Spades Strain

After smoking Ace of Spades weed, you are likely to experience its more common, milder side effects like dry eyes and dry mouth. Some smokers of this strain have reported feeling heightened anxiety and slight paranoia, as well as a mild headache. If you are an experienced cannabis smoker used to more potent strains and you don’t overindulge, it is unlikely that you will experience any of these adverse reactions.

After the initial energizing buzz has worn off the Ace of Spades indica effects kick in and result in a deep body melt feeling. Depending on the amount consumed or your tolerance to this strain’s effects, you may end up couch-locked as you start to become deeply relaxed and sleepy.

Final Thoughts on the Ace of Spades Strain

The Ace of Spades is an excellent choice for the medicinal cannabis smoker due to the wide range of health benefits it has to offer. The relatively high THCV level contained in the Ace of Spades strain means that it has added health benefits beyond your average strain. The recreational cannabis smoker will also enjoy the Ace of Spades uplifting and relaxing effects.