National CBD Day: The Complete Story

National CBD day is a relatively new holiday. There are many other days throughout the year that are associated with cannabis, such as April 20th (or 4/20) and 7/10 – National Cannabis Oil Day.

Naming of the Day

While the days mentioned above have a special reasoning behind them, such as because 7/10 looks like the word ‘OIL’ spelled upside down, National CBD day does not have a specific reason or cool explanation as to why it is on that day. 8/8, or August 8th, is just the date that was chosen by the National Day Calendar.

National Day Calendar is a company that tries to initiate new holidays through media. It is based out of North Dakota and can help a company or individual to establish a specific day as a national holiday. Through the company’s website, you can suggest or apply for the formation of a new holiday – be it a day, a week, or even a month of commemoration.

National CBD Day was initiated by the company CBDmd. This company is a CBD manufacturer and is based out of North Carolina. They suggested this new holiday to the National Day Calendar organization in 2017 and before the next August, National CBD Day was already up and running, ready to celebrate for CBD fans across the globe.

The Process Involved in National CBD Day

There is an extremely high amount of applications that the committee gets for promotion and creation of new events and holidays – usually around 20,000 of them per year. In total, there are only four people on the committee that go through the applications. All nominations must receive a unanimous vote before they are considered for further action and processing. Due to the extreme popularity of CBD, legalization in the US, and conversation surrounding it, the committee had no choice but to discuss and put forward the application for National CBD Day. It is, after all, an all-natural and healthy supplement that can improve your well-being and life. In 2018, it was finally approved and chosen to take place on August 8th.

national cbd day

National CBD Day also has a lot of benefits to CBD companies, as stores see a tremendous increase in how many products they are selling. In addition, companies and brands can post about National CBD day on social media, which has also been helping to create awareness and destigmatization of CBD as well. Because it is a newly-declared holiday, it will take a while for it to catch on and for the majority of people to acknowledge and remember it without any reminders from social media. But for now, it is at least established and has gotten many people to talk. That alone is a good thing.

The Legitimacy of National CBD Day

Because the idea for a National CBD Day was submitted by a CBD company, many people think that the day was a marketing scheme to help boost sales in CBD. So some people think it isn’t a real holiday, simply because of the association surrounding it. But in reality, to celebrate this holiday, many companies offer discounts and percentages off on their CBD products. It also has helped to get people to try CBD products and to increase awareness and knowledge of how beneficial it really is.

Final Thoughts on National CBD Day

Of course, National CBD Day is not so big of a holiday that everyone gets the day off, but it will definitely help to bring about awareness of the benefits of CBD and all it can do for its users. Eventually though, with enough support and recognition around the world, hopefully, people will begin to celebrate it just as any other holiday, enjoying the glory and amazing benefits of the hemp plant.