White Cheese | Marijuana Strain Review

White Cheese | Marijuana Strain Review

A jack of all trades strain that lets you relax, kick back and mellow out after a hard day at work.

Dominant Terpene:
Calming, Happy, Relaxation, Social
Blue CheeseCheeseDieselHash
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painStress
Growing Info
Easy to grow and easy to acquire, White Cheese can be grown both indoors and outside at a wide range of temperatures.

There are lots of marijuana strains designed for mixed feelings and moods. Some strains keep you alert and awake, some help you fall asleep, and some few rare ones seem to satisfy you somehow regardless of what you need.

White Cheese is definitely one of the latter varieties, somehow morphing into whatever you need it to be in that particular moment.

Let’s take a look at the White Cheese strain and find out what it is that makes it so unique.

What Is the White Cheese Strain?

White Cheese was made by Zambeza Seeds, mixing together a few of the most classic marijuana strains ever heard of; Super Skunk, Afghani, and Cheese. The result is an incredibly well balanced, almost imperceptible strain that feels like a bit of a useful everyman strain.

With a surprisingly low load of THC, the initial high after smoking some White Cheese is noticeably mellow and calm. You will first notice an odd sensation that feels a little bit hazy and confusing, but nothing too unpleasant.

You will still feel able to do anything you want to do, though perhaps with a bit more of an inclination to be more social and eager to talk to those around you. Some users have described that, while they are more talkative, they are also a bit more perplexing in their conversation topics.


Users sometimes sound rather odd, as if they aren’t really sure themselves what they are talking about. However, it is still plenty enjoyable, even if you sound a little crazy at the same time.

The main thing you will notice after smoking some White Cheese is the sensation of total and complete loss of stress. After a long day of grueling, tiring work, this is the strain to turn to that will help you relax and chill out.

It offers a great mix of both THC and CBD, letting you feel all of the relaxing sensations and ease of mind that other, more THC intensive strains struggle to achieve.

Some users also really enjoy their White Cheese while out for a walk, as the gentle and serene effects make a walk through nature infinitely more pleasurable.

What about its flavor, however? How does the White Cheese strain taste?


As the name might imply, the smell of the White Cheese strain is predominantly cheesy. It isn’t really a specific cheese per se, but it’s just vaguely cheesy. Sort of stinky and familiar, yet somehow new and original.

There is also a plentiful amount of that familiar skunkiness that only the best strains have. It is really clear from its aroma that White Cheese comes from Super Skunk and Afghani; it basically smells exactly like its parents, though the cheesy aroma is far more noticeable.

There is also a small element of smokiness that pervades the senses, leaving you feeling you have just walked into a backyard cookout.


The pungency of White Cheese’s cheesy and funky aroma carries through to its taste, leaving your tongue with a medley of different flavors.

On first smoking some White Cheese bud, you will right away notice that distinctive cheesiness, like a well-aged brie or a slightly salty blue cheese. It isn’t like biting directly into a wedge of cheese, however. Instead, it’s more like having some cheese waft over your palate.

The familiar sensations and memories associated with blue cheese and the distinctive funkiness will fill your senses, leaving you unable to think of anything else whatsoever.

On exhale, the main thing that your tongue feels is that smoky skunkiness that all Afghani strains traditionally carry with them. It is remarkably like smoking both Super Skunk and Afghani together, creating a confusing experience in your mouth after a little while.

What about its appearance? What does the White Cheese bud look like?


The bud of White Cheese is very pleasing to look at; it’s almost a perfect example of what high-quality marijuana bud should aspire to. It is deeply colored, with plenty of those gorgeous amber pistils dotting the surface that give it a great orange huge.

This strain is hairy, but not so much that it imitates a fluff ball. It also has a profoundly thick coating of white resin, which is made up of white trichomes. These white trichomes are very attractive and make the bud almost snowy in appearance.

Apart from that, the bud is incredibly stereotypical, almost movie-like in its appearance. It is what you would expect to find in a film about finding the perfect weed – it just looks really pretty.

What about for those aspiring home growers among us? How do you go about growing your own White Cheese?

White Cheese Strain Grow Info

The White Cheese strain is pretty popular among amateur growers, as it is pretty easy to deal with limited complications.

The seeds are available from a myriad of places online, making it super easy to get a hold of to grow, whether indoors or outdoors. Even better, White Cheese has a tendency to grow pretty compact, sticking together and keeping more short and wide than tall and narrow. This helps to encourage the healthy production of usable buds, something that is vital to making a good yield.  

White Cheese can handle all kinds of temperatures, which makes it a popular choice for those who don’t live in the temperate zones of the world, such as the colder regions. In fact, the cold can actually prove to be beneficial to White Cheese, allowing it to grow unique and exciting colors once it is harvested and dried correctly.

Once it is all done, expect a high yield after only a little less than eight total weeks of growth. This makes White Cheese not only easy to grow yourself but also incredibly efficient when it comes to effort in comparison to yield.

Finally, to help improve the amount of tasty bud it makes, try and taper its growth if it tries to shoot up. You can easily do this by trimming off the very top of the growth, encouraging it to focus its efforts on growing more wide than tall. This should result in even more buds developing, as the plant doesn’t waste its energy on achieving high growth.

Once all is said and done and you have harvested your bud, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect to find in your White Cheese bud?

THC Content – Highest Test

White Cheese cannabis is pretty impressive when it comes to its THC content, as it is surprisingly low. Most popular weed strains tend to have incredibly high levels of THC, so as to encourage even more potent effects when you smoke them.

White Cheese, however, only has about 14% to 16% THC content. This is enough THC to induce a good amount of psychoactive effects, but not enough to really induce those sensations that lead to discomfort.

This makes White Cheese a great strain for those who remain inexperienced with marijuana, as it won’t overwhelm them with too much THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Most marijuana strains tend to only have about 1% CBD – if that. This is because all the CBD is bred out to make room for more THC, so as to make the strain even stronger.

White Cheese is a breath of fresh air in this regard, as it has about 4% to 6% CBD, depending on the plant. This allows it to have a myriad of valuable medical benefits in addition to its THC benefits.

But what are these medical benefits? What kind of medical reasons are there to use White Cheese?

Medical Benefits of the White Cheese Strain

White Cheese’s first significant medical benefit is its effect on your nervous system. While most marijuana strains tend to be used in some way or another to help treat pain, White Cheese excels at pain relief when compared to other strains.

This is because of its unique combination of THC and CBD, enabling it to not only help suppress your awareness of the pain but also to help turn off the pain response, to begin with.

Just like with other high CBD strains, White Cheese is excellent at relieving both inflammation and anxiety, as well as general pain from things like headaches. Just like its effects, White Cheese’s medical benefits seem to apply to all kinds of different situations, allowing you to use it no matter what you are suffering from.

Some people enjoy using White Cheese as a sleep aid as well, though it does not actually induce sleepiness. Instead, it helps make everything a little bit easier, calming you down and preparing you for a night of restful sleep.

But what about the side effects of White Cheese? Are there any unpleasant side effects worth considering before you try this strain?

Possible Side Effects of the White Cheese Strain

No matter how beautiful a particular strain is, there are always going to be a few unintended side effects that will plague your marijuana experience.

However, thanks to the relatively low quantity of THC found in White Cheese, as well as its CBD content, the list of side effects with this strain is strangely low.

You can expect to find a decent amount of dry mouth and dry eyes, two conditions that any great marijuana strain will invariably induce. However, these can be easily defeated with a moist towel and a large glass of water to keep you hydrated.

Other than that, though, there are not really any severe side effects to think about. While you can experience a small amount of paranoia and anxiety if you try and smoke too much, you would have to smoke a pretty large amount to feel it thanks to its low THC content.

This relatively short list of irritations accompanying White Cheese makes it the perfect strain for those still lacking in experience with weed whatsoever. Instead of any unpleasant, overpowering effects, you can simply sit back and enjoy.

Final Thoughts on the White Cheese Strain

White Cheese is one of those rare strains that somehow manage to dodge a specific category. Instead of the simplistic characterization of strains that help induce sleep, relaxation or activity, White Cheese is somehow able to do all of them at once.

Depending on what time of day you choose to enjoy some White Cheese, you are able to experience pretty much every single effect that marijuana can be expected to induce.

This makes White Cheese the perfect strain to always keep stocked in your house; a catch-all solution to when you don’t know what to smoke. Or, even better, the perfect option for someone who wants to experience marijuana for the first time and remains a bit nervous.

Not many strains can consider themselves a jack of all trades when it comes to effects, but White Cheese is rare; able to do everything, without being overpowering in any one aspect.

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