Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain – The Full Review

Sweet Tooth Marijuana Strain – The Full Review

If you are one who loves sugary-tasting strains, you are gonna love the strain known as Sweet Tooth. This strain contains the delightfully sweet flavors of candy, berries, and fruit, which make for one delicious smoke. It also induces a relaxing and spacy high, which can even induce some euphoria as well. All in all, Sweet Tooth is sweet in more than one way!

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Relaxation, Spacy/cerebral
Common Usage
DepressionLack of appetiteSleep
Growing Info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 8-9 weeks, or late September/early October if growing outdoors.

If you are looking for an award-winning Indica-based hybrid, try the Sweet Tooth strain on for size. It is a former cannabis cup winner with an eclectic mix of genetics which is the reason for its unique effects.

What Is the Sweet Tooth Strain?

It has been suggested that the Sweet Tooth line has been worked by a man named Steve from Spice of Life Seeds since 1995. However, it is associated with Barney’s Farm and is a cross of three landrace strains: A Nepalese, a Hawaiian, and an Afghani. It won the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup award and also placed in the following two years. Sweet Tooth weed is renowned for providing users with a long-lasting, and exceedingly satisfying smoke.

Sweet Tooth Aroma

sweet tooth

As you can probably guess from the name, Sweet Tooth has a sweet fragrance akin to baked cakes and candy. This pleasant aroma will fill a room in rapid time and is also reminiscent of fruit that is plucked fresh from a tree. There is even a scent of flowers that lingers long after you have taken the strain out of the room.

Sweet Tooth Flavor

Thankfully, Sweet Tooth tastes every bit as good as it smells. The strong tree fruit and berry notes are absolutely gorgeous, as is the candy-flavored aftertaste.

Sweet Tooth Appearance

Sweet Tooth plants grow to around medium height, and you will notice a thick covering of trichomes that look like sugar. They are on the flowers, the buds, and even the stalk of the plant! The bright green, dense buds often have peach-colored hairs protruding from them. The dried nugs sometimes have a little tinge of purple.

Sweet Tooth Strain Grow Info

We would recommend that you purchase Sweet Tooth seeds even if you are a novice grower because it is relatively easy to cultivate. As well as offering a high yield, Sweet Tooth is low-maintenance overall and can be grown indoors or outdoors. It is a durable plant with a strong immune system that enables it to be pest resistant.

No matter where you grow this strain, make sure you prune the dense foliage to ensure the buds have good airflow. As well as pruning, invest in a decent fan to help the air circulate in your grow room. It is a strain that prefers a cooler climate so keep daytime temperatures between 68- and 75-degrees Fahrenheit.

When you grow Sweet Tooth indoors, it will yield up to 16 ounces per square meter with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks. If you decide to grow this strain outdoors, it is likely to be ready for harvest in late September or early October and will provide up to 18 ounces per plant. We recommend feeding it heavily during the vegetative stage to enable the plant to develop. Silica is an excellent addition as it helps keep the branches strong while the buds get heavier.

Sweet Tooth THC Content – Highest Test

sweet tooth strain

Unfortunately, we live in an era where there is an obsession over the THC content of cannabis. We have reached the stage where people genuinely think that if a strain doesn’t have at least 20% THC, it isn’t worth trying. Those who follow this mantra are missing out, because while Sweet Tooth isn’t exceptionally potent, it offers a fabulous experience.

Samples of Sweet Tooth have shown a maximum THC of 19%, which is more than enough to provide you with the high you crave. On average, Sweet Tooth will contain 14-16% THC.

Sweet Tooth CBD Content – Highest Test

As is the case with the majority of modern marijuana strains, Sweet Tooth’s CBD content is extremely low. Most samples of the strain reveal a maximum CBD content of just 0.2%. Therefore, the lowest THC to CBD ratio is around 70:1. All of a sudden, Sweet Tooth doesn’t seem like such a mild strain, and you’ll figure this out once you try it!

How Sweet Tooth Is Likely to Affect You

The effects of Sweet Tooth are best described as ‘pleasant.’ It has a light taste compared to most indicas, and the candy-like taste disarms you. However, the effects don’t take a great deal of time to kick in, and when they do, you receive a body and head high that improves your mood while providing a sensation of intense relaxation.

The high is mildly euphoric, and the invigorating cerebral effects keep you alert for long enough to truly enjoy what you’re feeling. The effects can last for up to three hours at a time, and it is a nice option for when you return from work in the evening after a stressful day.

Medical Benefits of the Sweet Tooth Strain

Although Sweet Tooth is a slightly indica dominant (60%) hybrid, its effects are strongly indica. However, there is more than enough sativa for it to be an excellent all-round medicinal strain. Typically, it is used to treat chronic pain, glaucoma, anxiety, depression, and anxiety headaches.

sweet tooth cannabis strain

The indica component ensures that it works effectively as an analgesic, but there is enough sativa to avoid couchlock. Even so, it can relax you to the extent where it will prove useful for insomniacs. Sweet Tooth is even used by patients who have undergone chemical treatments such as chemotherapy because it can help boost appetite.

Possible Side Effects of the Sweet Tooth Strain

As Sweet Tooth is not the most potent strain on the market, you won’t be surprised to learn that its side effects are rather mild. It is possible that you end up with a dry mouth and dry eyes, but you can alleviate these issues by drinking water before using this weed. Individuals who are predisposed to paranoia may be negatively affected, and in rare cases, Sweet Tooth could cause dizziness.

Final Thoughts on the Sweet Tooth Strain

Overall, this award-winning strain does not disappoint. Sweet Tooth is definitely a great marijuana option for novices because while the effects are reasonably strong, they won’t knock you out. It is also an extremely easy strain to grow because of the lack of maintenance, plus its resistance to diseases and pests.

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