Dream Queen Cannabis Strain Review [Origins, Benefits, and More]

Dream Queen Cannabis Strain Review [Origins, Benefits, and More]

The Dream Queen strain is a colorful plant that many users claim improves their mood. While it is sativa leaning, this strain may produce a body high that sedates people with a low cannabis tolerance. For more experienced users, it represents an excellent option for daytime use.

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Focus, Sexual
Common Usage
Growing Info
You can grow the Dream Queen strain indoors or outdoors. Indoors, its flowering time is around 8-10 weeks. Outdoors, you can expect it to be ready for harvest by the end of September.

There are occasions where cannabis strains are appropriately named. On other occasions, one wonders what the breeders were thinking. The origin of the Dream Queen strain’s name is pretty apparent, as it is a cross of its parents’ names. You might assume that it is specially designed to help you get to sleep. In reality, this strain is more likely to improve focus and give you energy.

What Is the Dream Queen Cannabis Strain?

The Dream Queen cannabis strain is a cross of Blue Dream and either Space Queen or Cinderella 99. The latter strain is derived from the former, so there is definitely Space Queen genetics in there somewhere.

It is a strain that provides a fast-acting high, which takes some users by surprise.

These days, it is common for cannabis strains to have exceedingly high THC levels. Dream Queen doesn’t quite fall into that category. Even so, it is a strain that provides a fast-acting high, which takes some users by surprise. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that gives you a cerebral buzz that typically causes a major uplift in mood. Users report feeling almost spaced out for up to an hour.

You might find that your energy levels go up a notch for a short period at least. While Dream Queen is predominantly sativa, it can produce a mild body high. Indeed, if you’re a novice, it could cause sleepiness. For more experienced users, however, a level of sedation that causes couch lock is unlikely. As a result, you could use this strain during the day.


The Dream Queen strain’s fragrance is an extremely alluring earthy and floral blend. However, it is the sweet scent that really lures users in.

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The appealing aroma gives you an idea of what to expect when you use Dream Queen. It provides a delightful bubblegum taste that is hard to resist. This, combined with the earthiness and citrus notes, means Dream Queen is one of the best-tasting strains around.


This is an aesthetically pleasing strain, too, with bright green buds covered in orange pistils and white trichomes. Dream Queen’s minty green leaves offer a nice contrast.

Dream Queen Grow Info

This strain’s genetic makeup means that it is a relatively easy strain to grow, even from Dream Queen seeds. It is possible to cultivate it indoors or outside. If you choose the latter option, please note that it can grow as high as 10 feet tall!


Outdoor-grown Dream Queen requires a Mediterranean climate with lots of light to thrive. It is typically ready for harvest by the end of September. You can expect a huge yield of up to 36 ounces per plant.

However, outdoor cultivation isn’t realistic for the vast majority of people. Therefore, growing Dream Queen indoors is probably your only viable option. You should consider trying a hydroponics setup to get the highest possible yield indoors. This form of growing enables you to control the nutrient intake of your plants.

If you only have a small growing space, you’ll have to top and trim your plants to keep them under control. The foliage and buds are rather heavy, so it is wise to add supports to ensure the stems don’t break. Dream Queen is also susceptible to pests such as the red spider mite. Indoor-grown Dream Queen has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks. It can produce approximately 18 ounces of bud per square meter under optimal growing conditions.

THC Content – Highest Test

Dream Queen’s THC content varies from 14% to approximately 22%. On average, you can expect it to contain 17%. This isn’t considered high by modern standards, although it is potent enough to provide a satisfying high.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The Dream Queen strain’s CBD content can reach around 0.8%. This is relatively high, considering the plant wasn’t specifically bred to produce much cannabidiol.

Medical Benefits of the Dream Queen Strain

The Dream Queen strain is somewhat potent, according to experienced users. It may not possess the level of THC that could help alleviate chronic pain. However, you might find it useful against mild pains such as headaches or muscle spasms.

Unless you’re a novice or a user with a low THC tolerance, Dream Queen is unlikely to cause you to fall asleep. Instead, it could promote a feeling of focus and enable you to continue with your day. Its propensity to improve mood means it is a viable option for individuals with depression or anxiety. You might also discover that Dream Queen is a nice way to chill out in the evening after a rough day.

Some users say that this strain helps them with GI issues such as nausea. It might even provide an appetite boost.

Possible Side Effects of the Dream Queen Strain

As Dream Queen isn’t one of the strongest strains on the market, its adverse effects are usually tolerable. If you use too much, however, you might experience issues such as dizziness and nausea. There are also reports of novices having mild feelings of panic due to overindulgence.

In general, however, the main side effects associated with this strain are dry eyes and cottonmouth. We advise new cannabis users, in particular, to adopt the ‘low and slow’ approach when using Dream Queen or any marijuana strain.

Final Thoughts on the Dream Queen Strain

The Dream Queen strain typically offers a pleasant feeling of cerebral intoxication. As long as you’re sensible when using it, any adverse effects you suffer should remain bearable. Despite the name, it is unlikely to cause sedation. Instead, you’ll likely feel energized, at least for a brief period. Eventually, a body high makes its presence felt but isn’t usually strong enough to result in couch lock.

Despite the name, it is unlikely to cause sedation. Instead, you’ll likely feel energized, at least for a brief period.

Although it is arguably not the best option for complete novices, it is a somewhat easy strain to cultivate. It requires some training to keep its height in check and could attract pests.

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