Somango Marijuana Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

Somango Marijuana Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

A multi-purpose, potent, and flavorful strain, Somango is a bud that everyone should keep on hand to relax after a bad day.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Myrcene, Phellandrene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painCrampingDepressionFocusMigrainesSleepStress
Body high/numbingCalmingCreativityEnergyRelaxationSexualSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
Keep it cold at the end of its growth cycle for some unusual coloration, and make sure that you watch for its fast growth; despite its origins, it grows like a sativa, so keep it tethered.

Some strains are all about giving you as much THC as possible, lending an overpowering high that lasts hours at a time. Other strains are entirely focused on their flavor profile, trying to knock you off your feet with intriguing flavors. There are a few strains, though, that do both.

Somango is a marijuana strain that tries to do it all – and surprisingly succeeds. Let’s investigate this pleasant hybrid to find out more about its flavor and mesmerizing effects.

What Is the Somango Marijuana Strain?

The Somango marijuana strain is a cross of a few different potent strains, including Jack Herer and Super Skunk. Initially developed by Soma Seeds, Somango’s name lends itself to a self-evident interpretation of what kind of thing you can expect from this strain.

An obvious, full-on mango flavor is to be expected, along with a copious amount of cannabinoids. While the parents of this strain aren’t immediately apparent from its name, it has an excellent lineage. With origins in such potent strains as Jack Herer, its effects should be pretty obvious.

The high from Somango takes a little while to really be noticed, creeping slowly but surely over several long, aching minutes. The first feeling is one of distinctly noticeable weight in your limbs, as well as that telltale pressure in your head.


Your brain will then erupt in mental processes and intense thinking, but not so much that you will need to sit down. Instead, your muscles and body will descend into a gentle period of pleasant relaxation, allowing you to enjoy the mental stimulation.

As you sit there, chilling and enjoying its passive, yet invigorating sensations, you will undoubtedly begin to feel motivated and creative. This is actually one of the main reasons that people choose to enjoy Somango, as its creative inspiration is mild, yet long-lasting. You can be productive, energetic, and enthusiastic, but still endlessly relaxed and chilled out.

As the high goes on, it will eventually transcend into more of an indica effect, giving you that familiar sensation of sleepiness. There will also, however, be a fair amount of residual energy leftover. This makes it perfect for late-night intimacy with your partner.


The first thing you notice when you get the chance to smell Somango is a bright hit of tropical flavors.

It is like a mix of all of your favorite tropical fruits, with an additional burst of something extra. After a good whiff, this smell reveals itself to be distinctly herbal, with a touch of white pepper on the nose as well.

There is plenty of skunkiness as well, an apparent holdover from its skunk-related parentage. Ultimately, this strain’s smell is one of explosive flavor and exciting elements that never seem to stop.


If you are a lover of Jack Herer or other skunky strains, then you will absolutely love the flavor of Somango. It is primarily skunky, especially as it burns. It fills your mouth, but it carries with it something extra as well.

There are still plenty of mango flavors that hit your tongue, almost so much that they might overwhelm your palate. There are some herbal notes, almost like an elixir containing herbal remedies. The smoke can be harsh and biting, leaving you coughing for air if you aren’t careful.

The flavor is rather confusing, because it goes through these waves of intensity – from mild skunkiness to overbearing mango and herbs.


This strain’s flowers and buds are surprisingly similar to sativas, which is strange considering its firm leaning towards indica. There is plenty of that typical leafy green coloration, but also lots of unique yellow and white spots. These two colors indicate pistils and trichomes, respectively, and signify a great deal of potency still to come.

The most exciting aspect of the appearance of this strain is the presence of anthocyanins. These colorful pigments appear in unusually cold weather while the plant approaches its flowering period.

This results in both blue and purple colors on the bud. Of course, this isn’t present in every example of Somango buds. You either need to get lucky, or you need to go and grow some yourself.

Somango Marijuana Strain Grow Info

Somango Marijuana strain seeds are surprisingly readily available if you look online. Soma Seeds is all about making sure its product is shared far and wide, so you can expect to find it almost anywhere.

After getting your Somango seeds, feel free to grow it both indoors and outdoors, though you need to watch the temperature. For the best growing conditions, ensure the temperature stays around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, if you want that beautiful blue and purple coloring on your buds, you need to make it pretty chilly. Try and subject it to cold temperatures in the night during its growing stage. Either turn the air conditioning high if growing indoors or only plant it towards the end of the growing season. You don’t want it to experience frost, but some colder weather will turn it beautiful.

As Somango plants have a tendency to grow rather tall, you might find it prudent to try and tether it to a post to ensure it grows appropriately. Additional pruning is useful for both helping encourage plant health, but also in final bud production. You want to encourage more sideways, lateral growth, as this will result in a higher bud production come flowering time.

After you have reached harvest time, make sure to handle your Somango buds especially carefully. Any kind of interference can easily damage or destroy the coloring. Treat your Somango properly, and it will reward you with excellent effects.

THC Content – Highest Test

Somango marijuana is well known for its intense potency, as well as for the overwhelming feeling of its effects. This requires a pretty significant dose of THC to be possible.

This is why it is entirely appropriate for Somango to have a massive level of THC. Most samples boast around 23% THC, one of the highest ratings among most commercially available strains.

However, it somehow doesn’t induce too much mind race or unpleasant mental effects, which is pretty surprising.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As Somango has so much THC, it is rather apparent that it isn’t going to have any CBD at all. Most buds will have less than 1%, with many samples having none at all. However, this isn’t 100% certain all of the time. Some Somango phenotypes offer up a higher CBD content.

You might not notice you have it, but if you do end up with a CBD rich example of Somango, you will be lucky indeed.

Medical Benefits of the Somango Marijuana Strain

When you get a potent, well-known, and incredibly useful strain like Somango, there will always be those that use it for its medical benefits. While most people usually enjoy cannabis for its relaxing or mental effects, some people need it to help them get through a severe condition.

The primary use of the Somango strain for medical purposes is in helping to reduce pain. Whether it be temporary pain or pain caused by a long-term illness or condition, Somango can likely help.

Additionally, it has potent anti-inflammatory properties, especially if you end up with a CBD rich phenotype.

Looking at the mental side of things shows Somango to have even more uses. This strain’s gently elevating and richening mental effects are perfect for those with mental disorders. Stress, anxiety, and even depression and PTSD can be easily treated using this strain.

Furthermore, despite Somango not having an entirely soporific effect, it is still a great way to combat insomnia. Its gentle relaxation and therapeutic effects on your mind and body make it easy to fall asleep at the end of the high, no matter how intense your insomnia is.

Finally, it is an excellent strain for those who really struggle with mental boundaries and recursive thinking, as this strain doesn’t really induce it. Instead, it allows you to relax and enjoy your high thoroughly, without complications.

Possible Side Effects of the Somango Marijuana Strain

Despite this strain’s absolutely full THC profile and series of effects, it doesn’t really have any side effects to speak of.

Obviously, you will experience a plentiful amount of both dry mouth and dry eyes, which is only to be expected when dealing with significant potency like this. However, as long as you keep yourself well hydrated and comfortable, it won’t really be a problem.

Some people report feeling dizzy or slightly disoriented after smoking Somango, but that is likely tied to the smoked amount. Thanks to its absolutely monstrous THC load, if you are not careful with this bud, you will undoubtedly realize your error very quickly.

As long as you are only smoking what you know you can handle, there really are no significant consequences of this bud.

Final Thoughts on the Somango Marijuana Strain

It is pretty rare to find a strain that so expertly manages to balance out both its flavor profile and its list of effects.

With a long pedigree of interesting strains in its breeding history, the Somango strain is one that every dispensary should have in stock.

It is useful for all kinds of different purposes and is basically just one of those strains that everyone needs to try at least once.

Huge, pleasant, and calming benefits, along with an almost overwhelmingly tropical and herby flavor profile that makes your tongue salivate. Even if it’s just for its flavor, you absolutely have to try and get a hold of Somango.

It is so good and genuinely excellent that, frankly, if your local dispensary doesn’t stock this strain, then find a new dispensary.

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