Frankenstein Cannabis Strain Review

Frankenstein Cannabis Strain Review

As the name suggests, Frankenstein is a powerful cannabis strain with various aromas and effects, not to mention a mysterious lineage. MMJ users tend to try it to help with inflammation and pain. It has a potent taste and scent, along with a high THC content.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Myrcene, Ocimene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painCrampingDepressionSleepStress
Body high/numbingCalmingEuphoriaHappyLaughingSleep/SedationUplifting
Growing Info
This strain grows from clippings indoors and outdoors. Harvesting can begin after 8 weeks.

Even in the age of information, some things retain an element of mystery. The Frankenstein cannabis strain falls into this category. It is a well-named strain since it appears to be a mish-mash of different effects, scents, and tastes. Frankenstein is also extremely potent and is probably not the best option for novices.

What Is the Frankenstein Strain?

What we know about the Frankenstein marijuana strain is that it’s an indica-dominant hybrid. It also has a significant level of THC. Unfortunately, there is little definitive information on its genetics. Much of what we have read is nothing more than rumor or supposition.

For instance, one theory suggests that Frankenstein is a cross of a Pacific Northwest indica and Maui Waui. Another claims that it comes from OG Kush, which means it could include Chemdawg and Hindu Kush. The Frankenstein strain itself has been used to create the likes of Dankenstein, Cascadia Kush, and Copper Kush.

By the standards of an indica-dominant hybrid, it takes effect rapidly.

The effects of Frankenstein are less of a mystery, at least. By the standards of an indica-dominant hybrid, it takes effect rapidly. You can expect to get hit with a strong feeling of relaxation in the eyes and limbs relatively quickly. Soon enough, the tension in your limbs will dissipate, and you’ll feel at ease.

Frankenstein is extremely strong, so use it with caution. A large amount could lead to visual or auditory distortions. Users often say they feel mentally foggy. However, this strain tends to leave you in control of your mental faculties. Frankenstein is an excellent social strain, as it can lift your mood. Some users say they get fits of giggles after using it.


Frankenstein offers strong piney, herbal, and minty scents. This makes it very difficult to hide the fact you are using it! If you love the classic cannabis smell, this is the strain for you. If you cultivate Frankenstein, it is well worth the extra effort to cure it properly. The aroma is so strong that we recommend using a sploof if smoking in your home.

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Once you grind Frankenstein’s buds, you should get the scent of hash and spice. This is precisely what you can expect once you light it and start smoking. You can also expect a citrus flavor. However, please note that Frankenstein is a strain that can induce a coughing fit.


The Frankenstein strain has medium-sized flowers that are shaped like a spade. The buds have a densely-packed indica structure. Rust-colored pistils make for a nice contrast to the mossy green leaves. As harvest time approaches, you should begin to see a significant number of trichomes. This is another clue as to this strain’s potency.

Frankenstein Strain Grow Info

Information on the likely breeders is virtually impossible to come by. Therefore, you will not find Frankenstein seeds available commercially. Instead, you will need to find a cutting from a mature female plant. Once you have the cutting in your possession, you’ll discover that it is easy to grow indoors or outside.

Whether you cultivate it indoors or outdoors, you can expect a moderate yield at harvest time.

If you decide to cultivate it outdoors, bear in mind that it thrives in a semi-humid climate. Indoor growers will find that Frankenstein’s flowering time is approximately eight weeks. Make sure the temperature in your grow room remains between 72- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. Whether you cultivate it indoors or outdoors, you can expect a moderate yield at harvest time.

We thoroughly recommend taking the extra time to dry and cure Frankenstein properly. It requires a little extra effort and plenty of patience. However, the curing process, in particular, brings out the skunky and piney flavors. It will take a few weeks of curing in airtight containers to get the best results.

THC Content – Highest Test

True to its name, Frankenstein doesn’t provide a consistent level of THC. Depending on the test, it can have anywhere from 13% to 29%. However, its average THC content is approximately 23%.


CBD Content – Highest Test

There is only a tiny fraction of CBD in Frankenstein, probably around 0.1% or less.

Medical Benefits of the Frankenstein Strain

While recreational cannabis users will enjoy using Frankenstein, it is very popular amongst MMJ patients. The extreme level of relaxation it provides makes it suitable for those with insomnia. Try some of this strain an hour or two before bedtime, and you’ll likely find it hard to keep your eyes open.

It provides a powerful feeling of intoxication. As such, you could use it for symptoms of conditions such as lupus or fibromyalgia. Frankenstein’s potential anti-inflammatory effects also make it suitable for headaches and any condition where chronic pain is an issue.

Many users also claim that this type of cannabis helps improve their mood. Therefore, you could try Frankenstein if you have a mood disorder or suffer from anxiety.

Possible Side Effects of the Frankenstein Strain

As Frankenstein is an extremely strong marijuana strain, it could cause a few adverse effects. It is unlikely to heighten feelings of paranoia. However, it could cause panic amongst novice users as they struggle to cope with the strength of the high.

If you use too much, there is a possibility of experiencing a slight ‘trippy’ sensation. You may also get a serious case of dry mouth, along with red eyes.

Final Thoughts on the Frankenstein Strain

With Frankenstein, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. Despite all the information available on marijuana strains, no one is completely sure about its origins.

What we know is that Frankenstein offers strong effects. It can help people with medical issues such as chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. However, you are asking for trouble if you overindulge. Ideally, you will consume it near bedtime, as it will likely relax your mind and body.

Ideally, you will consume it near bedtime, as it will likely relax your mind and body.

As no one seems to know who the breeder is, finding seeds commercially is an almost impossible task. Once you have a cutting, however, Frankenstein is fairly easy to cultivate.

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