Sour Bubble Strain Review

Sour Bubble Strain Review

The Sour Bubble strain is a relaxing pure indica strain by B.O.G. Seeds. Cannabis newbies beware; this strain packs a potent THC-fuelled punch and causes couchlock, sedation, and drowsiness. Keep this one for evening time use, for relaxation and unwinding purposes.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Linalool, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionStress
Growing Info
The indoor flowering period is between 7-9 weeks. Can also be grown outdoors.

Sour Bubble is one of those strains that is a firm favorite among both recreational and medicinal cannabis consumers alike. Recreational users love its relaxing, stress-relieving effects, while medicinal consumers use it for sleep disorders like insomnia.

Its potent effects saw it win the top prize in the Best Indica category in the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup. Let’s find out more about this exciting, award-winning indica.

What Is the Sour Bubble Strain?

The Sour Bubble strain is not your run-of-the-mill typical hybrid cross. To create Sour Bubble, cannabis breeders B.O.G. Seeds backcrossed their own BOG Bubble strain three times. Interestingly enough, the BOG Bubble strain itself is a backcross of the Bubble Gum strain.

Its inbred nature means that Sour Bubble has inherited some distinct properties, including a sky-high THC content.

Its inbred nature means that it has inherited some distinct properties. These include a sky-high THC content of up to 28% and a mouth-watering taste and intense aroma. A Sour Bubble plant has large, resinous buds and a relatively short growth time.


Users describe Sour Bubble’s effects as extraordinarily potent and deeply sedating. Initially, Sour Bubble has a relaxing yet uplifting, mood-enhancing effect. However, as time passes, its indica effects intensify. Relaxation becomes sedation and full-on heavy-limbed couchlock. Users typically become lethargic and very sleepy. Given the nature of Sour Bubble’s effects, it’s best-suited to evening time use by experienced cannabis users only.


The Sour Bubble strain has a sweet and fruity aroma and a pungent earthy smell. There is also a subtle diesel undertone detectable when smoking this strain.

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Sour Bubble’s fragrance is a reliable indicator of how it tastes. On the inhale, Sour Bubble’s sweet and fruity flavors are most prominent. After exhaling, this strain’s sour aftertaste lingers long on the tongue.


Sour Bubble’s buds are large and dense. It has an almost popcorn appearance with streaks of dazzling colors. Users may also see lines of orange, greens, and stunning displays of red. Frosty trichomes cover the buds along with spots of vivid plum and lavenders.

Sour Bubble Strain Grow Info

The good news for prospective Sour Bubble cultivators is that you can grow this plant indoors and outdoors. The bad news is that its growth difficulty is rated as moderate, and it’s susceptible to mold.


Experienced Sour Bubble growers recommend keeping it indoors and using a hydroponic setup. Indoors, Sour Bubble flowers between 7-9 weeks and yields around 12 ounces per square meter.

If you plan to grow your Sour Bubble plants outdoors, it does best in a warm, dry climate. These plants will be ready for harvesting in early October. Outdoor returns are around 12 ounces or more per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

Sour Bubble is a strain with an incredibly high THC content. Lab results show that Sour Bubble has a typical THC level of 27%, with the highest test revealing a maximum THC content of 28%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, Sour Bubble contains minimal CBD. The highest level of CBD recorded in a Sour Bubble sample was 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Sour Bubble Strain

As mentioned, Sour Bubble is popular with medicinal marijuana users as well as recreational consumers. One of Sour Bubble’s primary health benefits stems from its soporific properties. Many consumers use this strain to help manage sleep disorders like insomnia.

As Sour Bubble provides an uplifting high, it may temporarily offer a mood-enhancing effect to users with depression. Others find Sour Bubble useful for relaxation and stress-relief.

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The deep body stone that Sour Bubble provides may offer users some short-term pain relief and ease muscle spasms, too.

Some Sour Bubble users say that this strain helps to increase appetite and ease nausea and vomiting.

Possible Side Effects of the Sour Bubble Strain

The most commonly reported side effects associated with the Sour Bubble strain are cottonmouth and dry eyes. However, some report that they experienced dizziness and heightened anxiety after consuming this potent strain.

Please note that many users also experience couchlock, sedation, and drowsiness after using Sour Bubble.

Final Thoughts on the Sour Bubble Strain

Sour Bubble is an interesting strain for many reasons. Firstly, it’s not your typical hybrid cross that merely merges two contrasting strains to achieve the desired result. The Sour Bubble strain is different, as its breeders used a backcrossing method to create it.

We have to hand it to B.O.G. Seeds; they produced a top-notch indica with some notable features.

We have to hand it to B.O.G. Seeds; they produced a top-notch indica with some notable features. Apart from its exceptional THC level, its pleasant fragrance and flavor is a cannasseur’s delight. Sour Bubble’s sweet and fruity flavor is complemented nicely by its pungent earthiness, subtle diesel undertones, and sour aftertaste.

One downside is that its potency makes it unsuitable for a novice cannabis consumer. Even experienced cannabis users would be wise to exercise caution when consuming this strain. Please note that the Sour Bubble strain can cause couchlock, heavy sedation, and drowsiness. As a result, use of this strain should be limited to evening time only.

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