Santa Maria Cannabis Strain Review

Santa Maria Cannabis Strain Review

A pure strain with ancient connections, this is a perfect, multi-purpose strain for all sorts of uses.

Dominant Terpene:
Calming, Creativity, Happy, Relaxation, Sexual, Sleep/Sedation, Uplifting
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionSleepStress
Growing Info
Surprisingly easy to grow yourself, this is a strain that every inexperienced grower should try at least once. Just make sure that you are constantly keeping it well pruned!

Some cannabis strains can boast all kinds of fascinating historical origins. Some belong in Southeast Asia, used for thousands of years, whereas others are the strains that helped introduce cannabis to the western world.

Strains like Santa Maria have their origins in spiritualistic rituals in the Amazon jungle.

Let’s take a look at the Santa Maria strain and find out whether or not it can transport you to a more spiritual plane.

What Is the Santa Maria Strain?

The Santa Maria strain is an enigma. While it most certainly has Mexican Haze and Silver Pearl in its long line of genetics, it also has a great deal of other unknown strains.

Originally, Santa Maria was used as part of spiritual rituals in the Amazon rainforest, employed as part of ceremonies and other proceedings. Its exact genetics are hidden behind generations of no record keeping. One thing is for sure, though; those Amazonian priests certainly knew their cannabis.


Also known as Planck, Santa Maria is a strain that boasts great effects and flavors, despite not having astronomically high THC levels. Santa Maria is a sativa strain. However, it also offers up plenty of those sweet indica effects towards the end of the high.

The first puff of this unusual strain will leave you with a transcendent, warm feeling that seeps along your skin. You will feel slightly creative and mentally engaged, as well as just generally pleased with yourself.

A big burst of energy typically follows, leaving you ready to get going and accomplish something. You will feel yourself becoming unusually reflective. It’s almost like you are beginning to dwell on the entire world around you in a sort of peaceful way. There is also a decent amount of sexual arousal that comes towards the end of this strain, making it perfect for couples to enjoy.

This strain is a bit of a hodgepodge of different, incredibly pleasant cannabis effects. It almost feels like you are getting a chance to enjoy all the significant effects that cannabis has to offer all at once, one after the other.


On first smelling Santa Maria, you will notice a very fruity aroma taking hold. There are ample amounts of sweetness, plus a great deal of that gentle floral quality that lots of good sativas offer. At the end of the aroma is just a touch of citrus and tanginess.

The smell of Santa Maria is ultimately delightful, sweet, and floral, almost like a delicate perfume.

What about how it tastes?


The Santa Maria strain’s flavor is very similar to its aroma, though it amplifies many of the aromatic qualities.

You will notice a great deal of that bright citrus taste overpowering your senses, as well as a fair amount of floral qualities. You will recognize lavender, as well as just a little bit of thyme and other bright flavors.

There is just a touch of earth as well, giving you a complete flavor and an endlessly tasty strain.


Santa Maria strain buds are typical in appearance, boasting a great deal of attractive green coloration. The color is almost like that of mint leaves, with a great deal of those tasty amber pistils that denote excellent flavor and potency.

The best part of this strain’s appearance is its uniquely yellow and slightly dapper trichomes that coat the entire surface.

If you want to enjoy this strain’s appearance, you need to go and grow it yourself. So, how do you go about growing some Santa Maria?

Santa Maria Strain Grow Info

The Santa Maria strain is well-known for its speedy growing time, able to hit flowering in less than eight weeks.

You don’t need to know any specialized knowledge to grow it on your own. If there were to be a strain seemingly designed to be perfect for new growers, it would be Santa Maria.

You can grow this strain however you like, as it happily flourishes no matter where you put it, indoors or outside.

The only thing you really need to do is to continuously prune the bottom layer of leaves as it grows. As this strain is well known for producing almost to excess, you need always to remember to keep its growth tailored the right way. If you don’t, you will quickly find yourself with way too much vegetation growth to handle.

If you allow your Santa Maria plant to grow however it likes, it will soon choke itself out, leaving you with a plant that doesn’t produce anywhere near enough usable bud for you to enjoy.

The only difficulty with growing this strain is in trying to find some Santa Maria strain seeds. It is slightly rare and somewhat difficult to find at most dispensaries. So if you happen to find it, definitely pick some up.

THC Content – Highest Test

Santa Maria cannabis is famous for its incredible series of effects and flavors, all without an intense THC concentration. While most great strains are well known for having a lot of THC, Santa Maria only boasts around 14% THC content.

This makes it a wonderful strain for those who lack experience with cannabis, as it won’t overpower you.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, while Santa Maria is well known for its reputation as a pure strain used in the Amazon, it lacks any kind of CBD.

There is basically no CBD at all within this strain; however, that doesn’t mean there are no useful medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Santa Maria Strain

Any cannabis strain that offers such relaxing and creativity-inducing effects has very obvious medical benefits. Offering up pleasant mental and physical effects, Santa Maria is excellent for helping you overcome all manner of different problems.

If you are someone who struggles with mental anguish or depression, Santa Maria can help you defeat any feelings of sadness or anxiety. Additionally, Santa Maria is great for helping you to overcome pain or even muscle issues. The relatively lower THC content of this strain doesn’t get in the way of ensuring that you will be able to overcome pain completely.

After just a little bit of Santa Maria, any pain or discomfort will quickly melt away. It is also great for helping to deal with insomnia, as this strain is terrific at helping you fall into a relaxed, chilled out, and calm sleep at the end of your high.

True to form, Santa Maria is also handy for overcoming issues relating to libido. While it isn’t like some strains that send your sex drive instantly into overdrive, it can help in its own way. Towards the end of the Santa Maria high, your libido will elevate, leaving you feeling relaxed, calm, and incredibly intimate with your partner.

Maybe for this reason alone should Santa Maria be kept on hand, just in case. However, its sheer diversity of medical benefits makes Santa Maria a tremendous all-purpose strain to be used to treat all kinds of different problems.

Finally, Santa Maria is excellent at improving your appetite, as just a little bit of it induces the right amount of hunger about halfway through the high.

Possible Side Effects of the Santa Maria Strain

For such a diverse and useful strain, Santa Maria has a surprisingly low quantity of side effects.

The first things you will notice are the always present dry mouth and dry eyes. These two dastardly twins are always annoying to deal with, but they are not really anything to worry about.

Simply keep yourself well hydrated, along with a moist towel nearby to wet your eyes, and you really will not suffer much at all. The only other things to consider with this strain are the possibility of feeling its effects too much due to the overuse of Santa Maria.

As it has so many different exciting effects, there is some small risk of struggling with all the effects hitting you at once. To avoid this, make sure that you don’t imbibe any more Santa Maria than you can handle.

Thankfully, as the THC load of this strain is relatively low, that is surprisingly difficult to do.

Final Thoughts on the Santa Maria Strain

There aren’t a lot of cannabis strains out there that offer up great effects combined with an exciting history. With the Santa Maria strain, you are not only getting a seriously stimulating blend of different effects and flavors, but you also taste tradition.

Every time you take a toke of this sativa leaning hybrid, you get a chance to experience something that thousands of people did centuries ago. You get to partake of spiritual rituals conducted deep in the Amazon rainforest, almost as if you were there yourself.

You likely wouldn’t expect so many exciting qualities for a strain with such a pleasant yet straightforward flavor profile. However, Santa Maria is easily one of the most surprisingly strains out there, able to combine effects, taste, and history all in one.

Keep this bud on hand to dose yourself with after a tough day, or just when you want to relax. Best of all, keep it for a rainy evening with not much to do, and watch it rekindle your relationship’s passion.

Enjoy the intense, yet surprisingly gentle at the same time effects, all combining into a beautiful, if slightly tired, high.

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