White Skunk Cannabis Strain Review

White Skunk Cannabis Strain Review

The White Skunk strain is an indica-dominant hybrid, best reserved for evening or nighttime consumption. Perfect for an all-over relaxing and tranquil state, many also enjoy this cannabis strain’s potential benefits for pain and stress relief.

Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene
Common Usage
Growing Info
Short flowering cycle with bountiful harvest and higher yields.

The White Skunk strain is quite a unique cannabis variety. It started out as a vision from Sensi Seeds, who wanted to develop an indica-dominant variation of the well-loved Skunk strain. From that desire, this distinctive flower blossomed, and we got the chance to review it in all its glory.

What Is the White Skunk Strain?

The White Skunk weed strain melds the classic qualities of the popular Skunk strain with other unique factors. The child of White Widow and Super Skunk, this powerful strain has a 65% indica, 35% sativa genetic makeup, meaning that, unlike its parent, White Widow, which is more indica-leaning, it produces both relaxing and rejuvenating effects.


The high from White Skunk is often described as “feeling like a relaxing massage,” existing more on a body level than a mind level, which is quite typical for such an indica-heavy strain. That’s not to say, though, that this strain doesn’t also have an impact on the mind, regularly leading to blissful thoughts and a wave of tranquility.

Because of its indica dominance, the White Skunk strain is best reserved for when you don’t have any work tasks left or things to do. Although it doesn’t make the consumer completely couch-locked, it is extremely relaxing, so it makes for a better evening or nighttime treat.


The White Skunk marijuana strain has a pleasant and pungent aroma with notes of citrus and skunk (as the name implies).


The flavor of the White Skunk marijuana strain is quite specific, sometimes being compared to that of liquor (for those who like the taste of alcohol). Others describe the taste as skunky and ever so slightly sweet.


The appearance of White Skunk is that of a classic bud, with various shades of vernal green flower, featuring delicate orange pistils and some frosty white trichomes, like a light dusting of first snow. The strain is medium in height, which makes sense considering its indica dominance, and it features some fat cola formations.

White Skunk Strain Grow Info

Skunk strain derivatives are tried, true, and tested over many years, so many of the related strains are equally as reliable. Because of this, the White Skunk cannabis strain is relatively easy to cultivate and makes a wonderful option for complete beginners. Plus, the strain has a relatively short flowering cycle (just 7-8 weeks on average) and being indica-dominant, it doesn’t require copious amounts of space.

Additionally, White Skunk is often sold as an autoflowering variety. So, although some prefer to stay away from autoflowering strains, this does simplify the growing process even more.

This cannabis strain can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors, with a medium height. For outdoor grows, harvest time typically falls around September, which is earlier in the season compared to some other strains.

White skunk strain seeds are fairly easy to come by as well, with many cannabis seed suppliers selling this unique strain.

THC Content – Highest Test

The White Skunk cannabis strain has a moderately high THC content, usually ranging from between 18-22%. Because of this, it won’t completely knock you out and couch-lock you, but it still is strong. So whilst some might be able to get on with evening tasks after consuming the strain, it is best to have the space to just chill out so you can deeply relax.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD content of the White Skunk weed strain is extremely minimal, at less than 1% CBD. This is quite typical for a strain with Skunk and White Widow genetics, as both of these parent strains are not bred specifically for their CBD content.

The good news is that there are many strains readily available with higher CBD contents, so if you’re looking for a CBD-rich strain, White Skunk won’t be the one for you, but another option like Cannatonic, Charlotte’s Web, ACDC, or Sour Tsunami might be more suitable.

Medical Benefits of the White Skunk Strain

Medical cannabis patients turn towards White Skunk for a variety of potential medical benefits. Because of how euphoric and relaxing this strain is, it is a wonderful option for managing stress and insomnia, as well as other mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. This happier mental state also leads to increases in appetite, as well as decreases in nausea for some, especially when the two symptoms are linked to mental health (as they often can be).


This strain features quite a bit of a body high, meaning that chronic pain, body aches, headaches, and tension can melt away for some after consuming this cannabis type.

Possible Side Effects of the White Skunk Strain

Like with any cannabis strain, the White Skunk strain has some potential side effects. The most commonly reported ones include cottonmouth (dry mouth), dry eyes, dizziness, and headaches.

Final Thoughts on the White Skunk Strain

For those who want a euphoric, relaxing body high and a strain that is ideal for evening use but won’t necessarily make them fall asleep, the White Skunk cannabis strain is ideal. Easy to cultivate and bred from two long-time staples of the cannabis industry (Skunk and White Widow), there’s a lot to love with this marijuana type, especially for those who adore some of the classic bud qualities.

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