Orange Crush Marijuana Strain [Origins, Benefits, Grow Info]

Orange Crush Marijuana Strain [Origins, Benefits, Grow Info]

The Orange Crush strain is a great strain to spend the afternoon with. With its spacy and cerebral high that can induce feelings of happiness and a sense of calm, it's a great strain to relax on a day off with. It also tastes like tangerines and oranges of sorts, so it’s perfect for citrus lovers.

Dominant Terpene:
Calming, Happy, Spacy/cerebral
Common Usage
DepressionLack of appetiteStress
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately during late September/early October can be grown both indoors and outdoors, but thrives best in an outdoor mediterranean climate

Citrus flavors and marijuana have been a long-standing tradition through the history of weed cultivation. With most citrusy strains originating out of California or further north into Canada, they can perhaps be seen as a way for Californians to try and enjoy the citrusy, tart tang of their favorite fruits due to the fact that they can’t grow their own.

However, within every facet of different strain types there is going to be a layer of complexity – though there are going to be a few strains that are just plain orange flavored, there are going to be far more strains with a hugely varying flavor profile that expands on the simple flavor of ‘orange’.

Orange Crush is one such strain, offering the signature orange flavor with a unique twist, as well as delightful effects.

Let’s take a look at this strain and explore both its flavor and unique effects.

What is the Orange Crush Cannabis Strain?

Orange Crush was initially bred by the BC Growers Association, a crossbreed between California Orange and Blueberry. Its parentage will immediately demonstrate its intended flavor profile; by crossing two prominent fruit-based strains, it is clear that this was an attempt to make an even more intricately flavored fruit strain, or perhaps just to try and get the flavor of citrus in the frigid north of Canada.

However, it isn’t just the blending of fruit flavors that make this strain so enjoyable; it is its potent effects.

Orange Crush is a hybrid strain with prominent sativa leanings, which is somewhat surprising considering the indica leanings of its ancestors. The effects of Orange Crush are most frequently described as cerebral and intense.

As with most great strains, you can expect the first feeling you will experience to be one of intense happiness and energy. This energy starts at your toes, working its way up and invigorating every single part of your body on the way up.

Once it starts to hit your brain, expect to feel like a blanket of intense, calming happiness wash over you. The high can best be described as falling into a comfortable bed of warmth and pleasant feelings. There is also going to be an intense sensation of the munchies that will kick in about halfway through.

This isn’t to say that it causes tiredness or couch lock, however; remember that Orange Crush only has about 20% indica in its genetics, so you won’t feel any kind of overpowering desire to sit down.

Instead, the relaxation caused by this strain is tempered by a precise, focused energy that leaves you feeling motivated enough to do anything.

This motivated energy is primarily creative, rather than driven, so it is most likely best enjoyed when you have nothing that you need to get done; instead, take it to spur you on when completing exciting creative projects, or just to generally enjoy yourself.

This kind of driven, yet aimless energy is quite difficult to come by these days, as most strains are either pushing you towards specific tasks or just pure physical energy, so the kind of non-specific energy gifted to you by Orange Crush deserves to be cherished.

The lower quantity of THC, combined with its gradual, yet persistent high makes this strain perfect for pursuing creative projects that don’t require any kind of extraordinary effort. If you want to express yourself musically, this would be perfect.

It isn’t just the effects, of course; many people keep an eye out for Orange Crush so as to be able to enjoy its uniquely delicious flavors.

Orange Crush Aroma, Flavor and Appearance


With a name like Orange Crush, you might expect the only flavor that you can detect with your nose to be sweetness. However, Orange Crush is one of those strains with surprisingly contrasting aromas and flavors.

On first smelling this strain, you will notice a profoundly earthy, almost damp smell, not too dissimilar from the scent of a warm cave on a spring morning.

There is the smell of rich earth, as well as just generally the smell of moisture and nature. Cracking open the buds only expands on this smell – just like with tilling up soil, the earthy smell only gets more potent and noticeable once you start to break it apart.

The overwhelming smell is one of intense richness, leading you to believe that the resulting flavor is going to be filled with darker, earthier flavors.

However, this isn’t the case.


Despite its profoundly earthy and robust aroma, the flavor profile is far more faithful to its name. Orange Crush has, as might be expected, an orange flavor.

However, even the simple descriptor of ‘orange’ has many different layers to it. There is the tart sweetness of a tangerine, all the way to the almost acidic, astringent quality of pure orange peel.

The flavor of Orange Crush is much closer to the sweet flesh of a perfectly ripe Valencia orange; this means it almost tastes like orange juice. There are none of those tart, uncomfortable flavors of the white pith, nor is there any noticeable acidity. Instead, it is just the sweetness and nothing else.

Though the flavor might seem to be one note, there is a degree of intensity to it that makes it all worthwhile. What’s more is that this flavor remains consistent throughout the entire smoke, from the first toke to last exhale, making the whole experience like one big mouthful of fresh orange.


For such an orange-flavored strain, the actual bud of Orange Crush is surprisingly regular.

The bud itself is a deep mottled green, though the color palette can change depending on local growing conditions, as well as the speed with which it has been dried. If it was grown in a humid environment but dried quickly and adequately after harvest, there will be a variety of bright yellow pistils all along the surface, providing a uniquely interesting color contrast that makes the visual appearance of Orange Crush just as enjoyable as the flavor.

Despite its pretty standard green color on the bud, the leaves and general plant growth are very interestingly colored, almost tinted with purple under the right light.

Of course, the only way to actually experience this for yourself is to grow your own Orange Crush.

Orange Crush Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Orange Crush is descended from two famously easy-to-grow marijuana strains; both Californian Orange and Blueberry are well known for being friendly to beginner growers.

This makes Orange Crush a surefire strain to try out for yourself thanks to the lack of growing complexity.

Thanks to its unique genetics, it can survive under pretty adverse conditions, both too much humidity and even too much light. Though most strains require a vast quantity of light, you can probably get by with only 30 watts of actual light. Additionally, the final height of the Orange Crush is surprisingly low.

You can expect that your Orange Crush won’t go above four and a half feet, making it a great strain to grow covertly behind a shed or in your back garden.

You can just as easily grow it indoors, but it is far less hassle to keep it outdoors due to its pretty low requirements for nutrition or additional attention.

While every strain benefits from some kind of pruning, you can be assured of a decent harvest after about eight weeks regardless of what you do. However, you can still do the regular topping and snipping off of the very bottom and least important branches so as to encourage the plant to use its energy for creating useful buds, rather than keeping some useless branches alive.

This makes Orange Crush a great strain to grow if you are short on either money or time; you won’t need to spend money on specialist equipment or special nutrients, and you also won’t have to spend vast amounts of time checking in on your plants or even have to wait a very long time for your harvest.

As long as you have a suitably wide space to grow your plants that will have a consistent temperature, you won’t have any kind of problem with growing your own Orange Crush.

Orange Crush THC Content – Highest Test

Orange Crush is a strain that is bred for both its delicious flavor and for its enjoyably relaxing, yet motivating high. A key element to its high is to ensure that its THC content isn’t too high; if you have massive quantities of THC, then the high will get a lot more intense – possibly more than is comfortable.

That is why you will probably only find around 15% THC content within your Orange Crush. This is still a respectable quantity, though you won’t be getting as absolutely high out of your mind as you would with other strains.

This is by design, though there are still a few isolated reports of some Orange Crush samples measuring as high as 20%.

How about its CBD content? Is there room for some CBD thanks to the reduction of THC?

CBD Content – Highest Test

When looking at THC-dominant marijuana strains, there is always going to be the expectation of a fairly low CBD content. This is because there is only a limited amount of space in a marijuana plant to hold cannabinoids, so when you want more THC, you need to get rid of some CBD.

Thanks to the lower quantity of THC within Orange Crush, you can expect more CBD than you would get in other strains. You can expect up to around 2% CBD content, though the average is probably closer to 0.5%.

This isn’t really that much of a higher level of CBD than with other strains, but at least there is that small increase if you were looking for more therapeutic effects from your marijuana.

So what kind of useful medicinal effects can you expect from your Orange Crush?

Medical Benefits of Orange Crush Cannabis Strain

When working out what the medical benefits of a particular strain of marijuana are going to be, it is essential to look at its effects.

With the all-encompassing, relaxing high that Orange Crush provides, we can predict that this strain is going to be excellent at helping reduce feelings of stress and depression. This is because it makes it incredibly easy to let go of your problems and just relax, as well as just generally enjoy yourself.

This strain’s tendency to induce potent munchies makes it great for tackling issues arising from a lack of appetite, as well as just generally helping to alleviate pain.

Finally, those that struggle with keeping up their energy throughout the day will probably get a lot of use out of Orange Crush, as the aimless motivation that this strain gives is perfect for keeping you awake and doing things all the way through the night.

Possible Side Effects of Orange Crush Cannabis Strain

Of course, with any strain, there is going to be a few side effects. With some strains, side effects can be as severe as uncomfortable pains or massively elevated incidents of anxiety. However, this is usually tied to a large THC content, which is something that Orange Crush lacks.

This means that Orange Crush’s side effects are a bit tamer than its more potent counterparts. You can expect the pretty standard dry mouth and dry eyes, which are easily defeated by having a nearby glass of water, but you can also expect headaches.

The headaches aren’t too much, merely a persistent tingling pain in the back of the head that some users describe as being more frustrating than painful. This typically only happens if you take a large quantity of Orange Crush, however, so just keep the amount you take at once to a minimum to avoid this.

Final Thoughts on Orange Crush Cannabis Strain

Orange Crush is an excellent example of a strain that is bred for two purposes: tasting tremendous and feeling great.

With a profoundly orange and sweet flavor profile that remains constant throughout the entirety of the high and its incredibly warming and encouraging effects, Orange Crush is a great strain to enjoy at the end of the day.

Whether you are looking for a taste explosion without any of the acidity that other strains carry with it, or whether you want to experience a formless, meandering energy that leaves you motivated enough to accomplish whatever you want in the evening, Orange Crush is perfect for those moods when you just don’t know what to do with yourself.

Though it is mainly popular in the west coast and in Canada, try and see if you can find some Orange Crush for yourself so that you can enjoy this uniquely orange, pleasantly motivating strain.

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