Power Plant Cannabis Strain Review

Power Plant Cannabis Strain Review

The Power Plant strain is one powerhouse of a bud. It has relatively high THC and CBD levels, and is popular among recreational and medicinal marijuana consumers. It also has a pleasant herb and peppery flavor that leaves a spicy aftertaste on the palate.

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Amsterdam-based breeders Dutch Passion Seed Company released this strain in 1997, and it has been solely selectively inbred ever since. It was a massive hit in the Amsterdam coffee shops from the very beginning. So many marijuana strains have not stood the test of time, but Power Plant continues to be in demand.

At the 2016 Life Expo in Vancouver, it won first prize in the Sativa category and a respectable third place in the Hash category. Power Plant also won runner-up prizes in the 2016 HighLife cup and the Prairie Medicinal Harvest Cup Canada.

Read on to find out more about this powerful strain.

What is the Power Plant Strain?

Power Plant weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid whose lineage includes South African genetics. It has been the subject of many variations (at least ten at the last count), but fans love the original version the best.

Generally, marijuana with a CBD content of over 1% is classified as a medicinal strain. However, the Power Plant strain bucks the trend. While it is relatively high in cannabidiol, its generous THC level has a lot to offer to recreational cannabis consumers.

Given this strain’s stimulating nature, it is best suited for morning or afternoon use.

Users typically experience a cerebral high coupled with mood-enhancing and energizing effects. Power Plant users often experience ‘the munchies’ with this strain, so keep some healthy snacks nearby. Given this strain’s stimulating nature, it is best suited for morning or afternoon use.


The Power Plant marijuana strain has a mild woody and earthy fragrance.


Like its inconspicuous aroma, the Power Plant strain’s flavor is similarly subtle. You can expect a mix of herbs and pepper, with a spicy aftertaste.

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While Power Plant flavor and aroma aren’t striking, its amazing looks more than make up for it. It is a gorgeous-looking strain with large buds and bright outlines. The orange and glistening white trichomes are so vibrant that they almost glow (as if they had been cultivated in a power plant).

Power Plant Strain Grow Info

The Power Plant seeds you get from Dutch Passion are purebreds that have not been hybridized. As a result, these plants grow consistently and uniformly when you have the original. It is highly stable and offers an excellent yield if grown correctly. You can grow it indoors or outdoors, and it flowers relatively quickly as well.

When grown outdoors, Power Plant is ready for harvest by the middle of October. It can yield anywhere between 21-35 ounces per plant. When grown indoors, the flowering time is between 7-9 weeks. Indoor growers can expect a return of between 17-21 ounces per square meter planted.

Those who have grown Power Plant say it performs well indoors when you use a standard soil mix. You have the option to top the plants after they reach the vegetative stage. Change the light schedule to force Power Plant into the bloom stage within six weeks. By then, your plants should be close to two feet tall.

You might see the first pistils appearing by the end of the first week of flowering. Training the plant will increase the number of colas, although this also results in smaller buds. Growers report that large buds begin to appear by the third week of flowering, and the thick resin production begins thereafter.

By the end of the seventh week of flowering, your Power Plant crop could be ready for harvest. Make sure you check the pistils and trichomes to determine the perfect time for harvesting. It is also essential to flush your plants at least one week before you intend to cut them down.

THC Content – Highest Test

The strain’s average THC is 17.5%, which was very high when Dutch Passion Seeds released it in the 1990s. Of course, things have changed today, with some strains offering 30%+ THC!

That said, tests reveal that Power Plant’s THC content can reach 20%, so novices should be cautious.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Reports of Power Plant’s CBD content vary. Some say that it typically contains less than 1%. However, others put Power Plant’s CBD content at 2%. That’s a significant amount for a strain not explicitly bred to produce high levels of cannabidiol.

Medical Benefits of Power Plant Marijuana

Although Power Plant is ostensibly a recreational strain, it has an array of possible medical uses. Medicinal marijuana consumers say that Power Plant has anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it may help to relieve mild aches and pains.

As Power Plant has a mood-enhancing and relaxing effect, it may be helpful for temporarily addressing depression and stress.

Possible Side Effects of Power Plant Weed

Some common side effects associated with the Power Plant strain include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Novices, or those who over-consume, may also experience anxiety, dizziness, or a headache.

Final Thoughts on Power Plant Cannabis

Overall, Power Plant is a potent sativa-dominant hybrid. Its uplifting effects make it best suited to daytime use for addressing pain, depression, and stress.

It’s suitable for both medicinal and recreational purposes, and is loved by recreational users for the cerebral high.

It’s suitable for both medicinal and recreational purposes, and is loved by recreational users for the cerebral high. You can expect to feel incredibly uplifted and energized after a few drags of Power Plant.

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