Strawberry Cannabis Strain Review

Strawberry Cannabis Strain Review

The Strawberry cannabis strain becomes a favorite amongst almost everyone who uses it. The wonderful aroma lures you in, and the taste ensures you’re eager to use more. MMJ patients enjoy using it for chronic pain and also to provide an energy boost.

Dominant Terpene:
Appetite, Body high/numbing, Calming, Creativity
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionFatigue
AppetiteBody high/numbingCalmingCreativity
Growing Info
The Strawberry strain is extremely easy to cultivate and is ideal for first-timers. It is a resilient plant that grows well indoors or outdoors.

Occasionally, cannabis lovers come across a strain they can’t get out of their minds. The Strawberry strain certainly falls into this category.

Strawberry provides a pleasant high that seldom threatens to overwhelm, making it ideal for inexperienced users.

It is one of the best-tasting marijuana experiences you’ll probably ever have. Strawberry provides a pleasant high that seldom threatens to overwhelm, making it ideal for inexperienced users.

What Is the Strawberry Strain?

It is a much-loved sativa, but sadly, its genetics are a complete mystery. It is believed to come from the Netherlands, but the identity of the breeder is a secret. The Strawberry strain is a huge favorite in Dutch cafés, as users couldn’t care less about its parentage! Instead, they adore the gorgeous taste and the mild, pleasant high they feel.


If you’re seeking a cannabis strain that provides an intense high, Strawberry is not for you. Instead, it is for marijuana users looking to appreciate the aroma, flavor, and experience offered by world-class weed.

You can expect a nice cerebral high that doesn’t threaten to overwhelm. As a result, Strawberry is an ideal introduction into the world of cannabis for first-time users. Even so, you need to exercise caution and common sense when using it. Users report feeling good once the high hits them.

After a while, you might feel a body buzz creeping up. Yet again, however, it is extremely unlikely to cause sedation or couch lock. That is, unless you overindulge. It is an excellent cannabis strain for a lazy night in.


The strawberry smell is quite apparent from the moment you open the bag. It is a pungent strain that provides spiciness and earthiness that mixes well with the fruitiness. Grinding the buds only accentuates the strawberry aroma, making this one of the nicest smelling strains around.


If you like Strawberry’s smell, you will absolutely love its taste. The combination of berries and grapes provides a sweetness that is almost impossible to resist. You may also get a hint of spiciness on the exhale. Overall, most users admit that Strawberry is among the best-tasting strains they’ve ever tried.

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The Strawberry strain has large, dense nugs covered in resinous trichomes.

Strawberry Strain Grow Info

The lack of information on Strawberry’s genetics means there isn’t a huge array of reliable information on how to grow it. According to those who have cultivated it, you can grow Strawberry indoors or outdoors. However, it provides a better yield when grown indoors with a hydroponics setup.


If you grow it inside, consider using the Sea of Green method to boost your Strawberry plants. It doesn’t grow particularly tall, so you should find it easy enough to manage.

When grown outdoors, Strawberry is ready for harvest by the middle of October. Indoors, Strawberry’s flowering time is approximately eight weeks. By all accounts, it produces a significantly lower yield compared to other strains. It is also fairly resistant to pests and diseases.

THC Content – Highest Test

By modern standards, Strawberry contains a moderate amount of THC. In general, it has between 12% and 18% THC, with 15% as the average.

CBD Content – Highest Test

You will find very little CBD in this cannabis strain. Generally speaking, Strawberry contains less than 0.1% CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Strawberry Strain

The Strawberry Strain has become a hugely popular MMJ option, which makes sense. Individuals with moderate to low THC tolerance can generally handle its effects. Moreover, its incredible taste means that you’ll derive genuine pleasure from using it.

It is an ideal option if you’re looking to combat stress, anxiety, or depression. Strawberry provides a nice mood boost but doesn’t contain an excessive level of THC. As a result, you can enjoy a few tokes and marvel at how a smile suddenly appears on your face. Many users say they feel lighter and calmer once the high takes hold.

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Strawberry’s moderate THC content means that it is perhaps not the top option for handling chronic pain. However, MMJ patients often say that it is useful for mild pain.

Possible Side Effects of the Strawberry Strain

In general, the main side effects to worry about include mild dizziness and headaches. Otherwise, the biggest problems are dry mouth and dry eyes. As long as you use a sensible amount, you shouldn’t feel anything other than minor effects.

Final Thoughts on the Strawberry Strain

You will struggle to find a better-tasting cannabis strain on the market than Strawberry. It has a scent to match its aroma too. MMJ patients enjoy Strawberry because its moderate THC content helps them without providing intense intoxication. It is popular for people looking to deal with mild pain, anxiety, and depression.

MMJ patients enjoy Strawberry because its moderate THC content helps them without providing intense intoxication.

There isn’t a huge amount of information on cultivating Strawberry. It is probably best to grow it indoors, although it does okay outside. Please note that its yields are relatively small. Then again, for many users, a little Strawberry is better than a lot of most other marijuana strains!

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