Tres Dawg Strain [Marijuana Review]

Tres Dawg Strain [Marijuana Review]

A remarkably well-balanced hybrid, this strain brings all the benefits and flavors of classic marijuana strains to the table. It also offers a long, even high that keeps going for hours.

Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painLack of appetiteSleep
Growing Info
An easy grower, this strain is a great option as a gift to someone who wants to try growing their first marijuana plant at home.

Tres Dawg is an excellent example of a balanced hybrid strain. It is seemingly capable of providing the benefits of both indicas and sativas.

It is also another cannabis strain with an odd name. Let’s find out more about this intriguing hybrid.

What Is the Tres Dawg Strain?

Tres Dawg comes from Top Dawg Seeds, a breeder that began from a New York apartment but grew into a major player. The company is already well-regarded due to its Chemdawg strain, one of the best-loved on the market. Top Dawg Seeds also created Afghani #1, so it decided one day to cross the two best-known strains in its stable.

The Tres Dawg cannabis strain quickly gained a positive reputation and ended up winning an award at the Cannabis Cup. It is a highly potent, balanced hybrid, and its name means “Very” Dawg.

Tres Dawg possesses exceptionally balanced effects, mixing the impact of famous indicas and sativas. At first, you will notice a quick and delightful euphoria that will settle in your mind. It takes over your mental faculties and gives you a pleasant feeling.


Please note that this strain may occasionally induce daydreams and hallucinations, according to some users. While these effects aren’t overwhelming or even frightening, it may help you see colors and shapes around you more vividly. You might also feel the munchies after a while. Depending on your tolerance, and how much you use, Tres Dawg could also help you get to sleep.


The aroma of Tres Dawg is an interesting mix of its parent strains, providing diesel smells mixed with an intriguing citrus quality. It is a rich and vibrant scent, and the citrus lingers for a while and is heightened when you break open the buds.


The predominant flavor of this strain is one of intense diesel. However, you also get some citrus, along with pine and even a little bit of tangy spice. Overall, the flavor profile is strangely challenging to pinpoint.


Tres Dawg’s leaves and buds are intensely green, but there is also lots of beautiful purple coloration. It is relatively sticky, with a little bit of resin stuck to the surface of the bud, and a reasonable sprinkling of trichomes.

Tres Dawg Strain Grow Info

It is easy to find Tres Dawg seeds online. As it is a resilient plant, you can grow it indoors or outdoors without many issues. Experienced cultivators say you should cut away some of the unnecessary leaves to encourage better bud production. This process will provide better light penetration and air movement.

Indoors, the flowering time of Tres Dawg is 7-9 weeks. At harvest time, you can expect approximately 14 ounces per square meter planted. It is a plant that can take up a lot of space, so make sure you provide it with enough room to flourish.

When grown outdoors, Tres Dawg can produce around 14 ounces per plant. It prefers a warm climate and is ready for harvest by mid-October in most cases.

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THC Content – Highest Test

Tres Dawg cannabis is a potent strain. In general, it tests at between 20% and 25%. At the upper level, it is among the most potent strains you’ll find in most dispensaries. The high level of THC means it isn’t one for novices.

CBD Content – Highest Test

In general, high-THC strains seldom have much CBD, and Tres Dawg follows this pattern. Typically, it has around 0.1% CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Tres Dawg Strain

Tres Dawg is often used to help with the symptoms of several mental conditions. Individuals with depression, anxiety, or stress might find that this strain helps soothe their frustrations and negative thoughts. It is also an option for those with chronic pain. It could help you relax and take your mind off things for a while.

Some people use Tres Dawg to help with symptoms related to PTSD. However, this isn’t a great idea due to the potential for low-grade hallucinations.

One final reason to use this strain is to help you get to sleep a little quicker at the end of the day. It may not knock out you completely, but it could provide the calmness you need to settle down for the night.

Possible Side Effects of the Tres Dawg Strain

When it comes to Tres Dawg, the first things you will notice are dry mouth and dry eyes. You can handle this pesky pair easily by keeping yourself well hydrated.

Avoiding the deeply hallucinatory and slightly disorienting effects are a different matter entirely. Your best bet here is to use a relatively small amount at first, regardless of your experience or tolerance level.

It should go without saying that driving or operating any machinery after using Tres Dawg is a terrible idea.

The other thing to keep in mind is the mild couch-lock at the end of the high, as it can hit quite hard. This might prove unexpected for those not used to it. Make the necessary preparations to ensure the sleepy transition is easier.

Final Thoughts on the Tres Dawg Strain

The Tres Dawg strain is an award-winning example of a hybrid marijuana strain. With potent effects and an unusual yet pleasant flavor profile, Tres Dawg is a treat.

Its effects hit one after the other, coming in individual waves that leave you slightly disoriented, and occasionally a bit sleepy. It starts like a sativa, then slowly, the indica effects take over. Though it offers relatively balanced head and body effects, Tres Dawg is best used in small amounts by very experienced cannabis users.

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