Mighty Irish Hope Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

Mighty Irish Hope Strain [Origins, Benefits, Potency]

A chill, breezy bud that offers incredible flavors combined with chillaxed and calming effects; a definite pickup if you happen to find it or can grow your own.

Dominant Terpene:
Appetite, Body high/numbing, Calming, Happy, Relaxation, Sleep/Sedation
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionSleepStress
AppetiteBody high/numbingCalmingHappyRelaxationSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
Easy to grow and incredibly easy to find online, this is a great strain to grow if you are unfamiliar with growing your own weed.

The Mighty Irish are well known growers based out of Ireland, responsible for several potent marijuana strains.

Mighty Irish Hope is their signature strain and is the one that they typically offer as their primary product. However, despite Mighty Irish Hope’s proliferation throughout Europe and the west coast of the USA, there is remarkably little information about it.

Let’s take a look at the Mighty Irish Hope strain and uncover a few of its secrets to find out just how good it really can be.

What Is the Mighty Irish Hope Strain?

The Mighty Irish Hope strain comes from a cross between Holland’s Hope, a famous strain from the eponymous Holland, and Mighty Mite Indica. This sweet-smelling indica-leaning hybrid is designed for its potent THC effect, despite a relatively low THC load.

Perhaps most importantly, its breeders designed it for an incredibly sweet flavor. This is one of those strains that people pick up almost entirely for the taste, sort of like a gourmet snack in the form of a weed strain.


The high that accompanies this great flavor is oddly sneaky; it takes a little bit of time to really kick in. This strain has a tendency to make you think that you’ve done something wrong or not smoked enough, before it all of a sudden kicks in all at once. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy its flavor, at least.

At first, you will notice a gradual sensation of weight and pressure, beginning in your head and face before moving downwards towards your body. Expect your muscles to feel like they are unraveling and your breathing to slow and deepen. This feeling transcends physical barriers, carrying over to your head as well.

All your worries, pains, and irritations will disappear, as an almost endless sensation of relaxation replaces them. Your brain will start to shut off a little bit, calming down to a lower level of total brain function. This will usually leave you feeling a bit like you have just woken from a long nap.

Couch lock and a gentle tendency towards sleepiness await you at the end of this high, making it perfect for late evening use.


The first thing you notice upon getting a whiff of some Mighty Irish Hope is pure dankness. This funky, slightly tangy smell is, like its high, a bit sneaky. It has a tendency to start small, but then intensify over time.

You won’t be surprised to learn about Mighty Irish Hope’s Skunk lineage, as that same quality is found within its aroma. There is a little bit of nuttiness and deep caramelization that comes through as well, smelling like a very exotic coffee house.

The smell deepens, eventually morphing into something exceptionally enjoyable to smell.


The flavor of the Mighty Irish Hope strain is one of intense nuttiness. The first thing that will hit you is that, instead of the bitter coarseness of the aroma, there is a hint of sweetness here.

Like a well-rounded cup of light roast coffee, Mighty Irish Hope tastes both sweet and bitter at the same time. You can expect the nuttiness to develop into a sort of caramelized, almost toffee taste that leaves you hungry for more. Expect to find whatever Mighty Irish Hope you smoke to be not enough.

The smoke is also exceptionally pleasant, offering a smooth and rich mouth-feel on the exhale.


The bud of Mighty Irish Hope has a pretty typical appearance. They are intensely green, with a gorgeous smattering of orange pistils that denote excellent buds.

While the plant isn’t snowy, there are lots of tasty white trichomes dotting the entire surface. This helps contribute to the THC level and total cannabinoid content of the bud but also gives it a sticky texture. Make sure you handle this bud with care, as it is pretty weak in standing up to punishment.

What do you need to know to grow your own Mighty Irish Hope?

Mighty Irish Hope Strain Grow Info

Mighty Irish Hope strain seeds are available directly from Mighty Irish, as it is the principle strain that they offer on their website. You can order them wherever you like, able to be delivered, feminized or not, surprisingly quickly.

Mighty Irish Hope is pretty hardy, able to grow both indoors and outdoors. The plant tends to grow quite bushy and short, similar to many other indica-dominant hybrids.

The strain prefers warmer temperatures and more humid conditions, which make a polytunnel a great investment if you prefer to grow your bud outdoors.

You can expect a pretty sizable yield of Mighty Irish Hope after harvest, assuming you practice a few useful husbandry techniques to help increase the final yield.

For starters, you should definitely perform topping to help encourage some decent lateral growth. This couldn’t be easier, and only really requires you to snip off the very top of the plant as it tries to grow. This will make it more likely to expend its effort in trying to grow sideways, increasing yield by allowing it to receive more light.

Assuming you leave the plant mostly alone, besides regular topping and feeding, you will be looking at a speedy harvest time of about seven or eight weeks.

Once you have got all your Mighty Irish Hope harvested and into the dryer, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

Mighty Irish Hope cannabis is well known both for its incredible taste and for its surprisingly subtle high.

Instead of an overwhelming amount of THC to overpower your senses, Mighty Irish Hope only contains about 15% or so of THC. This makes it a perfect strain for those who aren’t sure whether they can handle strains with bigger doses of THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

It is usually the case that, when a strain has a lower amount of THC when compared to other strains, it will have some CBD to make up for it. While you might normally expect it in other strains, it is sadly not so true with Mighty Irish Hope.

You won’t really find any more than about 1% CBD content from your Mighty Irish Hope bud, despite the lack of THC. Of course, it still has plenty of helpful medical benefits, despite the relative lack of CBD.

So, what are the medical benefits of the Mighty Irish Hope strain?

Medical Benefits of the Mighty Irish Hope Strain

When you have a mellow, yet creeping high like with Mighty Irish Hope, it makes sense that it is known for helping you to de-stress after a long day. This means that it is perfect for dealing with problems arising from the stress of mental disorders.

Those with depression, anxiety, or other mental conditions can take solace that Mighty Irish Hope is so easy to get a hold of, as you can easily use it to improve your day to day life.

Additionally, the gently soporific, sleep-inducing effects of Mighty Irish Hope make it so that it is super easy to drift off to sleep. This is a real relief for those with insomnia, as it means that they have a reliable way to get to sleep. The best part of this is that it does not instantly knock you out, like with most sleep medications. Instead, you feel relaxed, chilled, and calm, gradually becoming more tired until you drift off peacefully.

Some people also delight in using Mighty Irish Hope as a way to help treat issues arising from unpleasant chronic pain. The soothing, calming effects of this strain make it so that you forget about whatever painful condition you are dealing with. Of course, this could just be an excuse to enjoy its amazing taste as well.

Possible Side Effects of Mighty Irish Hope Strain

Every marijuana strain can be expected to induce some side effects, no matter how well-bred it is. However, some few strains manage to offer their fantastic effects with essentially no side effects whatsoever.

While many strains threaten anxiety attacks and other discomforts, the only real thing to watch out for is dry mouth. This sandy dryness in the mouth is a result of the THC content in the bud and you can defeat it by drinking plenty of cold water.

There is also a small number of people that complain about suffering from paranoia as a result of smoking Mighty Irish Hope. This could be due to the lack of CBD found within the bud. However, most of the time, it only really happens to those that smoke too much Mighty Irish Hope at once.

So, as long as you make sure to keep the amount you are imbibing at once to a low level, you should be more than fine.

There is also a slight risk of developing a headache, but this is linked to a lack of proper hydration. So, follow some good advice that everyone should do anyway; make sure to drink plenty of water during your high.

Final Thoughts on the Mighty Irish Hope Strain

While Mighty Irish Hope might be a pretty regular strain due to its rather common indica effects, it has a unique place in the marijuana world.

Offering a gradually developing high that doesn’t make you sink too deep at once, it is a great way to introduce inexperienced newcomers to the world of primary indicas and pleasant sleepiness at the end of a good smoke.

Plus, it has an absolutely fantastic aroma and flavor, making it something you absolutely cannot pass up if you ever get the chance.

Mighty Irish Hope might not be for sale in every dispensary in the world, but if you do happen to find some, make sure you get your hands on it and give it a try. It will be easy to identify as well – the unique and interesting aroma is hard to miss.

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