Tangelo Strain Review: Say Hello to Tangelo

Tangelo Strain Review: Say Hello to Tangelo

The Tangelo strain is a heavy-hitting sativa-dominant hybrid with deeply sedating effects. Many use this strain to help them to relax and unwind after work and to address sleep disorders such as insomnia.

Dominant Terpene:
Body high/numbing, Sleep/Sedation
Common Usage
Body high/numbingSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
The flowering period is between 70-83 days indoors and around 90 days outdoors.

It’s easy to confuse Tangelo with the similarly named Tangelo Kush strain; however, they are separate strains with entirely different lineages.

The Tangelo strain that we are reviewing here is by famed cannabis breeders Colorado Seeds Inc., who have utilized both Haze and Hawaiian genetics to produce this heavily sedating hybrid.

Read on to find out more about the Tangelo strain.

What Is the Tangelo Strain?

The Tangelo strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with approximately an 80:20 sativa to indica ratio. Most users describe the Tangelo strain’s effects as initially uplifting and relaxing.

However, those who consume a higher amount in one sitting may find themselves overpowered by Tangelo’s sedating effects, which can leave users couchlocked.


Most say that as time passes, the Tangelo strain causes them to feel drowsy, which is explicable by the effects of this hybrid’s dominant terpenes. We will discuss this in more detail in the Medical Benefits and the Possible Side Effects sections below.

Given the nature of the Tangelo strain’s effects, most consume it in the evening after work as a means to relax and unwind and to help them sleep.

Tangelo Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


The Tangelo strain has inherited the tropical and orange, citrusy scents of its parent strain Tangerine Sunrise.


Tangelo’s fragrance is an excellent indicator of how delicious it tastes, and the sweet, tropical, and citrus flavors delight the tastebuds on each satisfying inhale.


A mature Tangelo plant has neon-green nugs which are spade-shaped in appearance. Come harvest time, a Tangelo plant has a thick coating of resinous trichomes and vibrant amber pistils.

Tangelo Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, there is not much growing information available for the Tangelo strain. What is known is that experienced growers rate the Tangelo strain as moderately difficult to grow, so it may not be suitable for novice cannabis cultivators.


The flowering period indoors is between 70-83 days, and successful harvests can yield approximately 12-15 ounces per square meter. Those growing the Tangelo strain outdoors can expect to begin harvesting around the 90-day mark and yield between 15-20 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest recorded THC level in a Tangelo strain sample is believed to have been 21.5%. Most Tangelo strain samples have a THC range of between 19.5-21.5%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The Tangelo strain is a relatively low CBD hybrid. Tests show that it can contain up to 0.74% CBD and as little as 0.46%.

Tangelo Lineage

The Tangelo strain’s lineage is a fusion of Haze and Hawaiian genetics inherited from its parent strain, Tangerine Sunrise. Its other parent strain, Gorkle, is a cross of The Fork with Rebel God Smoke.

Medical Benefits of the Tangelo Strain

The Tangelo strain has a relatively high myrcene content (0.37%). Myrcene is a terpene that research shows has sedative, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic properties. This explains why many users say they consume the Tangelo strain to help address inflammation, pain, and sleep disorders like insomnia.

The second most dominant terpene is caryophyllene, and it also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties but can also help to reduce anxiety due to its anxiolytic properties.

Given that the Tangelo strain contains a generous amount of THC and caryophyllene, it is easy to see why medicinal consumers suffering from mood disorders like anxiety and depression choose this hybrid.

The next most dominant terpene is the lesser-known bisabolol, which has similar effects to both caryophyllene and myrcene.

Possible Side Effects of the Tangelo Strain

While the Tangelo strain offers many potential benefits, it can cause unwanted side effects.

Users report headaches, paranoia, and anxiety among the most common adverse reactions. Tangelo strain consumers are also likely to experience its milder side effect, cottonmouth.

As the Tangelo strain is also relatively high in myrcene, which has sedative properties, users may become couchlocked and drowsy, particularly if they overconsume.

Therefore, it is a good idea to go low and slow with the Tangelo strain and be careful not to consume too much in one sitting to lower the chances of experiencing these side effects.

Final Thoughts on the Tangelo Strain

The Tangelo strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid offering many potential benefits to recreational and medicinal consumers. Recreational users say they love the uplifting high and deeply relaxing effects that Tangelo instills.

On the other hand, those that use the Tangelo strain for medicinal purposes say that it can help to address the symptoms of mood and sleep disorders and combat pain and inflammation.

Remember that the Tangelo strain can cause heavy sedation and drowsiness, so it is best suited to evening time use.

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