L.A. Confidential Marijuana Strain Review

L.A. Confidential Marijuana Strain Review

L.A. Confidential is a nearly pure Indica strain which offers its users a sedating and relaxing high. It can also help to uplift and elate, making it a great choice for those with depression or anxiety. In terms of flavor, this strain smells like skunk, but strangely, tastes nothing like it. It instead tastes like sweet and earthy pine!

Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painInflammationSleep
Growing Info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 6-8 weeks, or late September if growing outdoors.

Known for being especially popular in the ever-sunny city of Los Angeles, California, and a favorite of rappers such as Cypress Hill and Snoop Dogg, L.A. Confidential takes on its Southern California roots being named after the city that adores it.

Although it originated in this hub of The Golden State that is lively and full of energy, the cannabis type is best saved for after hours when you are already prepared to rest, to enjoy some relaxation and maybe even to play with some of the mildly psychoactive effects that “L.A.C.” is known to generate.

On top of offering a lot of pleasant experiences for the recreational user, this marijuana strain is also appreciated by medical cannabis patients who utilize it to calm down and regulate several symptoms of various ailments and conditions. LA Confidential may sit on the more sleepy side of the weed spectrum, but it is still well-balanced with a special attitude, unlike many cannabis types available on the market.

Keep reading to discover what all the hype is about in our LA Confidential marijuana strain complete review…

What is the L.A. Confidential Strain?

Considered by some to be an indica, while others call it a hybrid, LA Confidential possesses a 90% indica, 10% sativa genetic makeup. Its effects certainly seem to weigh heavily towards indica, because this weed is notorious for placing its consumers into either deep relaxation mode, or simply put them straight to sleep. This marijuana type is certainly effective, for it does not lack in THC content, which stands at around 18-25% on average in conducted lab tests.


The superb genetic pairing of OG LA Affie indica and Afghani indica is primarily what gives this strain its charm; from its stunning lime green buds, to its skunky scent and intense effects that hit hard, LA Confidential has an endless list of superb attributes to offer.

LA Confidential Cannabis Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Said to possess an aroma that is initially skunky and a bit misleading, LA Confidential is one of these strain types that seems to surprise its consumer due to the incongruencies between its smell and taste. Imagine smelling a banana and when you go to take a bite it tastes like a grape; this is somewhat a metaphor for LAC, because this weed type reeks of pungent skunk, but after you go to take a hit, the flavors of earthy, sweet pine impact the taste buds.

The differences between the scent and taste, although distinct, do not clash, and rather complement each other in their uniqueness, adding a variety that allows the LA Confidential marijuana strain to represent many sides of the aroma/flavor profile.

 Appearance-wise, L.A. Confidential cannabis is an indica, so it normally grows rather short in stature.

The buds are a neon-lime green shade, with tiny purple leaves and brassy orange pistils that weave amongst the messy sugar leaves, adding to the herbs popcorn-like appearance. The flowers might be round, small, and a little scruffy, but they are covered in frosty trichomes, which is accurately represented by the strain’s high THC content. Just catching a glimpse of LA Confidential would make the “cannasseur’s” mouth instantly water.

Growing the LA Confidential Cannabis Strain

Because of its short growing stature, LA Confidential actually makes a wonderful strain for growing both indoors and outdoors. Naturally resistant to mildews and molds, this strain has a relaxed and easy-going vibe due to its low-maintenance needs, making it the appropriate strain to attempt weed cultivation, even for a complete beginner.

The primary focus for growing successful yields of this cannabis is the climate and environment in which it is being raised. Similar to the desert-like climate of Southern California, LA Confidential requires a warm climate that is also dry.

For outdoor success, the crops must be located in such an environment, while indoors this weather much be recreated. For indoor growing, this implies plenty of light, accurate stabilization of temperature, and adequate ventilation and dehumidification.

The typical flowering time for this marijuana strain is quick at around 6-8 weeks, and outdoor harvest time usually falls around late September to early October. The yields are medium to large in size, with flourishing indoor grows resulting in around 14 ounces of dried bud per meter squared, and outdoor grows producing about 16 ounces of herb per plant — plenty for everyone to enjoy.

L.A. Confidential Weed Strain: Effects

The effects on the body of LA Confidential can be touchy, because consuming just a little too much of this marijuana strain will cause deep sedation and you will probably fall asleep almost immediately. Maybe this is a desired result – in which case being conscious of the dosage will not matter – but for those who simply want to relax and unwind, LA C is perfectly capable of assisting with this goal as long as you keep an eye on how much you are smoking.

If you have an an especially stressful or difficult day at work, or are stressed simply just because life happens, this cannabis is an incredible way to unwind and let go of some of the heavy weight that may have collected on your shoulders.

LA Confidential cannabis may best be described with the old saying “inhale the good stuff, exhale the bad stuff…”

While the body feels free enough to unwind and ease up, it will also become clouded by an especially pleasant feeling that is unique specifically to this marijuana strain. Enjoy as you feel a bubble of comforting warmth and fuzziness, somewhat like you are being lifted up on a pink cloud straight into the heavens.

Additionally, this indica brings about emotional clarity and happiness, which is wonderful if your stress has also been coupled by negative or depressing thoughts, which it often can be.

Potential Medical Benefits of LA Confidential Cannabis

Not all cannabis strains have an ability to serve as a possible medical solution for numerous ailments, conditions and health concerns, but LA Confidential definitely ranks high in its ability to heal. This quality is part of what has made this cannabis so popular amongst medical marijuana doctors, who are quick to prescribe this indica if the patient’s symptoms correlate.

Some strains act more towards the mental aspects of healing, while LAC predominantly assists with reducing difficulties throughout the physical body. In particular, restlessness and insomnia seem to be positively affected by this weed, even in extreme cases where it is very challenging to discover relief.

Due to LA Confidential’s heavily sedative effects, even a mild dose seems to push some into a deep, revitalizing slumber. Aside from troubles with sleep, many patients have reported this marijuana helping with managing their pain and physical discomfort. Some of these individuals have accomplished relief with their arthritis, chronic pain, joint pain, joint swelling and inflammation.

Additionally, chronic stress becomes a thing of the past, because LA Confidential has a way of relaxing and unwinding its consumer. In regards to emotions, depression seems to be the mental condition that benefits the most from this cannabis strain, because LAC uplifts not only the mood, but also one’s overall attitude towards life, bringing about hope and motivation once again.

Possible Side Effects of LA Confidential

Considerably potent and strong for those who are not accustomed to cannabis that is high in THC, LA Confidential, even if powerful, is met with relatively few possible side effects, which is part of what adds to its charm and versatility.

Most commonly reported with this cannabis is dry mouth (or cottonmouth), which can be easily managed with just a little extra preparation and planning. By remembering to consume plenty of hydrating fluids before, during and after your high, dry mouth will not be a cause for concern. In addition to cutting away the cottonmouth, remembering to drink water also keeps away the dehydration and any grogginess or headaches that could show up the next day.

Sometimes, dry eyes also appear after smoking LAC, but by purchasing moisturizing eye drops ahead of time from your local drug store or pharmacy and keeping them nearby, your eyes will not feel as affected by the smoke.

On very rare occasions, mild dizziness and/or paranoia can arise, but this should not be something to worry about because this possibility is highly unlikely. All in all, the positives of LA Confidential outweigh the few possible negatives.

LA Confidential Strain Review: Final Thoughts

If you are an individual that has been searching for a possible herbal alternative to conventional medical treatments for chronic pain, chronic stress, arthritis, joint pain, inflammation, depression, insomnia, restlessness or swelling, then LA Confidential may be the place to begin your marijuana search, for many have reported feeling relief after consuming this strain.

We hope you not only found this L.A. Confidential strain review to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

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