Guido Kush Cannabis [Strain Review]

Guido Kush Cannabis [Strain Review]

For those looking for a calming evening at home, with the lights low and a mellow experience, there is no better strain than Guido Kush.

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Relaxation, Uplifting
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painStress
Growing Info
With some moderate difficulty and an eight week flowering time, this strain needs to be cloned from another grower to get started. Make sure to trim it when you can!

We have all had those days when the stress of reality just feels a little too much. Those days when all we want to do is go home and switch off. While a potent indica strain might help you achieve a state of complete relaxation, there are also a few downsides.

Indica strains are famous for their deeply relaxing effects, both mentally and physically. The problem with such strains is that you are often left feeling couch-locked and unable to enjoy the few hours of mental joy that indicas also trigger.

Luckily, when it comes to enjoying a calming evening at home, there are other options that still manage to pack the same sense of relaxation as an indica, only without the feeling of sedation. Hybrid strains offer a balance, allowing you to feel relaxed yet still active.

The Guido Kush strain is a popular hybrid choice for many who are looking for a little help winding down after a long day. A member of the Kush family, the Guido Kush strain helps you to forget reality and simply chill.

Let’s take a closer look at Guido Kush and find out whether it is the right strain to help you after a tough day of reality.

What Is the Guido Kush Strain?

The Kush family of strains is perhaps one of the most famous. Even those who have never considered smoking marijuana have probably heard of it.

The original Kush strain is responsible for many of the strains that you know and love today. The Guido Kush strain has managed to make a name for itself beyond its lineage, thanks to its deeply relaxing effects and great taste.

The Guido Kush strain of weed has a perfect 50% indica / 50% sativa split – something that is definitely reflected in its effects. For those who are new to smoking marijuana, hybrid strains such as Guido Kush are ideal for easing yourself in gently. Guido Kush offers a little bit of everything without ever really feeling overwhelming.


Guido Kush is famous for its sudden rush of euphoria, making you feel peaceful and upbeat during even the most stressful of moments. You first notice the effects of Guido Kush shortly after smoking your first puff; you find yourself suddenly feeling mellow and upbeat.

As the high continues to progress, the mental effects of Guido Kush continue to strengthen until you find that you feel completely at peace. With this new sense of mental freedom, you are able to truly relax and work through your thoughts in a calm manner.

Some people find that they are able to think much more creatively after smoking Guido Kush. The sudden sense of creativity could be due to the fact that your brain is not focusing on stressful and negative thoughts. This allows it to shift its attention to creative pursuits.

While the effects of Guido Kush are very much focused on creating a peacefully euphoric mindset, the strain also manages to pack a few physical effects. You find that your limbs feel lighter than usual, making it easy to move around freely. With this sense of freedom, you also notice that your body is tingling with numbness.

What can you expect from Guido Kush in terms of its aroma and flavor profile; are they as freeing as its effects?


The Guido Kush marijuana strain has a calming aroma that perfectly matches its effects. While Guido Kush’s aroma does have layers of complexity and depth, at no point does it feel overwhelming. The delicate aroma perfectly matches the strain’s effects, helping you to reach a place of calm before you even start smoking.

The first thing that you notice when handling Guido Kush buds is the strain’s sweet aroma. More experienced and observant users will be able to pick apart the sweetness, seeing a fruitiness mixed with the smell that hits you when you first walk into a candy store.

As you break Guido Kush buds apart, the sweet aroma from the buds starts to fill the air, almost brightening the room. Just like smelling flowers during the early days of spring, it is hard for Guido Kush to not bring a smile to your face as you slowly breathe in the aroma.

The aroma of Guido Kush shifts slightly as you burn the plant’s dense buds. The smell slowly changes from the candy store to the bakery. The warmth from the smoke somehow manages to heat the sugary aroma, reminding you of opening the oven to a tray of sweet treats.

Guido Kush’s thick smoke hangs heavy in the air, but in a very welcome way, sitting almost like a cloud of cotton candy around you. As the effects of Guido Kush start to kick in, the sweet aroma becomes even more pleasing, working well with the strain’s ability to enhance creativity.

How does Guido Kush’s flavor profile compare? Is it just as sweet?


Just as you would expect, Guido Kush has a very sweet flavor profile, mixing different berries with what feels like a topping of sugar. The strain’s sugary flavor works to lift your mood, working alongside the uplifting effects from the high.

As you inhale your first breath of Guido Kush smoke, your mouth is overcome with a sweet fruitiness. People often describe the initial flavor of Guido Kush as reminding them of tucking into a bowl of berries that have been covered in sugar before being topped with whipped cream.

Guido Kush produces a thick smoke that can cause mild coughing, but often surprises people with how quickly the effect subsides. As the dense smoke works its way through your body, the flavors start to develop, allowing you to notice the more subtle notes.

Upon exhale, you are left with a warming sweetness in your mouth, almost as though you have just finished a slice of berry pie. The fruity flavors linger in your mouth for some time after, giving you the time you need to really enjoy and appreciate its complexity.


One of the most prominent features of a Guido Kush plant is its long, cone-shaped buds, which have a top-heavy appearance. When you pick them carefully, Guido Kush buds have a similar shape to a crafted bouquet of flowers.

Guido Kush buds have a bright yet mossy green color, with rusty orange pistils weaving their way through, adding subtle detail. The two different colors work alongside each other, giving the buds a sense of elegance.

Guido Kush buds tend to be dense and, as a result, can be tricky to break apart at first and usually require a grinder to break into smokeable pieces successfully.

The leaves of Guido Kush add an extra touch of detail, helping to complete the shape of the plant. Leaves have a smooth coloring that matches the plant’s buds and helps them to blend in around the stem of the plant. The length of the leaves means that they extend to twice the width of the actual plant, making the tips stand out and giving Guido Kush its exceptional shape.

Guido Kush Strain Grow Info

Expert growers tend to categorize Guido Kush cannabis plants as being moderately difficult to grow. While Guido Kush plants can be successfully grown by less experienced growers, they do require a little extra time and care and, as a result, are not ideal for those looking for quick results.

Guido Kush plants require a stable climate and prefer a warm temperature, although some plants have proven to be more resilient than expected when kept in colder climates. For those who live somewhere with temperamental weather, the best option is to keep plants indoors where you can control the temperature.

The exact height of Guido Kush plants can vary drastically and will also depend on how often they are trimmed. For those who want to spend as little time as possible maintaining their plants, keeping them outside will mean that you do not have to worry about continuously trimming plants. Equally, for those who want to keep plants indoors, their height should not be a concern.

Plants that are kept outside usually are ready to be harvested between late September and early October. Guido Kush plants produce a slightly higher than average yield, thanks to the plant’s dense bud structure. Indoor plants take between 7 and 10 weeks before they are ready to be harvested.

Guido Kush Strain seeds can be purchased online, but unlike other members of the Kush family, this strain is not always the easiest to find. Many growers rely on clippings from mature plants in order to extend their crops.  

THC Content – Highest Test

We know very little about the exact THC content of Guido Kush. There have been a number of different tests carried out over the years, but there still remains much disagreement over the precise THC levels that you can expect with Guido Kush.

Some people believe Guido Kush to be on the higher end of the scale, around 25%, as a result of its deeply relaxing effects. Others argue that the lack of physical sedation and mild side effects mean it is unlikely to contain more than the average for a hybrid strain. If this were to be the case, Guido Kush could contain as little as just 12%.

If THC is something that concerns you when smoking marijuana, it is best always to assume that the THC content of a strain is on the higher end, as this helps to reduce the chance of adverse effects. In the case of Guido Kush, the highest guesses have been around 25%, making it an excellent guide to work from.

Do we know any more about the CBD content of Guido Kush?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unsurprisingly, there is no one answer as to the exact amount of CBD in Guido Kush. If those who believe the strain’s THC content to be on the higher end are right, then it is likely that Guido Kush contains no more than trace amounts of CBD.

If, on the other hand, those who argue that Guido Kush has an average THC content are correct, Guido Kush could contain between 1% and 3% CBD.

Given that Guido Kush has very few physical medical benefits, it is unlikely that the higher CBD estimates are correct. CBD is the main cannabinoid linked to the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, especially those that tend to be focused around physical ailments such as pain.

So, with an unknown level of CBD, what can you realistically expect from Guido Kush in terms of its medical benefits?

Medical Benefits of the Guido Kush G Strain

The Guido Kush strain is a popular choice for those looking to manage anxiety using natural products. The uplifting high helps to push anxiety-inducing thoughts away, allowing you to process things calmly and from a more objective viewpoint. Some people find that just a few puffs of Guido Kush are enough to stop anxiety in its tracks and prevent negative thoughts before they take root.

When dealing with chronic stress, Guido Kush may be an effective strain. Guido Kush helps to refocus your brain, making even stressful situations feel manageable. The sense of euphoria gives you a chance to have some time away from reality and instead focus on the things that make you happy.

Guido Kush is sometimes helpful for those who are looking for a way to manage mild cases of pain. The numbing effect that users often feel when smoking Guido Kush helps to alleviate mild aches and pains, allowing you to enjoy the strain’s mental high.

Possible Side Effects of the Guido Kush Strain

The most common side effect of smoking Guido Kush is dry mouth, shortly followed by dry eyes. Both side effects have no actual effect on your health and are instead more of an annoyance in the moment.

Dry mouth can cause the inside of your mouth to feel irritated and as though there is a thin, fuzzy layer on the roof of your mouth. An excellent way to overcome the effects of dry mouth is to stay hydrated both before and while smoking.

Dry eyes are similar to dry mouth, causing your eyes to feel heavy and irritated. There is very little that you can actually do to prevent dry eyes from occurring, although applying cold water could help to ease irritation.

Final Thoughts on the Guido Kush Strain

Guido Kush is a well-rounded, balanced strain, ideal for helping you to unwind after a long day. Whether you are looking to spend your evening pursuing a creative project or simply just need a little extra help relaxing, Guido Kush is the perfect solution.

The lack of sedative effects and a concise list of potential side effects mean that you can simply make the most of your time without having to worry.

Guido Kush is also an excellent option for those who are looking for a natural way to control both stress and anxiety. The effects of Guido Kush make it easy to push negative ideas and thoughts to the back of your mind, for a much-needed break.

With so few side effects and plenty of useful benefits, why not try Guido Kush for yourself the next time you get a chance?

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