What Is Powdered Urine? [Does It Really Work?]

You have an upcoming pre-employment drug test. The problem is you know that there is no way you can detox your body in time for the test. It’s situations like this where using powdered urine can help.

Powdered urine, unlike synthetic urine, is actual, real urine. It is basically dehydrated urine in powder form. Best yet – there are powdered urine kits available online that you can purchase to help you pass your drug test.

Synthetic Urine vs. Powdered Urine

Synthetic urine consists of several different chemicals that, when combined, imitate real urine. The problem with synthetic urine is it has to imitate the authentic color and smell of real urine. More importantly, though, it has to be capable of passing a stringent drug test.

Some drug testing labs have equipment that can identify whether a urine sample is synthetic or natural.

It’s true; some companies are producing top-quality synthetic urine. Some are even going as far as adding uric acid to imitate the acid found in natural urine. However, some drug testing labs have equipment that can identify whether a urine sample is synthetic or natural. So using synthetic urine is a huge risk to take with something as important as a pre-employment drug test. Not only will the urine sample you provide be identified as synthetic, but it will also show that you actively tried to cheat your drug test.

On top of that risk, there is the added problem that some states have banned synthetic urine. In fact, an increasing number of other states are preparing similar legislation too. It is for these reasons that people are turning to powdered urine.

As already stated, unlike synthetic urine, powdered urine is the real deal. You don’t have the same legality issues associated with synthetic urine. Also, as it is real urine, there’s no risk that the sample you provide gets identified as synthetic.

Using a Powdered Urine Sample During a Monitored Urine Drug Test

If you are considering using a powdered urine sample for an upcoming drug test, then you need to find out if the test will be monitored. If it is, you will have to be very discreet. Firstly, when removing the powdered urine sample from wherever you have it concealed. Then, secondly, when transferring it into the specimen cup without being seen.

Where Can I Buy a Powdered Urine Kit?

TEST CLEAR has a Powdered Urine Kit, which is very reasonably priced at $49.95. The Powdered Urine Kit comprises:

  • One vial containing powdered urine
  • A 50-ml plastic medical transport vial with a blue lid
  • A temperature strip attached to the vial
  • Two air-activated heaters

Powdered Urine Kit Instructions: (For Informational Purposes Only)

  1. Firstly, pour the powdered urine into the 50ml vial.
  2. Next, slowly fill the tube with water to the very top before screwing the blue cap on tightly. Shake until all of the powder is completely dissolved.
  3. Next, open the heater package. Peel the paper off of one heater, and stick it to the backside of the tube, directly opposite the temperature strip.

Tips for Acing your Test with a Powdered Urine Kit

Conduct a Practice Test to Familiarize Yourself with the Test Kit

Before conducting a urine test simulation, you MUST verify that the powdered urine sample is between 90-99 degrees Fahrenheit. A sample outside of this temperature range could result in an invalid experiment.

TEST CLEAR recommends beginning your experiment with the water at room temperature rather than boiling hot or very warm water. The heater provided in the TEST CLEAR Powdered Urine Kit raises the water temperature to the optimal 90-99 degree Fahrenheit range on its own. TEST CLEAR also recommended using only one heater to raise the water temperature unless you are under time pressure.

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If you do not see a temperature reading on the temperature strip, it does not mean it is broken. It simply means that the temperature is either too hot or too cold. The temperature strip is the highest quality component of the Powdered Urine Kit; it is highly accurate and completely reusable. If the urine is too cold, use the heater to raise the temperature to the optimal range. If it is too hot, remove the cap from the powdered urine sample and the heater and blow gently on it to lower the temperature.

How to Keep the Powdered Urine Sample at the Optimal Temperature

It is helpful to have some experience lowering the temperature of the powdered urine sample before your test. Practice lowering the temperature by first pouring hot water into the tube. Then gently blow on it until it comes back into the optimal range. When it’s in the optimal range, it will be visible on the rainbow indicator on the temperature strip.

It is crucial that the heater is not too close to the temperature strip. Otherwise, the strip will be measuring the heater and not the water. Therefore, you will be getting a completely inaccurate reading. You can use a rubber band or adhesive tape for a snug fit between the heater and the tube.

To maintain the temperature in the optimal 90-99 degree range, do not take the heater off the tube. Only remove the heater if the urine is too hot, i.e., 100 degrees or above.

Be mindful of the temperature range if you dilute the sample. You can use a digital thermometer as an additional measure.

One downside is that the heaters are single-use. Therefore, you need to be certain that your test will definitely be going ahead before using them. Additional heaters cost extra. However, they’re great when a test gets delayed, and you need to raise the temperature again to the optimal range.

Some urine drug tests require samples greater than 50ml. If yours does, take a small vial of water with you to dilute the sample. Be careful not to exceed the maximum level of 75ml, or testers will detect that you provided a diluted sample.

Also, be mindful of the temperature range when you dilute the sample. You can use a digital thermometer as an additional measure to verify the temperature range of the powdered urine sample.

Does Powdered Urine Work?

After reading several reviews from verified purchasers of the Powdered Urine Kit, the good news is that it does indeed work. As long as you follow the instructions provided with the kit, you should have no problems passing your test.

Final Thoughts on Powdered Urine

Prolonged abstinence from marijuana is undoubtedly the best way to pass any urine drug test. However, when you have to take a test at short notice, it sometimes requires an alternative approach. The length of time leading up to the test can give you options. With lots of time, you can complete a detox program before your test. However, when time is against you, using powdered urine is an excellent option to have.

Of course, using powdered urine is not without its challenges, particularly when the urine drug test will be monitored. You will have to exercise extreme discretion throughout. You will need to be very careful removing the concealed powdered urine sample before transferring it into the specimen cup. While it may be a stressful experience, using powdered urine may just be the best bet to ace your test.

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