Space Candy Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

Space Candy Strain | Cannabis Strain Review

Space Candy is an evenly balanced hybrid that offers mood-enhancing effects followed by gentle relaxation. With a potent, almost transcendent sensation and a whole lot of giggles, this strain is perfect for sharing with friends.

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Laughing, Relaxation, Social, Spacy/cerebral
AppleBlack cherryCandyFruityNutty
Common Usage
Chronic painCramping
Growing Info
Can be grown indoors and outdoors. Use the sea or screen of green method for best results.

The idea of floating gently through space has this sort of romanticism to it. The sense of feeling unbound to anything feels almost magical. Unfortunately, most people will likely never be able to achieve such dizzying heights. Instead, they remain confined to the earth, looking up at the stars in wonder. However, for those unopposed to the delights of marijuana, you can get pretty close with the Space Candy strain.

What Is the Space Candy Strain?

Developed by TGA Subcool Seeds, Space Candy was created by crossing Space Queen and Cotton Candy. Both of these strains are well known for their effects and their intensely potent flavor profiles.


The disappointing thing about the Space Candy strain is hard to find outside of Colorado. You won’t find it at your local dispensary, but you might find a few seed samples.

An exceptionally potent strain, Space Candy is known for its surprisingly intoxicating, almost sudden effects.

As you inhale your first puff of Space Candy, you will feel like your body is no longer bound by gravity. Feelings of euphoria will descend upon you, giving you the sensation of feeling almost ethereal.

After a while, you’ll notice that you can’t help but smile and randomly laugh at seemingly nothing. All these effects make this an incredibly social strain, making it great to share with friends.

This strain also inspires artsy inclinations, making it the perfect strain for those looking to kickstart their creative drives.


As the name implies, Space Candy has a deliciously sweet flavor. Some say it resembles candied apples or sweet cherries, offset by blander earthy notes.

After first getting a whiff of Space Candy, you will notice its fruity and berry scents. You can also detect sweet apple and nutty notes in this strain’s aroma.


There is plenty of sweetness in Space Candy’s unique flavor profile. There is a slightly sticky taste of cotton candy, which makes a lot of sense, given its parentage. Many of the notes in Space Candy’s fragrance are present in its flavor. Sweet apple, cherry, and berry flavors combine with citrus, nutty and earthy notes in this taste sensation.


The bud of the Space Candy strain is quite distinctive, being relatively compact and very tightly wound together. Chunky, thick orange hairs and a creamy gloss of trichomes give this plant a colorful sheen.

Space Candy Strain Grow Info

As previously mentioned, this strain is hard to find outside of Colorado. However, you should be able to track some Space Candy seeds online. Please note that Space Candy breeders TGA Subcool Seeds sell this strain’s seeds in regular form. One downside is that it can lengthen the growing process as you will likely end up with half of your crop being males.

To produce a more significant number of calyx-filled plants, you need to utilize pre-germination methods such as soaking. You can also use low-stress training techniques during the vegetative stage to prevent females from becoming hermaphrodites.

The good news is that once these obstacles are overcome, the rest of the growing process is relatively straightforward. Space Candy plants are pretty hardy, and their stalks and branches can withstand gusts of wind when grown outside. These plants aren’t adversely affected by high humidity levels or even garden pests, either.

Given Space Candy’s branchy structure and fast expansion, growers should use either the Sea of Green or Screen of Green method. To bring out Space Candy’s unique terpene profile, opt for an organic soil grow medium. Indoor growers will need to ensure adequate ventilation as these plants have quite an intense fragrance, particularly in the flowering phase.

Space Candy’s indoor flowering period is around the 8-9 week mark. These plants typically produce 12-14 ounces of bud per square meter indoors. Outdoor growers can expect this plant to be ready for harvesting around the second or third week of October. You are looking at a return of at least 14 ounces per plant for an outdoor grow.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest recorded THC level in a Space Candy sample was 22%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Space Candy’s highest CBD content was approximately 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Space Candy Strain

One of the main reasons why cannabis lovers use Space Candy is for its uplifting and relaxing effects. Some say that the uplifting and euphoric feeling this strain instills offers them temporary relief from mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

Space Candy’s deeply relaxing physical effects may help some suffering from a variety of painful conditions. While this strain can help to boost your mood, it likely won’t increase your energy levels. Therefore it offers little in the way of benefit to sufferers of chronic fatigue.

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Possible Side Effects of the Space Candy Strain

With a relatively high THC level, you can expect the typical cottonmouth side effect and dry eyes.

Some Space Candy consumers also have experienced heightened anxiety, dizziness, and mild paranoia. These adverse reactions are relatively uncommon, however.

Final Thoughts on the Space Candy Strain

Space Candy is a perfectly balanced-hybrid with an equal 50:50 indica to sativa split. Therefore the Space Candy strain offers the best of both worlds to cannabis consumers—an uplifting and euphoric cerebral high, followed by mellow relaxation. However, novices should take note of this strain’s relatively high THC level of 22%.

One slight downside is Space Candy’s lack of availability outside of Colorado. Given the quality of this strain, it will likely become more readily available in time.

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