Jasmine Marijuana Strain Review

Jasmine Marijuana Strain Review

Also known as Yasmin or Jasmin, the Jasmine marijuana strain is likely a cross of Golden Boy and Silver Haze. An Israeli MMJ company called Tikun Olam created it. Jasmine is classified as a mild strain and is suitable for new users. It is an indica-dominant hybrid that could cause couch lock, though it is almost impossible to find seeds.

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At present, the breeder doesn’t offer seeds. Its likely flowering time is 7-9 weeks, and it produces a moderate yield.

Once again, we encounter a type of weed with different names. The Jasmine marijuana strain is also called Jasmin or Yasmin. Created in Israel, this form of cannabis is shrouded in mystery. While we know the name of the breeder, there is some confusion over the strains they combined. Known for its marvelous scent, Jasmine has a moderate THC content, which makes it suitable for inexperienced users.

What Is the Jasmine Marijuana Strain?

The Jasmine (Jasmin or Yasmin) marijuana strain has unknown parentage. Depending on who you believe, it is a cross of Querkle and Harlequin, Silver Haze and Trainwreck, or Golden Boy and Silver Haze. It is the third combination that seems the most likely. Famed Israeli MMJ supplier, Tikun Olam, created this indica-dominant strain.

If you are looking for medical marijuana that completely spaces you out, choose another strain. Jasmine is not a potent form of weed, but it is an enjoyable one to use. When you first smoke it, the indica aspect of the strain doesn’t immediately announce itself. Instead, you may get a feeling of cerebral euphoria, which helps you feel more uplifted.


According to users of Jasmine, it begins by changing their mood and behavior in a positive sense. The sativa part of the plant could help you feel happier and more content. Eventually, the physical effects take over. This aspect of the high begins with a soothing feeling that envelops the body. It is unlikely that you will feel psychedelic effects.

For the most part, Jasmine is an ideal strain for the first-time medical marijuana user. Indeed, it is also a great starting point for recreational users. If you use a high enough dose, you may begin to experience extreme drowsiness. Some users have reported falling asleep at the peak of the high. Therefore, it is best if you use Jasmine in the late evening. Should you elect to try it during the day, use a small dose.


It is difficult to ascertain whether the breeder was looking to create a great fragrance when developing the Jasmine marijuana strain. In any case, they succeeded in producing a wonderful-smelling MMJ option. It actually has a jasmine scent, along with lavender, rose, and a sweet skunky aroma.


The gorgeous lavender influence extends to the taste of the Jasmine strain. Users often remark on the sweet rose taste that carries with it a delightful vanilla aftertaste.


The Jasmine strain is noteworthy for the fluffy and airy nugs it possesses. The fiery red hairs really stand out against the green backdrop. As harvest time approaches, you will quickly spot the growth of the thick layer of crystal trichomes, which drip with intoxicating resin.

Jasmine Grow Info

Unfortunately, you will find it incredibly challenging to get your hands on Jasmine seeds. We have heard that Tikun Olam will not sell any seeds, nor will it make it available for cloning. Therefore, much of the grow info you read about this strain is guesswork, and based on its likely genetic makeup.

For example, we believe it thrives in a warm climate but is durable enough to grow well in colder temperatures. Its flowering time is likely 7-9 weeks. As it is a strain designed for commercial use, it is probable that Jasmine also grows well in greenhouses. Certainly, Tikun Olam has several large ones within its enormous facility.

If you happen to find seeds, Jasmine will possibly produce around 12 ounces per square meter indoors. Outdoors, you can expect a yield of approximately 12 ounces per plant. Otherwise, you’ll need to make a few cultivation assumptions based on the fact Jasmine is indica-dominant.

Jasmine will grow into small and bushy plants, which means you need to use growing methods such as the Sea of Green. Trim your plants when necessary or risk mold or mildew growth. Keep humidity at the lower end of the scale, and provide good air circulation. Finally, make sure you cure and dry the buds thoroughly after harvesting.

THC Content – Highest Test

Overall, Jasmine cannabis is not an exceptionally potent strain. In fact, it is classified as mid-shelf in terms of THC content, which stands at between 14% and 16%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Jasmine has little in the way of CBD content. It is unlikely that you’ll find more than 0.2% in total.

Medical Benefits of Jasmine

This strain was specifically designed for MMJ users. Therefore, it is no surprise to learn that people use it for a wide variety of reasons. For example, individuals who have insomnia often use larger doses to help them drift to sleep. Users with a low mood may try Jasmine to benefit from an uplifting and euphoric sensation. There is also a suggestion that MMJ cardholders with anxiety and depression also try this strain.

You might find that Jasmine helps boost your appetite. If your goal is to alleviate chronic pain, you may discover that this strain isn’t potent enough. Yes, it could cause couch-lock and severe lethargy, but its effects are more soothing than numbing. Therefore, while it could help with moderate pain, it likely lacks the deep intoxication craved by people with severe pain.

Possible Side Effects of Jasmine

By the standards of cannabis in the modern era, Jasmine is relatively mild. Therefore, it is unlikely that you will experience many adverse effects. If you use a large amount, you may become drowsy and sleepy. Otherwise, the most significant side effect is dry eyes.

Final Thoughts on the Jasmine Cannabis Strain

If you are seeking a medical marijuana strain that doesn’t cause a potent intoxicating high, give Jasmine a try. While it does provide a pleasant feeling of euphoria, it is far from overwhelming. Therefore, you could try it as a first-time user without any fears. Make sure you avoid using large doses initially. Otherwise, you could succumb to couchlock and perhaps fall asleep.

Then again, this is the ideal scenario if you have insomnia. Patients with stress, nausea, appetite loss, and mild pain may also find use with this strain. Recreational users will probably want something a little more intense, although Jasmine is suitable for inexperienced users. The flowery scent will make you keen to try it, and the sweet floral flavor doesn’t disappoint.

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