Liberty Haze Marijuana Strain

Liberty Haze Marijuana Strain

Liberty Haze is an uplifting strain that fills you with energy and motivation, leaving you ready to achieve anything.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Limonene
Common Usage
Growing Info
Liberty Haze is a fast growing strain that produces a rewarding yield for very little work.

The hunt for a motivating and energizing strain that is appropriate for newcomers feels almost impossible sometimes.

Thankfully, Liberty Haze is growing in popularity, popping up in smoke shops and dispensaries all across the country. Let’s take a look at this citrusy, newbie-friendly strain and find out what it is that makes it so great.

What Is the Liberty Haze Strain?

A member of the Haze family of strains, Liberty Haze is a balanced hybrid strain known for its calming effects. Barney’s Farm originally bred Liberty Haze and it is a cross between G13 and Chemdawg 91.

The Liberty Haze strain has won a number of awards, including the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. Liberty Haze is popular among those seeking strong cerebral effects and a long-lasting body high.


The effects of Liberty Haze take hold quickly, starting with pressure around the eyes and temple. This sensation quickly spreads throughout the rest of your body. The sudden effects of Liberty Haze can feel disorientating at first, causing you to feel as though everything is happening much faster than normal.

As your body adjusts to the effects of Liberty Haze, you notice a wave of motivation and energy. Liberty Haze has become a popular morning strain for this very reason, helping to fuel you through boring chores and long to-do lists.

The uplifting high that comes with Liberty Haze is ideal not only for motivating you to complete chores but also helping you to look at things in a more positive light. It can also be useful in social situations to make you feel relaxed, as though all social anxiety has melted away. Conversation appears to flow naturally, with many people describing that they are able to talk about a range of topics freely.

Liberty Haze is generally not recommended during the late afternoon and evening as its energizing effects can make it difficult to wind down and fall asleep.


Liberty Haze has an earthy aroma that reminds you of summer walks through the woods and the fresh scent of flowers. There is no better strain to help you feel positive and motivated through the long winter months.

As you break apart Liberty Haze’s dense buds, you are overcome with a woody pine aroma that quickly fills the room. Liberty Haze’s natural, earthy fragrance transports you straight into the great outdoors, fueling you with energy before you even start smoking.

Burning Liberty Haze only furthers its aroma and it can quickly become a little too pungent, especially when smoking indoors. It is always a good idea to have a few windows open when smoking Liberty Haze to help keep fresh air flowing.

Liberty Haze produces a smooth smoke that is easy to breathe through, even for those who are not used to smoking on a regular basis. Therefore, Liberty Haze is popular among those who do not smoke on a regular basis. It very rarely causes the dreaded cannabis coughing fit.

Liberty Haze’s smoke can linger in the air for many hours after use due to its powerfully pungent aroma. Liberty Haze is definitely not a strain for those looking to smoke discreetly.


Liberty Haze’s flavor profile often takes people by surprise, with a fresh citrus taste that’s a far cry from its earthy aroma. As soon as you inhale Liberty Haze’s clear, smooth smoke, your taste buds are awoken with a strong burst of lime.

As you continue to breathe through Liberty Haze, you can enjoy the wave of citrus. The burst of lime combined with an herbal undertone resembles a cocktail, reminding you of summer afternoons lounging by the pool with a cold drink in hand.

There is a subtle peppery flavor that only becomes noticeable upon exhaling, adding a new and intriguing element to the citrus cocktail in your mouth. The pepper works surprisingly well, acting as a contrast to both the lime and the herbal tones.

Liberty Haze leaves a fresh, invigorating taste in your mouth, making it hard not to reach for just one more puff.


Liberty Haze plants grow to a medium height and tend to take on a bushy shape. Their short, stocky shape allows Liberty Haze plants to easily blend in among other plants.

Liberty Haze buds have a light green coloring, giving them a vibrant and cheerful appearance. A thick layer of white trichomes covers the buds along with thin red hairs, both of which add a beautiful layer of detail to the buds.

The leaves on a Liberty Haze plant blend in among the bushy shape and densely packed buds. Slightly muted in color, Liberty Haze leaves can easily go unnoticed, especially when looking at plants from a distance.

The buds on a Liberty Haze plant are packed tightly together, making it difficult to distinguish individual buds. The buds themselves also have a dense texture and can be tricky to break part without the help of a grinder.

Liberty Haze Strain Grow Info

Liberty Haze strain seeds are available through most cannabis seed sellers and are widely available online. Growing both indoors and outside with ease, Liberty Haze is a good choice for new growers to help boost confidence with a rewarding yield.


Liberty Haze is a rewarding strain because it flowers quickly and has a larger than average yield. It’s also known for being extremely resistant to most common garden pests and molds. For those who don’t really want to commit to regular gardening duty, Liberty Haze is a perfect strain.

For those who plan on growing Liberty Haze plants outside, you can expect to receive a harvest between late September and early October, depending on your specific climate. The optimal outdoor climate for growing Liberty Haze plants is a dry one, with temperatures varying from warm to hot.

When you keep Liberty Haze plants indoors, they can take as little as eight weeks to be ready for harvest. For those who live in temperamental climates or those that receive a lot of rain, it’s generally a good idea to grow Liberty Haze plants indoors. Keeping plants indoors allows for precise temperature and humidity control, ensuring that your plants can grow to their full potential.

The only downside to growing Liberty Haze plants indoors is their bushy and slightly wild-growing patterns. Regular trimming can help to tame plants, ensuring that they don’t grow too wide and preventing them from taking over your grow room.

THC Content – Highest Test

The Liberty Haze cannabis strain has an average THC content of between 15% and 20%. Therefore, Liberty Haze has relatively high THC content. Other balanced hybrid strains contain more in the range of 12% THC.

The high levels of THC in Liberty Haze are probably the reason why its effects take hold so quickly and dramatically. The spacey, overwhelming feeling that many people experience after smoking Liberty Haze is the result of the strain’s THC content, but it’s luckily something that subsides just as quickly as it starts.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Liberty Haze has a CBD content of 2%. While 2% might sound low in comparison to the strain’s high THC content, it is above the average for a balanced hybrid strain.

Having a higher than average CBD content, it is not surprising that Liberty Haze has become almost as popular within the medical marijuana community as it has the recreational.

So, why might you want to use Liberty Haze as a medical strain?

Medical Benefits of the Liberty Haze Strain

Liberty Haze is mainly used for treating depression and anxiety. The uplifting and energizing effects make it the perfect strain for tackling many of the common symptoms of depression. Being a daytime strain Liberty Haze allows users to continue with their normal daily tasks while enjoying the strain’s mood boost.

While Liberty Haze is primarily known for its motivating and energizing effects, it also helps to calm your mind, ideal for those who suffer from anxiety. Liberty Haze has the ability to push negative and stressful thoughts to the back of your mind while also filling you with a rewarding sense of motivation.

Liberty Haze can also be useful for treating minor aches and pains. While most strains that treat pain leave you feeling sedated and unable to really enjoy their benefits, Liberty Haze fills you with motivation and energy that you are able to make the most of completely pain-free.

The motivational effects of Liberty Haze result in it often being useful for ADHD and ADD. Even a small dose of Liberty Haze is enough to enhance a person’s concentration and desire to work through even the most challenging of tasks.

Possible Side Effects of the Liberty Haze Strain

Another reason that Liberty Haze is suitable for novice smokers is the strain’s lack of serious side effects. Despite Liberty Haze’s high THC content, side effects are rare and tend to be much milder than similar strains.

The main potential side effect that people experience when smoking Liberty Haze is dry mouth. A temporary effect, dry mouth can cause you to feel dehydrated and as though you have suddenly grown a layer of fur on the roof of your mouth. The good news is that you can manage the effects of dry mouth by drinking plenty of water and it should only last for a few hours.

Other effects that users sometimes experience when smoking Liberty Haze include dry eyes, dizziness, and headaches.

Dry eyes are similar to dry mouth in terms of feeling, except it affects the eyes. Dry eyes are, however, much rarer than dry mouth.

The high THC content within Liberty Haze is probably the reason why some people experience sudden dizzy spells and headaches. Such side effects are much more likely to occur in those who have a naturally low THC tolerance.

Final Thoughts on Liberty Haze Strain

Liberty Haze is a motivational strain with a bright citrus flavor that almost instantly lifts your mood. There is no better strain for a dark, wet, winter day, with a combination of fresh flavors and a sudden burst of energy. You can almost manage to trick your brain into believing it is summer.

Liberty Haze is ideal for use in the morning and early afternoon, quickly filling you with the motivation that you need to work through chores and tasks with ease. Liberty Haze has also proven to be effective for those who suffer from attention disorders, making it easier to focus and stay on task.

Even in a social setting, Liberty Haze has its place. The uplifting effects help to clear your mind, relaxing you while also filling you with energy. Social anxiety magically vanishes before your eyes, allowing you to immerse yourself in the social situation, completely worry-free.

Whether you are looking for a motivational strain, an uplifting high, or simply a fresh burst of citrus, Liberty Haze is sure to hit the spot.

Why not try Liberty Haze for yourself and experience its delicious lime taste and uplifting effects?

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