Misty Morning Strain: The Full Review

Misty Morning Strain: The Full Review

The Misty Morning strain is an indica-leaning breed with a sweet, gentle high that makes users feel relaxed, de-stressed and sedated.

Dominant Terpene:
Calming, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxation, Uplifting
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionSleepStress
Growing Info
Flowering period is about 8-9 weeks. It is grown both indoors and outdoors. Outdoor harvest begins in mid-October.

The Misty Morning strain is a smooth and relaxing bud with a soft buzz. It lacks much of the harshness of more potent varieties. This indica-dominant weed is the culmination of two famous strains, Sugar Cane and Gupta Kush. These strains lay claim to an influential legacy with high THC strains and a refreshing blend of indica and sativa.

Misty Morning takes on its indica heritage with only a nod to its sativa roots with a body-numbing feel and slight cerebral hit. In comparison, some strains have a high THC level. Misty Morning flips this dynamic on its head with a low THC level of about 10%. This strain is about 70% indica and 30% sativa.

What Is the Misty Morning Strain?

Misty Morning weed is an indica/sativa blend that lays claim to generations of highly potent strains. It surprisingly doesn’t have a high level of THC. However, its effects are very indica in nature. The result is a high that leads users into a state of complete relaxation and calm. Misty Morning is the perfect match for those looking to de-stress and combat symptoms of tension and sleeplessness.

This strain is best for evening consumption, as taking it during the day may impair the ability to complete tasks. If users decide to take this during the day, they should be sure no urgent matters need attending to as this strain may make one feel too relaxed to concentrate.


Those dealing with panic or mood disorders may find this strain mitigates symptoms. Misty Morning may also address the effects of chronic pain and inflammation. It is also a reasonably quick grower with a turnaround of about 8-9 weeks.

The high doesn’t hit all at once. Instead, many users state that this strain “creeps” upon them. Its hazy buzz is no wonder why it sports its namesake. Fans of this strain report that they enjoy Misty Morning’s slow and serpentine wind up. This strain lacks the steep fall into drowsiness and couch lock like some other strains.

Those who love Misty Morning also cite a delayed high that gives them a chance to appreciate the nuances of the strain. This includes its full-bodied flavor and distinctive aroma.

Those seeking a high that calms and relaxes but who don’t want the instant crush of couch lock may enjoy this strain. Some potent weeds may make consumers more somnambulant than relaxed, making it hard to unwind after a tough day. With the Misty Morning, users may find themselves lulled gently into a state of soothing tranquility, followed by a subtle relaxing of the muscles accompanied by intense contentment and happy feeling.


The Misty Morning strain has a sophisticated fragrance. Users can often detect a fresh, yet not overwhelming smell of pine and sandalwood. Hints of crisp citrus may hit the nose and a slightly floral bouquet, followed by earth and herb. Some report a slight edge of skunk, although most users state that this strain is more piquant than it is pungent.


Its multifaceted characteristics have something for everyone. Upon the first inhale, users are hit with a powerful jolt of warm earth. It is quickly followed by fresh pine, reminiscent of the depths of a lush forest. Fans of this strain contend that they can detect a bit of herb and a sour citrus hit that makes the throat and cheeks tingle. An undercurrent of spiciness pervades as well as hints of sweetness.


Misty Morning boasts fluffy and copious buds. Each spade-shaped cluster displays some dazzling sticky resin with sugary, confection-like layers of trichomes. The snowy nugs have an underlayer of striking greens and spots of orange pistils. Users rave that this eye-catching weed contains splashes of other colors such as ambers and yellows.

Misty Morning Strain Grow Info

The Misty Morning seeds grow both indoors and outside. It has an inside harvesting window of around 8-9 weeks. However, growers seeking to grow outdoors can expect to harvest in mid-October. Indoor growers may accumulate up to 15 ounces or more after harvesting, while those with outdoor plants may collect over 20 ounces.

Though it is relatively versatile and grows in either outside or indoor climates, it thrives best in warm, dry, Mediterranean temperatures. This strain is easily nurtured and is a good match for newbies looking to cultivate. If home growers decide to take this strain indoors, they won’t have a problem with space. The Misty Morning plant is relatively stout. It is also extremely hardy and robust and can withstand common pests, mold, and mildew.

Growers have some leniency in terms of methods. This strain responds well to SOG, and though it is a stocky plant, it can use a bit of trimming to allow for proper air and light circulation. A hydroponics set-up would work well. However, for those that prefer nutritious soil, this is an option. It can withstand some inclement weather changes, including wind and rain.

THC Content – Highest Test

The average THC level for this strain is 10%. Some higher estimates can go as high as 13%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The highest content test for CBD is 1%.

Medical Benefits of the Misty Morning Strain

Misty Morning strain is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to relax. It can ease tension and counter feelings of intense stress. Many users contend it can uplift mood and cause happy thoughts and feelings of contentment and laughter. Consumers utilize it to address symptoms from depression, mood, and panic disorders. People living with PTSD may also find this strain to be helpful.

However, consumers know this strain for some other characteristics: It can calm and soothe, leading those with sleep-related issues and insomnia to a sound night’s sleep.

Others cite this strain’s ability to mitigate chronic pain symptoms. Consumers of the Misty Morning strain have indicated it may alleviate a variety of symptoms. These symptoms include muscle spasms, inflammation, headaches, and it may assist with arthritic and joint pain.

Possible Side Effects of the Misty Morning Strain

Although Misty Morning is a strain with mostly positive effects, some may experience some adverse reactions. Common drawbacks include paranoia, anxiousness, dry mouth, and mild headache.

Final Thoughts on the Misty Morning Strain

The Misty Morning strain has a loyal following. It’s easy to see why. It has some tremendous uplifting effects and the ability to calm, soothe, and relax. Many consumers enjoy this indica-leaning strain and its sturdy, robust build. It has some famous heritage, which includes the likes of Sugar Cane and Gupta Kush, two strains that are powerful in their own right.

However, unlike its parents, Misty Morning doesn’t have a high THC level. It has a relatively low level of this compound, along with a smidge of CBD. While this may not mean potency for some strains, Misty Morning is an altogether different breed. It has some excellent characteristics that allow users to feel uplifted, happy, and content. It also calms and soothes.

Many consumers use this strain to de-stress and relax. It is a good option for those seeking to mitigate symptoms arising from any number of disorders, including mood and panic disorders and PTSD, anxiety, and depression. Its high slowly builds, giving its users a chance to decompress and enjoy the sensations.

This strain has some other great physical uses as well. It may stymie headaches, ease inflammation, help with various body aches, and address insomnia and sleeplessness symptoms. However, Misty Morning’s hardy nature allows it to thrive. It has a relatively quick growing window of up to 8-9 weeks indoors with a harvest outdoors of the middle of October. It has some substantial yields as well.

Many growers using various indoor techniques such as SOG, hydroponics, or nutrient-rich soil may expect up to 15 ounces or more. Outside growers may see yields of up to 20 ounces or more, depending on the climate and growing conditions.

This strain is a stout and small plant. It won’t take up a lot of space, making it perfect for those with limited space. However, growers should often trim to encourage better growth and circulation of air and light. Many users enjoy this strain’s complex flavor profile. It features an abundant pine flavor, along with touches of heat, citrus and sweet.

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