Dominion Skunk | Marijuana Strain Review + Guide

Dominion Skunk | Marijuana Strain Review + Guide

Dominion Skunk is an indicia leaning hybrid with a rather complicated breeding history. It starts off with crossing a Skunk VA Chemdog and Skunk #1, which is then crossed with Skelly Hashplant. So as you can infer, it’s super skunky. So if you love skunk, Dominion Skunk is going to be a godsent to your taste buds.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Myrcene, Terpinolene
Common Usage
Chronic painFatigueLack of appetite
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 8-9 weeks if growing indoors. Blossoms around the late September to the middle of October if growing outdoors.

Though the world of marijuana used to be one of intense secrecy and confusion, these days it is almost entirely normalized. Thanks to the wave of legalization efforts across the USA, more and more states have adapted to recognize marijuana as the natural and wholly non-dangerous substance that it is.

With this massive wave of marijuana acceptance comes a vast variety of different strains and varieties, which culminates in more choice than ever.

However, with all these new strains, there are always going to be a few strains that, somehow, get lost in the cacophony of new strains.

One particular type of strain that has almost faded away is the Skunk variety, known for its overpowering skunk smell and its extreme potency. This strain family has gradually begun to fade away, becoming more and more difficult to find.

There is one strain that is attempting to bring back the majesty of the Skunk legacy, and that is Dominion Skunk. Let’s take a look at the Dominion Skunk strain and evaluate its flavor, smell, and effects and see if it does actually accurately emulate the glory of the classic Skunk strains.

What is the Dominion Skunk Strain?

Dominion Skunk is a pretty balanced hybrid, though with a very slight indica leaning at 60%. It is actually a somewhat rare strain in that it is only sold by one company, the Dominion Seed Co. This company is one that seeks to breed their own unique varieties from a set of phenotypes and create something entirely different.

Dominion Skunk is actually the final result of a complex breeding cycle, a cross between Skunk VA Chemdog and Skunk #1, then that again crossed with a mix of Skelly Hashplant and Skunk #1.

This means that it has Skunk #1 very firmly in its origins, but has been mixed with a vast variety of other, equally complex strains so as to create a truly unique bud. Skunk #1 itself is one of the most classic strains of marijuana to have ever existed. It influenced literal decades of marijuana cultivations, thanks to its unique landrace origins and stony, narcotic effects that come accompanied with overpowering skunk smell.

The effects of Dominion Skunk itself are quite similar to its parentage, though with a few unique twists. You can expect an initially powerful knockdown effect that is incredibly intense. It is difficult to classify this as either a sativa- or indica-focused narcotic high, but it is undoubtedly extremely potent. You will transition into an intense relaxation that is accompanied by an extremely stoned sensation.

Your mind will begin to cloud and mellow, generally feeling a bit confused and unable to form coherent thoughts. This isn’t as bad as it might sound, however, as this sensation is delightful. Imagine the feeling of just waking up from a pleasant dream and still coming to terms with your surroundings – it is a lot like that blissful feeling.

As the high develops, the effects begin to morph into a sativa focused effect, with a strong giddiness and happiness that leaves you smiling at everyone in sight.

You can expect a small amount of talkativeness, but you will mostly be feeling energetic and excited to do something; to do anything. There is a sense of childlike wonderment and energy that brings you right back to feeling like a five-year-old on the first day of summer.

You can expect a slow but sudden transition into serious munchies, so make sure you have got snacks prepared for the end of this mesmerizing high.

Dominion Skunk Aroma

As might be expected from a strain with the word skunk in its name, Dominion Skunk has a strong skunkiness. However, unless a skunk has previously sprayed you, it is difficult to imagine what this actually smells like accurately.

The smell of Dominion Skunk, and indeed any Skunk strain such as its direct parent Skunk #1, is more complex and intricate than just the simple descriptor of “skunkiness.” Instead, it is better to describe the aroma of Dominion Skunk as a powerful earthiness mixed with undercurrents of sulfur and a hint of musky jasmine.

This combination of earth, jasmine, and sulfur is typically what is described as the quintessential “skunk” aroma. Once you start to break the buds open and take your first puff properly, the smell develops into an oddly sour fruitiness that is hard to classify to one particular fruit.

Though many people use the term “skunky” to describe the smell of Dominion Skunk and strains like it, the exact smell is something that needs to be experienced firsthand to understand correctly.

It doesn’t just stop there, however; the flavor of Dominion Skunk is just as impressive as its smell.

Dominion Skunk Flavor

On your first taste of Dominion Skunk, you will find yourself expecting it to somehow taste of skunk and sulfur; however, you will be pleasantly surprised. The initial flavor is one of intense wood and fruitiness, almost mahogany-like in its rich earthiness.

There is a sweetness that seems entirely at odds with its sharp aroma, one that is almost cloying with how it seems to stick to your upper palate and linger there long after you exhale.

You can expect to enjoy this smoke if you like sweet and earthy flavors, as well as the occasional strong hit of gentle jasmine on the exhale.

Dominion Skunk Appearance

Skunk strains tend to produce immensely large leaves with an intensely packed cluster, as well as a considerable quantity of dense, oddly spherical buds.

The color of the bud starts out looking quite regular, but then develops into an exciting tinge of silver and yellow that reflects the light if held up against the sun.

Orange pistils and a significant quantity of trichomes coat the surface, making this skunky bud feel extremely furry and look like a small, rolled up ball of fluff.

It looks beautiful both in bud form and on the plant, so the best way to get a good look at its appearance while still on the colas is to try and grow it yourself.

Dominion Skunk Strain Grow Info

Dominion Skunk has a pretty normal tendency to try and grow vertically – this most likely due to its indica heritage, as well as its shared Skunk ancestry. One of the best ways to maximize your yield is to practice regular topping by snipping off the top part of the growth whenever it starts to protrude too far over the rest of the plant.

By doing this, the plant will begin to split into two different branches and will gradually focus itself on growing more laterally. Later on, make sure you encourage further lateral growth by tying the canopy together to promote a nice consistent bush.

This will help produce a tremendous amount of bud producing colas. Despite the other Skunk varieties sometimes having a long flowering time, you can expect only around eight weeks, a relatively speedy turnaround.

One thing to remember is not to leave the bud on the plant too long; this is pretty common among those growers without a lot of time on their hands that hope to be able to leave their plant for just a little while longer. If you do this with Dominion Skunk, however, you might run the risk of mold developing.

Try and harvest as soon as you see your buds fully finished, as well as drying them quickly once they are removed from the plant. Though it might be tempting to see if they mature into some kind of super bud, no one likes a moldy crop.

THC Content – Highest Test

If you have ever heard marijuana discussed in the UK, you will have likely heard it referred to as “Skunk.” This is because Skunk has become a word synonymous with both quality and high-intensity THC content.

Dominion Skunk is no different – you can expect between 18% and 22% THC content, compelling enough to offer an incredibly potent mix of both narcotic high and calming intensity.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As might be expected with a high THC concentration strain, Dominion Skunk doesn’t really have a high CBD content.

You can’t really expect any more than about 1% CBD content, so this strain isn’t ideal if you are looking for the medicinal benefits of CBD.

So, what kind of medicinal effects can you actually expect from Dominion Skunk?

Medical Benefits of the Dominion Skunk Strain

As can be expected with any dominant hybrid strain, Dominion Skunk has many useful medicinal applications linked to its high THC content.

For the most part, Dominion Skunk is excellent at helping treat mental disorders or issues with chronically low mood or anxiety.

Due to the intense sensation of stoner-like peace that comes with the beginning of the high, this strain is excellent at helping deal with issues with pain and irritation as well.

Additionally, the severe munchies that will hit you at the end of the high make Dominion Skunk perfect for combating issues with a lack of appetite.

Generally speaking, Dominion Skunk is excellent just generally to improve your mood or encourage you to eat. There is an additional consequence that, while not necessarily medicinal, will lead towards better health, and that is the massive increase in energy.

When enjoying the high from Dominion Skunk, you will feel an urge to get up and move, or just generally undertake some kind of activity. This is great for helping you feel better in general, as well as just usually keeping active and moving.

However, as with any sufficiently powerful strain, there are going to be a few side effects.

Possible Side Effects of the Dominion Skunk Strain

The worst effect you can expect to come about as a result of smoking too much Dominion Skunk is some dizziness, as well as the reasonably typical dry mouth and dry eyes.

Keeping hydrated and just generally prepared beforehand is the best way to combat this, though some people might find themselves struggling with the dizziness more than others. If you are the type of person to suffer from dizziness, make sure you have somewhere you can comfortably sit and let the dizzy spell pass.

Additionally, you will find yourself extremely hungry at the end of this high, so much so that you will swear your stomach is crying out in pain. Make sure you have food ready to eat to combat the intense munchies caused by this strain.

Final Thoughts on the Dominion Skunk Strain

Dominion Skunk is a strain that is difficult to get your hands on, though not as much as other Skunk varieties. Despite its and its ancestors’ raging popularity, there seems to be a significant lack of useful sellers of this strain.

If you are desperate for Skunk and can’t seem to find any other strain to appease your craving, Dominion Skunk is sure to help. With a profoundly interesting flavor and aroma that combines both the traditional Skunk flavor with the smoky, woody notes of jasmine and earth, this is a strain that many seek just to enjoy the smoke alone.

However, its potent effects that leave you stupefied and blissful are equally as sought after.

If you are after a rich and robust strain that will leave you feeling like anything is possible, then keep an eye out for Dominion Skunk. Who knows? You might get lucky and get a chance to buy some yourself.

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