Daywrecker Marijuana Strain Review

Daywrecker Marijuana Strain Review

Daywrecker strain isn't as bad as it sounds. It is a sativa dominant strain with heavy sedative effects. Due to its high THC content, its best to take this strain in the evening to avoid any possible interruptions of daily tasks and activities. This strain is a good fit for anyone with sleep difficulties. This strain is also great for those that enjoy complex, yet subtle flavors.

Dominant Terpene:
Appetite, Body high/numbing, Calming, Relaxation, Uplifting
DieselEarthyHerbPinot NoirSweet
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionLack of appetiteSleepStress
AppetiteBody high/numbingCalmingRelaxationUplifting
Growing Info
This strain grows both indoors and outdoors. Typical harvesting time is between 8-9 weeks.

When we think of marijuana strains, especially indica ones, there is this tendency to think of them purely with regards to their soporific effects – most of the time, you can expect to feel pretty sleepy after using them.

If it doesn’t outright knock you out, you can expect to feel overly relaxed and just generally rather tired, but the kind of pleasant tired wherein you can still enjoy yourself.

This reputation that indicas have created for themselves is difficult to break, with people sometimes referring to them as “In Da Couch” thanks to their ability to lock you into sitting peacefully on your couch.

However, there are a few strains out there that really will completely wreck your body and leave you without the ability to formulate coherent thought; the kinds of strains that leave you with your entire day completely shot, forcing you to do nothing but sit down and ride through the high.

One strain that is incredibly famous for this is the Daywrecker strain. Considering its terrifying name and even more fearsome reputation, it would seem good sense to be prepared for the high and understand exactly what kinds of things you can expect from such a potent and well-loved strain.

What Is the Daywrecker Strain?

The precise origin of the Daywrecker strain is pretty unclear – it shows up quite frequently in the genetics of many strains, including Trainwreck and even many strains derived from OG Kush. Thanks to the rather confusing nature of marijuana history chronology, people sometimes include Daywrecker as either being the parent of these strains, or sometimes their descendant.

This makes it extremely difficult to pin down precisely where it sits on the long chart of marijuana history.


However, regardless of its precise parentage, the reputation of the Daywrecker strain precedes itself – even its name, Daywrecker, conjures up images of a completely ruined day, lost entirely to the all-encompassing high that it induces.

Thankfully (perhaps), this is one of those strains that absolutely does manage to live up to its reputation.

On first smoking some Daywrecker, you will immediately be hit by a powerful surge of uselessness across all of your limbs. Instead of being able to enjoy the ability to move your arms and legs, you will instead find yourself unable to even lift your arm to scratch your nose.

Then, just as suddenly as it began, this sensation will disappear, to be replaced by a mental-blocking fog that descends upon your consciousness, inducing the strangest of sensations; it is rather like being drugged for surgery.

You might find yourself staring at random objects in the distance, unable to properly formulate coherent thoughts or express yourself to anyone around you.

After a short while, the typical munchies will hit you, making it imperative to find some kind of snack in the nearby vicinity before your stomach starts eating itself.

Once you have gone through this incredibly reliable and consistent series of effects, you can expect the strain’s trademark effect to take hold – your head will hit the nearest comfortable surface, and you will fade into blissful unconsciousness.

However, before you hit that stage of complete, blissful sleep, you get to enjoy the aroma and flavor of this distinctive strain first, so what kind of things can you expect in the flavor department?


Despite the rather confusing lack of precise genetics, the Daywrecker marijuana strain has a rather predictable aroma, at least initially.

Its apparent Kush heritage is very obvious, with that pleasant dankness that turns into sour diesel after a few moments of hitting your nostrils. However, on cracking the buds open and really inhaling through your nose, there is a deeper quality of flavor behind that initial whiff.

You will get notes of wine, raw grapes and even, strangely enough, aging oak barrels and flowers. The aroma of this strain is a real medley that unlocks only once you give it a proper try, so make sure you don’t skip over this strain if you tested it by giving it only a cursory initial smell.

What about its actual flavor on the tongue, however?


You can usually rely on any strain with similar heritage and growing patterns to OG Kush to have a fairly dependable flavor. Usually, it is the same as the aroma with a bit of deepening development added by the smoke, giving it a slightly fuller feel than you would expect after just smelling it.

However, the smoke of this strain is uniquely rich and decadent, tasting very thick and, for lack of a better word, juicy, despite there being no real fruit flavor within it.

The smoke is dark, cloudy and earth-like, though it is surprisingly not dense or unpleasant. It is rather like a very gentle, aged cigar, only with far more wine and diesel flavors than you might expect from a Havana.

The smoke is warming, yet calming, inducing a very pleasant feeling that is difficult to escape and leads perfectly on to its eventual effects.

What about its appearance, though? Does it look as attractive and devious as it tastes and smells?


Surprisingly, the Daywrecker strain has an almost unnoticeable appearance. Instead of some kind of beguiling, sneaky beauty hidden beneath the buds, the look remains pretty standard throughout.

While the nugs are quite dense, they are a fairly standard green color that you would expect from most marijuana strains. There are plenty of pleasant little pistils and white trichomes, but no more so than many other well-bred strains.

This strain has the appearance of a very stereotypical weed strain; so much so that you could be forgiven for just completely walking past it and ignoring it altogether.

However, once you grow it yourself and find yourself curing it in your own drying room, you will begin to notice the differences.

So, how do you grow it yourself?

Daywrecker Strain Grow Info

There is a pretty big problem when trying to grow your own Daywrecker: What even is this strain?!

Daywrecker strain seeds are likely on offer in all manner of different dispensaries and online, but is it actually what you are looking for? This strain has a number of names, including Underdawg, Headband, or the surprisingly funny-sounding Weasel Diesel, but it is most usually known as Daywrecker.

This means that the best way to actually know if you are getting the right thing is not to use Daywrecker seeds whatsoever and instead rely on someone who already is growing Daywrecker and will let you smell and taste their plant.

If it matches what you would expect it to be, then ask very kindly for a clipping that will let you grow your own Daywrecker from a clone.

Once you finally have a Daywrecker cutting, it is surprisingly easy to cultivate. Like many other strains tangentially related to OG Kush, it tends to grow quite bushy and overshadow itself, so it will need a pretty regular schedule of pruning to keep it growing properly.

To do this, simply snip off the lower branches as they begin to become overshadowed by new growth; this will encourage the plant to spend more energy on developing healthy colas that will lead to copious amounts of bud, rather than wasting it on useless branches that won’t ever get any substantial sunlight.

The main thing you need to keep in mind with Daywrecker is that you need to cure it properly; otherwise, you risk not developing any of those funky and delicious flavors that make this strain so desirable.

So, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect from your harvested Daywrecker?

THC Content – Highest Test

Daywrecker cannabis is well known for its almost disastrously potent effects, inducing almost complete brain meltdown, so it would make sense for it to have a monstrously high THC content to match.

However, not a lot is known about the precise cannabinoid content of this strain, other than the fact that it definitely has an incredibly decent quantity of THC. Considering its effects, it is likely that the THC content is somewhere in the range of 20% to 24%.

Sadly, this doesn’t spell very good things for its CBD content.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As you probably imagine, when a strain has a very high level of THC, it was going to have a concurrently low quantity of CBD as well. The plant only has room for so many cannabinoids!

After you first experience the effects of Daywrecker, you will properly understand, but there is essentially no CBD content within the Daywrecker strain whatsoever; none of those typical CBD effects – just incredibly potent, mind-numbing THC.

Of course, there are a few decent medical benefits belonging to this strain, despite the lack of CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Daywrecker Strain

Too often, people look at strains with a massive THC content and very little CBD and think that they are only good as a relaxation aid or a recreational strain.

However, remember that there are a variety of different medical benefits that people can enjoy, all without you realizing it.

By far the most useful, and most utilized, benefit of the Daywrecker strain is its ability to knock you out completely – there is a reason it is called Daywrecker! For those who struggle with falling asleep – whether through anxiety, PTSD, or just regular insomnia – this strain is wonderful at helping you finally close your eyes and fall into a blissful state of unconsciousness.

Furthermore, thanks to the rather monstrous munchies that occur about three-quarters of the way into the high, this strain is very useful for helping those with eating disorders finally eat something thanks to its ability to encourage you to put whatever food is nearby directly into your stomach.

Finally, as a generally high-THC strain, Daywrecker is useful for treating all manner of pain and irritating ailments, in the same way that many other strains help: Extremely high levels THC.

Sadly, there are also going to be a few side effects alongside its wonderful benefits.

Possible Side Effects of the Daywrecker Strain

With all good things, marijuana strains included, must come a few downsides. For the Daywrecker strain, they are both expected and unexpected.

The expected side effects are the two usual subjects: Dry eyes and dry mouth. The high THC content within this strain makes it very likely for you to experience profoundly potent dryness, so make sure you keep some water on hand to help fight it off.

Additionally, due to its strong nature, those who struggle with anxiety would be best to steer clear of this strain. While it doesn’t really leave you with much time to experience an anxiety attack before you drop off into unconsciousness, it can still worsen symptoms of anxiety for chronic sufferers.

The unexpected side effect is simply the same as its primary medical benefit – the fact that it almost completely knocks you out.

While some people are only too happy to use Daywrecker to help make it easier to fall asleep, for many others, the inability to stay awake or do anything other than stare at a wall is a significant disadvantage.

If you want to enjoy the relaxing benefits of Daywrecker, make sure you don’t have anything else to do with your day whatsoever, because you absolutely will not be doing it.

Final Thoughts on the Daywrecker Strain

The Daywrecker strain is one of those few rare strains whose name actually accurately describes its effects. Instead of strangely esoteric, almost silly names, this strain tells you exactly what it is going to do to you if you smoke it – it is going to wreck your day.

This isn’t in any way a bad thing, of course. If you have been responsible and made sure to clear your day, then this strain is perfect for those looking to completely zonk out and enjoy the profoundly relaxing, almost ethereal sensations that this strain provides.

Though it might seem strange to most people, many users of this strain simply want to experience what it is like to utterly lose an entire day and be incapable of doing anything else other than sitting back, relaxing and eating and, eventually, falling asleep.

If you are looking for a profound, cerebral high that lets you experience all kinds of different feelings, you would be best served by finding a different strain, possibly a sativa.

However, if you are looking for a completely knock-out, intense strain that leaves you incapable of even lifting your head after twenty minutes, then you should definitely get ready to have your day wrecked because this is the perfect strain for you.

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