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VidaCap Mushroom Supplements Review

VidaCap: Quick Summary


  • Offers exceptional mushroom supplement capsules
  • The sleep blend is a unique product
  • Very reasonable pricing
  • Great refunds and returns policy
  • Regularly tests the products for contaminants


  • All capsules contain the same dose of mushroom extract
  • Limited variety of mushroom species

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VidaCap Mushroom Supplements Review

VidaCap offers a variety of mushroom supplements, a wellness product that has become popular in recent times. There are many species of mushrooms, and humans have used them throughout time to help them live healthily. VidaCap is one of the trendiest brands now marketing the benefits of mushrooms in a form that’s super easy to take.

The WayofLeaf team gave these products a try to find out if they’re worth it. The Pure Mushrooms and Mushroom Gummies are both products that we loved, which means VidaCap is setting a very high bar for other brands in the industry.

If you’re wondering, VidaCap sells a variety of mushroom species, including:

Each of these has specific benefits, so make sure you check out the WayofLeaf guides on different mushroom species for more information.

What Makes VidaCap’s Mushroom Capsules Special?

VidaCap is an American brand that specializes in mushroom supplements. It launched with two product types: mushroom capsules and mushroom blends. Eventually, it expanded into a new range of products, including mushroom powders and specialized mushroom gummies. All of its products are organic, made from mushrooms grown in optimal conditions.

It sources each mushroom from the places they grow best. The Chaga mushrooms are grown in Russia, while all other species are cultivated in China. VidaCap uses a closed greenhouse system to produce the mushrooms, giving them the chance to grow to their full potential. They still possess the same nutrients and properties as wild-grown specimens.

The major benefit to capsules is that they don’t have the taste and texture of mushrooms.

It’s pretty easy to have a healthy diet that features mushrooms occasionally. But what VidaCap is selling is the opportunity to take a hassle-free supplement on a daily basis. It does this by turning the mushrooms into capsules, powders, and gummies, which are all really easy to use.

The major benefit to VidaCap’s capsules specifically is that they don’t have the taste and texture of mushrooms. While I enjoy them as an ingredient, I’m very aware that many people dislike mushrooms for a variety of reasons. Capsules get around this issue completely.

Considering the relative lack of high-quality mushroom capsules on the market, VidaCap is making a difference purely by offering this type of product. Plus, many mushroom supplements tend to be in the form of tea or a basic powder, so the capsules are a really refreshing option for people who don’t enjoy their natural taste.

VidaCap Products

VidaCap specializes in capsules, but has also expanded into powders and gummies. Its capsule options include Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail mushrooms. There is also a mushroom blend intended to promote sleep. For powders, the brand offers Lion’s Mane and Reishi. Their gummies are available in one Immunity variety.

VidaCap Pure Mushrooms

The Pure Mushrooms are VidaCap’s flagship product: mushroom capsules. There are five species to choose from, each priced at $24 for 60 capsules. They come in a stylish container that looks fabulous and really professional, matching the brand’s overall vibe.

VidaCap uses a vegetarian capsule coating, which I appreciate because it means anybody can use the capsules regardless of dietary preference. They are also gluten-free, sugar-free, and paleo-friendly.


The product descriptions and the label on the bottle explain exactly what each mushroom type does. Each capsule, regardless of the type of mushroom, contains 750mg of extract. While some people might prefer different doses for different mushroom species, the 750mg suited me just fine.

I used one capsule per day with a bit of water to see how it affected me. The Lion’s Mane was my go-to because it helps me with my focus, clarity, and mood, which is perfect for a long day’s work. I loved that the capsules were tasteless and very easy to use. I found it hard to find any faults with this product.

Cost: $24

VidaCap Mushroom Blends

Right now, VidaCap offers a single blend: Mushroom Capsules for Sleep. It’s awesome that this product still comes in capsule form; as mentioned above, many users dislike the taste of mushroom powder.

For the sleep product, VidaCap has combined Reishi mushroom with valerian root and melatonin. The extract is a 10:1 formula. Plus, the reishi extract contains up to 35% polysaccharides, a form of carbohydrate.


What I loved about this product is its uniqueness. I haven’t seen a product before that combines the natural wellness properties of mushrooms with other supplements like melatonin. It makes it so convenient to stay on top of your wellness regime.

Personally, I don’t tend to have trouble sleeping, so I can’t say how effective this product is. However, reviews are rolling in that praise the sleep capsules for their efficacy.

Notably, the sleep blend is more expensive than the Pure Mushrooms capsules. You only get thirty per container, too.

Cost: $27

VidaCap Mushroom Powders

Powders are the industry standard way of consuming functional mushrooms, and so VidaCap understandably recently launched this form as part of their line. Currently, they offer two types, Lion’s Mane and Reishi.


I personally love this option for adding to drinks and food. Instead of having to open up a capsule and potentially run the risk of getting powder everywhere, the actual powders are designed for throwing into a variety of meals or beverages, so that you don’t even need to remember to take your daily dose of mushrooms.

These powders seem to be as effective as the capsules in my experience, and each container is packed full of 60 grams of mushroom powder. As always, the same usual quality of ingredients is available in this product too. Costing $28.00 a container, the price is comparable with other products from VidaCap as well.

Cost: $28.00

VidaCap Mushroom Immunity Gummies

Out of all VidaCap products, I think the mushroom immunity gummies have become one of my favorites. They are designed to support a healthy immune system, so they not only feature 500mg of mushrooms per gummy, but they also contain 500mg of apple cider vinegar per gummy. Best of all, they taste nothing like mushrooms, so this would be an ideal option for those who dislike the flavor of fungus.


Made with a unique mycomatrix blend, a simple gummy contains 5 different prominent species of functional mushrooms, including reishi, cordyceps, turkey tail, lion’s mane, and maitake. I truly feel these are especially convenient, and since they taste just like candy, it’s easy to remember to consume them.

At $28.00 per bottle of 60 gummies, this product has some of the best value out of any VidaCap product, because of the sheer amount of mushroom extract each gummy contains, and the fact that you only need to consume 1-2 gummies per day.

Cost: $28.00

Are the VidaCap Products Worth It?

All in all, VidaCap seems worth it. The products are great quality, and options like the sleep mushroom blend and immunity gummies are unique. What’s more, VidaCap puts effort into ensuring that its customers have all the information they need on the website.


I thought the prices were very reasonable. This is only reinforced by the company’s satisfaction guarantee, which states that you can request a refund if you are not happy with a product.

You have 30 days after purchase to file for a refund, including products that have been opened.

You have 30 days after purchase to file for a refund. This includes products that have been opened – most brands don’t offer this, but it gives you a chance to try the product. However, you will have to pay for return shipping yourself.

The other fantastic thing about VidaCap is that its products are laboratory tested. The same cannot be said for numerous other brands, but it’s reassuring to know that VidaCap regularly checks for contaminants.

VidaCap Review: Summary & Where to Buy

In our VidaCap brand review, we explored all the products currently available, and we were thoroughly impressed. This brand is offering exceptional quality mushroom capsules at a reasonable price.

This is definitely a brand that we recommend if you are looking to try mushroom supplements, especially if you dislike the taste of mushrooms.

For more information on mushroom supplements, check out the detailed guides here on WayofLeaf.

Final Verdict: 9/10

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