Ice Cannabis Strain Review

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Ice Marijuana Strain Overview
This Cannabis Cup winning strain gets its name from the enormous number of icy white trichomes covering its surface. Its diesel scent surprises many users, and Ice is an extremely pungent strain.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Lack of appetite
Growing info
You can cultivate Ice indoors or outdoors. Its flowering time indoors is 9-10 weeks, while outside, it is harvest-ready towards the second half of October. BUY SEEDS FOR THIS STRAIN AT OUR #1 RATED ONLINE SEED STORE: HOMEGROWN

While most breeders are content to stick with two cannabis strains when creating a hybrid, others like to take a risk. Sometimes, mixing three or more strains is an unmitigated disaster. However, occasionally, it pays to be bold. Ice is a cross of four fantastic strains, and the result is an award-winning option you must try.

What Is the Ice Strain?

Ice is a balanced hybrid that’s almost 50/50. Nirvana Seeds bred this cross of Shiva, Northern Lights, Skunk #1, and Afghani. These are among the best cannabis strains ever. While combining great genetics isn’t always a guarantee of success, Ice won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998.

According to many users, Ice is an excellent option if you want to feel chattier during a social event.

The initial cerebral intoxication tends to improve a user’s focus and perhaps provides an energy boost. Ice is also likely to improve your mood. According to many users, it is an excellent option if you want to feel chattier during a social event.

However, understanding the right amount of Ice to use is crucial. Consume the right amount, and you’ll find the evening pass by with you feeling energized and engaged. Overdo it, however, and you’ll find your limbs getting heavy. The body high can overwhelm inexperienced users and potentially result in them falling asleep.


Please don’t confuse this strain with its Ice Cream counterpart. Those who do are often disappointed that Ice doesn’t provide a sweet smell or creamy taste. Instead, it offers a diesel scent that makes you believe you’ve walked into the filling up section of a gas station. Grinding the buds leads to an earthy and spicy aroma that’s somewhat pleasant. Ice is a strong-smelling strain, so bear this in mind when cultivating it.


Frankly, Ice’s taste is not appealing to everyone. Some users suggest that it has a fuel-like flavor, although it is likely that the burnt hash taste confuses them. On the plus side, Ice is an ideal cannabis strain for creating hash. You might also get hints of berry on the exhale, which reduces the strong diesel flavor a little.


Properly cured Ice is known for its abundance of frosty trichomes. Therefore, it is a tell-tale sign of low-quality Ice if these glistening crystals aren’t immediately apparent.

Ice Strain Grow Info

You have the option of growing Ice inside or outdoors. The latter option requires a Mediterranean climate. Bear in mind that this plant can grow as high as two meters. Outdoor grown Ice is typically ready for harvest by the middle of October and offers around 16 ounces per plant.

Unusually, Ice’s yield is higher indoors, with up to 22 ounces per square meter possible. This is mainly due to how well it responds to a hydroponic setup. It is an option for more experienced growers because it involves controlling a crop’s nutrient intake. Ice is also rather easy to grow in soil for first-timers.


The Sea of Green (SOG) method of growing cannabis will boost your yield. SOG involves forcing Ice into flowering after only two weeks of vegetative growth. This strategy results in lower yields per plant.

However, it ensures you can fit many more plants into a growing space, thus increasing overall yield. Also, as it cuts overall growing time, it means you benefit from more frequent harvests. SOG also helps because Ice’s flowering time is relatively long at 9-10 weeks.

THC Content – Highest Test

Despite the enormous number of trichomes, Ice’s THC content isn’t quite at the upper end of the spectrum. It has approximately 15% to 20%, with 18% the average. By modern standards, this places Ice in the ‘moderate THC’ category.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Ice has relatively little CBD. It typically has approximately 0.5%, though some cuts will have slightly more or less.

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Medical Benefits of the Ice Strain

In general, Ice has gained prominence amongst MMJ patients with anxiety and stress. Users often report feeling a pleasant and steady wave of euphoria that makes them feel good. Yet, it also results in a relatively clear-headed high. The fact that it could elevate mood means it is worth consideration for individuals with depression.

Ice is potent enough to warrant investigation as a possible analgesic. However, you may find it more useful as a means of stimulating appetite. Some users say they end up with serious cases of the munchies as the high starts to wear off.

Possible Side Effects of the Ice Strain

Like all marijuana strains, there are side effects associated with Ice. Predominantly, these issues are minor and can include dry eyes and dry mouth. However, adverse effects could become more prominent if you overuse Ice. These problems could include headaches, dizziness, and heightened paranoia.

Final Thoughts on the Ice Strain

Ice is a gorgeous-looking strain that provides a smooth smoking experience. However, its fuel-like taste and smell won’t appeal to everyone. Although it is covered in trichomes, Ice isn’t nearly as potent as you might expect. That said, novices must approach it with respect. You can use it in the afternoon if you have a high THC tolerance. However, it can cause sedation after its initially energetic and mood-enhancing high.

Ice is a gorgeous-looking strain that provides a smooth smoking experience.

MMJ patients tend to try it for stress, anxiety, depression, and also to boost appetite. It is a fairly easy plant to grow and provides a nice yield whether you cultivate it indoors or outside.

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