Jorge’s Diamond Marijuana Strain Review

Jorge’s Diamond Marijuana Strain Review

The delightful aroma and sweet fruity flavor have made Jorge’s Diamond an extremely popular option. It offers high THC and CBD levels, which makes it useful for recreational and MMJ users.

Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionInflammationMuscle spasmsSleep
Body high/numbingCalmingHappyRelaxationSleep/Sedation
Growing Info
Jorge’s Diamond is a relatively easy cannabis strain to cultivate. Novice growers should have little issue with it, and it is usually ready for harvest after eight weeks of flowering.

There is a growing trend towards using strains high in both CBD and THC. Such options were relatively rare until the last few years. Now, there are dozens of options. Jorge’s Diamond falls into this category and is popular among recreational users. However, its high CBD makes it a favorite of medical marijuana consumers. It is also a High Life Cannabis Cup winning strain. 

What Is Jorge’s Diamond Strain?

Dutch Passion developed this indica-dominant hybrid, which comes from a quarter-century old research gene pool. While its parentage is unknown, it likely contains Afghani genetics. Also called Jorge’s Diamond #1, this strain is named in honor of Jorge Cervantes. He was a highly respected cannabis cultivator and wrote the Indoor Grower’s Bible.

Also called Jorge’s Diamond #1, this strain is named in honor of the highly respected cannabis cultivator Jorge Cervantes.

Jorge’s Diamond was designed to provide a calming and relaxing effect. However, Dutch Passion added a sativa-dominant strain to provide longer-lasting effects. Users suggest that this strain causes a pleasant couch-locking body high that provides hours of relaxation.


Although it has a high THC content, the CBD in Jorge’s Diamond ensures that even novices aren’t overwhelmed. Initially, you may feel a slight cerebral high that helps you feel chilled out. The effects on the body take a while to manifest themselves. However, once they do, you will sink to the couch or bed, with no desire to get up. It is unquestionably a strain best left for the evening!


Jorge’s Diamond provides a symphony of flavor, consisting of honey and fresh berries. Once you ignite it, this strain’s aroma becomes even more apparent. It fills the air with a delightfully sweet scent. Best of all, it doesn’t leave behind a tell-tale powerful herbal aroma.

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Jorge’s Diamond’s gorgeous smell is a treat for the olfactory senses, and it doesn’t disappoint the taste buds either. It offers a pleasant smoke as you’ll likely get strong hints of honey and berries. This strain provides a gentle aftertaste, and you’ll want to enjoy one last puff.


Jorge’s Diamond is a tall plant with a thin body. However, its light green buds are dense, albeit small. Experienced growers can use certain techniques to make the buds fatter. You should also notice delicate orange pistils and glistening trichomes when it is almost harvest time.

Jorge’s Diamond Strain Grow Info

This strain is championed as one of the best options for inexperienced growers. This is because of its strong resistance to common diseases, pests, mold, fungi, and temperature fluctuations. While you need to perform maintenance, Jorge’s Diamond is more forgiving of mistakes than most strains.


According to Dutch Passion, this strain grows best in a greenhouse. However, this is an impossibility for most growers. It is the same situation regarding outdoor growing. If you have the opportunity to cultivate Jorge’s Diamond outdoors, it requires a mild and dry climate. In this scenario, it is ready for harvest by the middle of October in general.

Jorge’s Diamond is an easy strain to grow indoors too. It requires a little pruning and is ideal for the super cropping growing technique. This strain’s flowering time is 8-9 weeks. Its yield varies significantly depending on your skill level. Inexperienced users may get around 7 ounces per square meter. However, skilled growers say they can get 18 ounces. 

THC Content – Highest Test

Jorge’s Diamond can have up to 18% THC, which is on the high-end of medium-potency. However, its immense CBD levels take the edge off the intoxication you feel.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Dutch Passion deliberately bred Jorge’s Diamond to contain lots of cannabidiol. Its CBD content is up to 12%. 

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Medical Benefits of the Jorge’s Diamond Strain

Although it contains enough THC to attract recreational users, Jorge’s Diamond is ostensibly an MMJ strain. The initial high is one that potentially lifts the mood. As a consequence, you should consider this strain if you suffer from anxiety or depression. It offers a relatively long-lasting high, which should keep the weight of the world off your shoulders for a few hours.

Jorge’s Diamond is also a physically relaxing strain. After moderate cerebral effects, you may find your limbs beginning to feel almost numb. As a consequence, consider using this strain if you have chronic pain or muscle spasms.

Finally, this is an excellent option for relaxing in the evening. Take a few puffs of Jorge’s Diamond an hour or two before bedtime if you have trouble sleeping. The sedative effects can help you gradually drift off to sleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Jorge’s Diamond Strain

The high CBD content means that this strain doesn’t cause many of the adverse effects associated with THC. It is ideal for beginners and is unlikely to exacerbate feelings of anxiety.

It is ideal for beginners and is unlikely to exacerbate feelings of anxiety.

In general, the main side effects you feel include a dry mouth and dry eyes. On occasion, users have reported feeling dizzy. However, this was only after using a large amount. You can easily avoid this issue by consuming Jorge’s Diamond in moderation.

Final Thoughts on the Jorge’s Diamond Strain

Jorge’s Diamond is a flavorful strain with a huge amount to offer MMJ users. While it is also a reasonable option for recreational smokers, its high CBD content makes it a much-loved medical marijuana strain. It is suitable for novices and provides a gorgeous scent and taste. Jorge’s Diamond is also a solid cultivation option for first-time growers.


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