Highland Thai Cannabis Strain Review

Highland Thai Cannabis Strain Review

The Highland Thai strain is challenging to find. It is a landrace Sativa that grows in Thailand. It is an extremely tall plant that is best grown outdoors. It provides a high that is trippy, relaxing, and may lead to a spike in appetite. Medical users try Highland Thai to help with pain, depression, and anxiety.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepression
Growing Info
Highland Thai is an exceptionally tall plant and can reach four meters in height when grown outdoors. Around half of the plants will turn purple when exposed to cold temperatures. Outdoors, it is ready for harvest in December, and it can produce a huge yield.

With so many hybrid marijuana strains, it is sometimes easy to forget about the ‘original’ strains. Known as landraces, such cannabis plants are relatively rare in marijuana dispensaries. Until the 1970s, however, landraces were practically the only weed one could lay their hands on.

The practice of breeding two or more strains only took off half a century ago or less. These days, almost everything you consume is a hybrid. However, you can still find landrace cannabis if you look hard enough. The Highland Thai strain is one of the best-loved options. Like most landraces, it doesn’t have an enormous level of THC, but it still provides a satisfying effect.

What is the Highland Thai Strain?

As the name suggests, this sativa landrace comes from Northern Thailand’s highlands. You can also find it growing close to the Burmese border region. Its precise genetic makeup is unknown, though it is possibly a combination of Yunnanese and Thai landraces. Incidentally, this is the process through which a few Indochinese cannabis strains were created.

If you get the chance to use the Highland Thai strain, you’ll probably experience an intoxicating high the likes of which you haven’t had before.

It is a somewhat pleasurable experience, but also an unusual one. Users say they feel a cerebral high that almost makes them feel as if they are tripping out.


Fortunately, the sensation isn’t one of immense intensity, so experienced users will likely handle it just fine. However, novices need to mentally prepare themselves for a fairly strange experience. In general, you can expect to feel euphoric, to begin with, and some users claim that their level of creativity increases after using Highland Thai.

As the high moves through the body, you may feel calm, relaxed, and perhaps even slightly numb. There is also the possibility of getting the munchies at the end of the high.


There is unquestionably a robust musky lemon smell, coupled with hints of mango. You continue to get this scent once you light the bud.


The fruit and citrus flavors carry over into the taste. It has a delightful flavor and is a strain you’ll enjoy reaching for. As we outline in the next section, Highland Thai has a pair of different phenotypes. The purple-blue option may offer the taste of carrots.

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The Highland Thai plants grow exceptionally tall and provide large, dense buds. You may notice that the leaves have medium-width leaflets, and the stem of the plant is sometimes hollow. The two phenotypes provide green and purple-blue cannabis, respectively.

Highland Thai Strain Grow Info

Once you have the large Highland Thai seeds in your hand, you have the option to grow them indoors or outside. If you choose the latter, please note that these plants can reach a height of four meters!

Approximately 50% of the plants you grow will turn purple if you expose them to cold temperatures. However, make sure you do this responsibly, or else you will send your plants into shock for several days. The maximum difference between the day and night temperatures should be 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

Those who have taken on the Highland Thai challenge say that you should begin by placing it indoors under grow lights until the plants are around six inches tall. Next, transplant to a 5-gallon container outdoors and feed it regularly. You should also find that the seeds germinate exceptionally quickly.

Aside from privacy issues, growing outdoors also means your plants are at risk of being destroyed by predators. Ensure you keep them protected, or else rabbits and other animals could enter and decimate your crop. The sheer height of Highland Thai means growing indoors is a significant challenge. You need a room with a high ceiling and must top the plants regularly.

Outdoor growers claim that they can get up to one kilogram of bud per plant! Highland Thai doesn’t harvest outdoors until December. In general, it can take a total of 18 weeks for the plant to grow from seed to harvest.

THC Content – Highest Test

The overall THC content of Highland Thai is unknown but is believed to be in the 15-22% range, based on the potency of the Thai strain. The average is likely 18%, but there are few lab reports available to confirm this.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Again, ascertaining the precise CBD level of Highland Thai is tricky. However, it is unlikely to have more than 0.1% CBD in most cases.

Medical Benefits of the Highland Thai Strain

The calming effects of Highland Thai could prove useful for individuals with issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety. Users often say that they are so busy enjoying the weird, trippy high that all of their problems are put on the back-burner for the time being. It is also a somewhat uplifting strain that could help boost your mood.

Given the unusual nature of the high, you may also find that Highland Thai helps manage pain symptoms. It has a potentially soothing sensation that takes your mind off the site of the pain. Finally, it has possible benefits for individuals seeking a good night’s sleep because your mind ultimately feels relaxed.

Possible Side Effects of the Highland Thai Strain

The main adverse effects to be concerned about include dry eyes and a dry mouth. There is also a slight chance that the peculiar experience Highland Thai provides becomes slightly perturbing.

Final Thoughts on the Highland Thai Strain

If you seek an unusual feeling of intoxication, see if you can find the Highland Thai strain. It isn’t easy to locate, but users say the extra effort is well worth it.

It is a rare and fantastic landrace sativa that is highly recommended to breeders, cultivators, and marijuana aficionados alike.

If you choose to grow it, bear in mind that it is ready for harvest extremely late in the year if you elect to cultivate outdoors. Given its height, outdoor growing is arguably more suitable but is impractical for most people. If you are using Highland Thai as an MMJ strain, consider trying it for pain, depression, and insomnia.

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