MoonShine Haze | Marijuana Strain Review + Info

MoonShine Haze | Marijuana Strain Review + Info

The MoonShine Haze strain is a deliciously floral and sweet strain offering its users a euphoric and uplifting high, often turning slightly cerebral towards the end. This strain also has a super high THC level with an average of 25%, and thus has been great for conditions such as chronic pain disorders, mood disorders, and attention disorders. Great as an afternoon smoke.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene
Common Usage
Growing Info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time is approximately 10-12 weeks.

Moonshine Haze is a world-class sativa with a prestigious history, both in popularity and critical acclaim. Winning the Best Sativa category at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, this Californian genetic masterpiece is well known as being one of the most powerful Sativas you can find on the market.

With intensely high levels of THC (sometimes up to 25%!) and a bold and unique flavor profile, Moonshine Haze is absolutely sure to completely knock you off your feet.

Let’s take a look at this wonderful strain and learn about its genetics, its effects and maybe, if you’re skilled enough, how to grow it yourself.

moonshine cannabis strain review

Moonshine Haze is a Sativa strain with its genetic roots lying in the classic Amnesia Haze, perhaps one of the oldest, most well loved sativa strains first available on the conventional Cannabis market.

Moonshine Haze is an excellent example of a great tradition in the Cannabis and indeed the alcohol world – Moonshine. This strain’s namesake derives from the process of producing your own, homemade spirits.

Rising to popularity due to the days of prohibition, wherein alcohol production and sale were completely outlawed, Moonshine became the drink of choice for millions of Americans in desperate need of a drink.

Due to the fact that, for many states in the USA, Cannabis is still illegal, Moonshine Haze is in a sense a callback to this pioneer spirit of home production. Cannabis strains are still produced illicitly across the USA and worldwide, operating under the nose of governments that would ideally love to see its producers behind bars.

Consider Moonshine Haze the homage to all those whom have suffered at the hands of any kind of prohibition, as well as a great tasting, enjoyable Sativa.

How does Moonshine Haze actually taste, though? What kind of unique flavors does it posses?

Moonshine Haze Aroma, Flavor and Aрреаrаnсе

moonshine haze aroma, flavor and aрреаrаnсе

The primary flavor component of this unique strain is its floweriness. This might make you consider some kind of girly, ultimately feminine flavor, but when it comes to Cannabis, “flowery” is something altogether different.

Moonshine Haze comes with an abundance of tropical flowers and intense sweetness that might make you think you were actually sitting calmly in a tropical rainforest. There is an undertone of spiciness that permeates the sense and reminds you that this is no ordinary mouthful of smoke – this is Moonshine Haze.

There is a core woodiness to the aftertaste of this strain, moving eventually into a faint chemical flavor that departs on the exhale.

Some users have reported detecting notes of citrus and even of berries on some tokes, but the overall sensation is of an earth, sweet and woody flower. It is times like these that show the English language up for being truly lackluster, as there isn’t one perfect word to describe the unique experience of imbibing Moonshine Haze.

The smell is quite similar to the taste profile of the strain, though you certainly get a lot more earthiness on the nose than you do on your tongue. It has a flowery scent that generally doesn’t carry with it the reek of Cannabis – inexperienced users might not recognize the smell as belonging to Marijuana at all.

The appearance is another thing to note; Moonshine Haze has quite a small sized bud, yet covered with these beautifully prickly white trichomes. This massive trichomes spread is what leads to such a powerful flavor, as well as the immediacy of the high.

The buds from Moonshine Haze plants tend to form into small, spiky little nestles of bud, giving the oddly worrying appearance of a furry green caltrop.

However, the somewhat hostile appearance of this strain utterly belies its potency, as well as its distinctive taste.

The deep and rich smoke that this strain produces has a tendency to perfume your room, so make sure you don’t mind a flowery, citrus-forward smell permeating your curtains for a least a week.

Now, since we know it tastes so good, how do you go about growing it yourself?

Moonshine Haze Strain Grоw Infо

Moonshine Haze is a fairly typical strain with regard to growing times, taking about 10 to 12 weeks to mature into the flowering stage.

Many users recommend sticking to a rather strict hydroponic setup to ensure maximum yield, as well as being able to control its sometimes wild growth rates.

Moonshine Haze has a tendency to grow both tall and wide, which means that you need to ensure you have a good quantity of total space to ensure your Moonshine Haze can grow to its heart’s content.

Make sure you are utilizing the latest pruning techniques to keep your plant in fighting shape. Though it likes to naturally grow wide, it can still sometimes produce a few annoying shoots at the bottom and middle that don’t work towards getting you high quality bud.

Make sure you snip them before they begin to act as a drain on resources, so that you get the most bud possible.

Regarding temperature and disease resistance, it is fairly typical, being not too susceptible to adverse conditions, or bugs. However, if you grow using hydroponics, you likely won’t have to deal with any of that anyway.

Moonshine Haze Effects

By far the most significant and enjoyed aspect of Moonshine Haze is its effects. Like all Sativas, Moonshine Haze is focused on both your mind and your mood, so you can expect a suitable euphoric reaction once you take your first hit.

Moonshine Haze is famous for its particularly intense cerebral highs, then working its way into an all around, gentle relaxation. There is a good degree of uplifting and creative energy, making this a great strain to both relax with, and kick start your creative projects.

There is some small risk of becoming so relaxed as to desire to just sit down and enjoy the moment, commonly known as couch locking. Despite its firmly Sativa heritage, it does have the unfortunate tendency to create some mild effects like these, especially if you smoke too much all at once.

One of the best results from Moonshine Haze is the lack of any kind of drop in mood afterwards; many Sativa strains can suddenly take you right out of the enjoyable effects, forcing you to very suddenly notice the lack of positive mood.

With Moonshine Haze, the uplifting mood tends to stay with you for long after your initial hit, gradually diminishing into a gentle, almost serene calm.

Like many Sativas with firm mental applications, Moonshine Haze has a great reputation for acting as a medicinal treatment for a variety of medical conditions as well.

Medical Benefits of the Moonshine Haze Strain

Unsurprisingly, Moonshine Haze is primarily used to treat unnecessary stress, anxiety and depression.

Due to its intense positive mood, as well as the gradual euphoria you develop after your first hit, Moonshine Haze is a great strain to combat that horrendous feeling of sadness or worry. When you are under the influence of this powerful Sativa, worrying about your boss or your next quarterly report simply is not an option.

Due to the gradual release of enjoyment from this strain, Moonshine Haze is also excellent as a pain reliever. If you make sure to only take a small dose, you can easily use this as a daytime treatment option to help cope with persistent pain and fatigue.

The only risk you run is that feeling of intense euphoria taking hold sooner than you expected. If you try and deal with workplace stress using Moonshine Haze, you might find yourself far too happy and carefree to get away with it.

Furthermore, the gradual shift into relaxation might reduce your capacity as an effective human being throughout your day, so this strain might be best used as an at-home relaxant, or if you are looking for some nice gradual motivation for a creative project.

How about side effects? Is there anything special about Moonshine Haze and its negatives?

Pоѕѕіblе Sіdе Effесtѕ оf Moonshine Haze

Moonshine Haze is a fairly typical Cannabis strain for side effects. You can expect a significant amount of dry mouth in the initial moments after first taking the strain, so make sure you have a glass of water on hand to help balance out this parched sensation.

Additionally, some users report a small headache about halfway through your high, so be prepared for that, though this might be a result of dehydration – when you so high and relaxed that you don’t realize you need to drink, you tend to become dehydrated.

Final Thoughts on Moonshine Haze

final thoughts on moonshine haze

Moonshine Haze is a particularly unique and wonderful strain. With its ancestry being composed of extremely well known Sativas, this strain has the ability to provide the quintessential Sativa experience.

With a concentrated, yet gentle cerebral high, as well as an uplifting euphoria that just can’t be beat, Moonshine Haze is a strain for lazy Sunday afternoons and playing music, or if you are medically inclined, for treating undesired stress and worry.

Moonshine Haze is a strain meant to be enjoyed, both in taste and its effects – so what better way to enjoy it than by sitting in the comfort of your own home and embracing one of the world’s most enjoyable Sativas.

Just like its namesake, it was developed in secret and is best enjoyed in privacy and comfort.

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