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Whether you are a hardcore athlete or simply someone who wants to be healthy and up their protein levels, protein powders are excellent supplements. They provide an easy way to work more protein into your diet. These days, many protein powders are vegan-friendly, allowing those who don’t have access to meat-based protein sources to meet their nutritional needs in another way.

It’s always best to select an organic version that doesn’t contain too many unnatural ingredients.

There are lots of products on the market, so you might be wondering which one is the best organic protein powder currently available. It’s always best to select an organic version that doesn’t contain too many unnatural ingredients, and luckily, there are plenty of brands that share this view.

If you’re looking for the best natural protein powder on the market, then read on to see WayofLeaf’s top five picks.

What to Look for in the Best Organic Whey Protein Powders

Protein powders are probably the most popular sports supplements, and that’s why there are so many products for sale. They all do the same job of building and repairing muscle, but they come in many forms.


Here are some things to bear in mind when searching for the best organic protein for you:

Protein source:

Find out where the protein comes from. Whey protein is one of the most popular, but it’s not a vegan-friendly option. For vegan versions, pea protein and hemp are the most common, with hemp offering a complete protein source. If you see a casein-based powder, opt for something else – few studies back up the effectiveness of this ingredient. When in doubt, go with whey or hemp.

Other ingredients:

The point of a protein is to increase your levels of that particular macronutrient, not to load up on things like carbs. Check the ingredients to find a low-carb, low-sugar option.


That said, many users enjoy a protein powder with a nice flavor. Some brands use natural flavoring agents, which is always preferable over artificial ingredients. The best powder for you will depend on your preferences; some users prefer a fruity number, while others opt for creamy chocolate and vanilla.

Clear labeling:

The brand should be very transparent with its labeling. A good label will explain the ingredients, nutritional info, and correct serving size.

Third-party seal:

Some brands have a seal from the National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF International), meaning that the brand has been tested for contaminants and banned substances. This is a rare find, but seeking a brand with this seal of approval is vital if you’re serious about working out.

When in doubt, check out some other reviews of the brand you’re looking at. Customer experience should let you know whether you’re looking in the right direction. Also, explore the brand’s website to see if you can learn about where it sources protein and some of its other practices.

In the end, you should develop a gut feeling about which brand to choose.

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The Best Organic Protein Powders

With so many protein powder products on the market, many customers don’t know where to begin. Below is a list of WayofLeaf’s picks for the best organic whey protein powder. Since plant-based protein has become more popular, many of these offerings are not actually ‘whey’ protein since the best brands are now offering vegan-friendly versions.

Let’s run down the best natural plant protein powders on the market.

KOS Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

The KOS organic protein powder is vegan and plant-based, drawing strength from a variety of plant protein sources such as peas, flax, quinoa, pumpkin, and chia seeds. The other ingredients include natural flavorings like pink sea salt, organic stevia, and a vegetable blend. The overall flavor is chocolate, which is surprisingly decadent and creamy thanks to the addition of organic coconut milk.

However, KOS also offers several other flavors, including Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate Chip Mint, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Vanilla.

Each serving of two scoops contains 20g of protein and just 9g of carbs. The beautifully packaged container contains approximately thirty servings and costs $44.99.

KOS is definitely the best pick for organic ingredients overall.

Orgain Simple Organic Plant Protein Powder

Those who enjoy flavored protein powders should take a look at Orgain. The Orgain organic protein powder is once again plant-powered and vegan, with the Simple Organic Protein Powder offering 20g per serving. This offering comes in Creamy Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Vanilla flavors, each costing $29.99.

The Simple tub is not the only offering. Orgain also offers organic Chocolate Coconut protein, with 21g per serving, a regular Organic Protein in several flavors, including Peppermint Hot Cocoa, and an Organic Protein + Superfoods. All of your needs are covered here.

For those who prefer whey, Orgain offers a grass-fed whey protein option, offering 21g per serving for $29.99.

Orgain has a USDA certification for organic ingredients, adding an extra layer of assurance.

Raw Organic Whey Protein

The perhaps uninventively named brand Raw Organic Whey stocks a high-quality protein powder made from the whey of grass-fed Jersey cows. The Raw Organic Whey organic protein powder is an isolate, containing nothing but pure whey.

This powder is USDA organic, non-GMO, and soy-free. Plus, Raw Organic Whey carries out certified lab testing to guarantee that its products are free of heavy metals and toxins.

Each serving contains 21g of protein and just 2g of carbohydrates. A 12oz bag costs $29.99, but you can also buy bulk 5lb bags for $119.99.

ALOHA Organic Protein Powder

Back to the plant-based proteins, ALOHA offers pleasantly flavored powders with natural ingredients. The ALOHA organic protein powder comes in Chocolate and Vanilla flavors, sweetened with monk fruit extract. The best thing about this product is probably the beautiful packaging.

It’s best for those who are using protein casually, as it contains just 18g of plant-based protein per serving. One tin, containing fifteen servings, is $30, making it more expensive than some other offerings. However, it’s worth mentioning because it is absolutely delicious, and it contains 5g of fiber per serving, ideal for those supporting a healthy diet.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Organic Max Fiber Protein Powder

Hemp protein had to enter this list somewhere, and it comes in the form of the Manitoba Harvest organic protein powder. Called Hemp Yeah!, this protein powder contains 20g of protein per serving, alongside 2g of omega 3 & 6, and 2g of fiber. It’s all-around healthy, but also delicious.


Manitoba Harvest stocks several options, including Unsweetened, Chocolate, and Vanilla. There are also Max Fiber blends for additional fiber and a Max Protein option that contains a variety of amino acids.

Most of the protein powders start at just $16.99.

Bottom Line on the Best Organic Protein Powder

It’s a good day for those who try to eat organically. A large number of protein powders on the market are now made using exclusively organic ingredients, whether you are using vegan protein or whey.

All of the brands in this review are high-quality and trustworthy, with a wealth of positive customer reviews.

All of the brands in this review are high-quality and trustworthy, with a wealth of positive customer reviews. KOS is our pick for the best all-around organic protein powder, but you may want to go with another option depending on your preferences.

Do you have another brand that you think is the best? Drop it in the comments below.

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