Shoreline Cannabis Strain Review

Shoreline Cannabis Strain Review

Legend has it the Shoreline strain rose to fame during a Grateful Dead concert at Texas’ Shoreline Amphitheater back in the 1980s. With a pungent skunky aroma, the strain offers a mind-bending experience that verges on the realm of psychedelic.

Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionStress
Growing Info
The Shoreline strain is clone only. There are no known seed banks, and there is little information about cultivating this rare strain.

The Shoreline cannabis strain is a legend of the Lone Star State. With the only known origins tracing back to the early 1980s, this is a legit old-school skunk flower that earned its name from the iconic Texas Shoreline amphitheater, which hosted countless legendary performances throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

The story goes that Shoreline made a secretive debut during a Grateful Dead concert, and exalted the Texas Dead Heads into a mind-liberating cannabis experience that bordered on the psychedelic.

As a clone-only plant, the quest for the original Shoreline genetics intrigues pot savants to this day. If you are lucky enough to ever try this strain, you’ll find a flower that delivers a burst of berry goodness to a true sativa-dominant hybrid experience.

You’ll also find vibrant green buds complemented by hints of purple that entice the senses with a sweet and fruity aroma. But beware; Shoreline will take you on a truly mind-bending journey, ever so slightly bordering the threshold of legitimate psychedelia.

What Is the Shoreline Strain?

The Shoreline weed strain is rooted in Texas folklore. Developed in the early 1980s by an underground Lone Star State geneticist, the flower is celebrated as Texas’ only true OG Skunk phenotype.


The name of this exceedingly rare strain originates from the Texas Shoreline amphitheater, where, as we mentioned earlier, it was introduced triumphantly to an already tripping Grateful Dead crowd.

Acclaimed for its potent, psychedelic-like effects and skunky aroma, Shoreline is a sativa-dominant strain that users say frees the mind like hardly any other cannabis strain can.


Shoreline marijuana strain is distinguished by a sweet and fruity scent with earthy undertones, occasionally revealing notes of pine or spice.


Shoreline has a complex flavor profile that blends earthy tones and fruitiness with a subtle spiciness.


The only authentic Shoreline buds I’ve seen had deep, dark green leaves and hues of purple beneath an entrancing layer of frosty trichomes.

Shoreline Strain Grow Info

If you’re looking for Shoreline strain seeds, you’re out of luck. As far as we know, this is a clone-only strain. There is no known seed bank, and no known dispensaries that currently carry verified Shoreline clones. There is also no known growing information about the strain, although we can speculate that it will thrive in similar conditions to other Skunk phenotypes.


THC Content – Highest Test

The THC percentage for Shoreline cannabis apparently ranges from 18-26%, depending on phenotype and growing conditions.

CBD Content – Highest Test

CBD levels of the Shoreline strain are currently unknown.

Medical Benefits of the Shoreline Strain

There are no known medical benefits of the Shoreline strain, but like other sativa-dominant genetics, the flower likely would work well for stress, depression, and pain. Of course, you’ll want to consult with your cannabis doctor before using any marijuana strain for medical purposes.

Possible Side Effects of Shoreline

Given the potency of the strain, Shoreline is likely to induce side effects such as dry mouth and dry eyes, and may produce heightened anxiety in users that have low THC tolerance. We advise starting with a low dosage and gradually increasing as you become more familiar with the strain.

Final Thoughts: Shoreline Cannabis Strain

All things considered, Shoreline is about as captivating as a cannabis strain can be. With its roots firmly planted in Texas folklore, the almost mythical genetics of this flower are still as of yet unknown.

If you ever have the great fortune of finding or trying this once-in-a-lifetime strain, be sure to hit us up by messaging us directly or leaving a comment below.

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