Valentine X Cannabis Strain Review

Valentine X Cannabis Strain Review

The Valentine X strain has an incredibly high level of CBD of 25%. This contrasts significantly with its low THC of approximately 1%. As such, this isn’t a strain for anyone seeking an intoxicating high. Instead, it is used for medicinal purposes by patients seeking relief from symptoms such as chronic pain and epilepsy.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Growing Info
You can grow Valentine X indoors or outdoors. Its flowering period is between 8 and 10 weeks. For those growing it outside, expect it to be ready for harvest by the middle of October.

The theory that people seek cannabis solely to get high has been thoroughly debunked. The growth of the medical marijuana market shows that the plant is also sought after for other reasons. Although modern-day cannabis is exceptionally potent, there is a growing trend towards high-CBD strains.

The Valentine X strain is one such option. It has an exceedingly high CBD content against a low level of THC. As a result, it isn’t the right option for anyone seeking intoxication. However, if you want something that could help with medical issues, read on to learn more.

What Is the Valentine X Strain?

Although Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, Saint Valentine is known as the patron saint of epilepsy. Synergy Wellness created this high-CBD strain in honor of the saint. It is a balanced hybrid that’s a variant of the ACDC strain. As cannabidiol is linked with reduced seizures in epilepsy patients, it is appropriate for a high-CBD strain.

You can forget about feeling high if you decide to use Valentine X.

You can forget about feeling high if you decide to use Valentine X. However, this doesn’t mean you won’t feel pleasant effects. Users say it offers an excellent way to induce focus and use it as a daytime strain. In contrast, other individuals claim that it helps them relax and go to sleep.

How can any drug offer two different effects? Cannabis compounds offer a biphasic effect. This means you could experience different results, depending on how much you use. When it comes to CBD, using a small amount is more likely to promote energy. A more considerable amount is preferable if your goal is to get a good night’s sleep.

Users of Valentine X also suggest that their mood becomes more positive. You may feel a slight tingling sensation that results in a euphoric feeling. There is also a possibility that you feel more creative and productive.


Valentine X has a relatively intense aroma, with sour and earthy scents the most noticeable. Once you light it, you’ll possibly get a strong sweet smell that fills a room. Novice users may be surprised and potentially overwhelmed by the scent.

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Valentine X is a delicious strain, with pleasant sweet and earthy notes. If you have an excellent sense of taste, you may even get hints of pine and honey as you exhale.


This is an aesthetically pleasing strain with bright green nugs coated in bright trichomes.

Valentine X Strain Grow Info

Once you have Valentine X seeds, you’ll find that you can grow them indoors or outdoors. If you choose the former, bear in mind that this plant grows tall. As such, you may need to trim it occasionally. Otherwise, it requires minimal maintenance as it is resistant to the majority of mildews and pests. Indoors, Valentine X’s flowering time is 8-10 weeks. It produces around 15 ounces per square meter.


It is best to live in a warm Mediterranean climate if you hope to grow Valentine X outdoors. Typically, it is ready for harvest by the middle of October. Its yield is approximately 16 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

There is minimal THC in Valentine X. In general, you may get approximately 1% or thereabouts.

CBD Content – Highest Test

This is a strain with an imposing level of cannabidiol. At 25%, it contains one of the highest levels of CBD in any cannabis strain.

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Medical Benefits of the Valentine X Strain

One of the many great things about Valentine X is its versatility. Use a small amount in the morning, and you could experience a burst of energy. Indeed, microdosing it throughout the day could prove helpful with fatigue. If you need help focusing on a task, perhaps it is worth trying Valentine X.

In larger amounts, Valentine X is suitable for individuals with chronic pain. This is because it could help reduce inflammation. It is also a strain that could also help you sleep. It is also one of the most popular options among patients with epilepsy. There is an increasing amount of research that suggests CBD could reduce seizures in people with epilepsy.

Possible Side Effects of the Valentine X Strain

As it is low in THC, Valentine X doesn’t have many of the side effects associated with other cannabis strains. One of the most common side effects is a dry mouth.

Valentine X doesn’t have many of the side effects associated with other cannabis strains.

Users sometimes say they feel very thirsty as the strain takes effect. In rare cases, users have reported experiencing a headache. This is more likely to happen when used in larger amounts.

Final Thoughts on the Valentine X Strain

Valentine X is a relatively fast-acting cannabis strain that’s high in CBD and low in THC. As a result, it will not cause intoxication. Instead, users gravitate towards it as a means of helping to relieve symptoms of various conditions.

Valentine X is often used to help with chronic pain. In small amounts, it can boost energy and drive focus. In larger amounts, it can help an individual enjoy a good night’s sleep.

However, the primary usage of Valentine X is to help with epilepsy symptoms such as seizures. It is an easy strain to grow and maintain and serves as a gentle introduction to MMJ.

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