Crystal Locomotive | Cannabis Strain Review

Crystal Locomotive | Cannabis Strain Review

Crystal Locomotive is an excellent piece of cannabis history and magnificent in its own right as well, worth it for its fantastic flavor aroma.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Guaiol, Phytol, Terpinolene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionLack of appetiteSleep
Growing Info
Crystal Locomotive is a clone-only strain, meaning you need to source a cutting. But, if you can find it, it creates beautiful buds with only minimal pruning.

Finding the right hybrid strain these days is almost impossible, mostly due to the sheer variety of options out there. With increasingly relaxed rules on cannabis consumption and more awareness of marijuana’s benefits, more and more strains have been developed.

While more choice is pretty much always a good thing, it can be incredibly overwhelming. It’s hard trying to pick a new cannabis strain for yourself when you don’t know where to start. An excellent option for beginners is to go for strains related to classic varieties. They give you a touch of history alongside tried and tested effects.

Let’s examine the Crystal Locomotive strain, an indica-leaning hybrid with extremely classical roots and beautiful effects. We aim to find out just how good for beginners it is.

What Is the Crystal Locomotive Strain?

Crystal Locomotive is an exciting example of an indica-leaning hybrid, as it has the odd percentage of 65% indica. This makes it quite close to being a balanced hybrid, despite its interestingly indica-leaning parentage.

Created by merging ’98 Aloha White Widow and Trainwreck, two incredibly classic strains, Crystal Locomotive is a cannabis strain of impeccable pedigree. Possessing such prominent and incredible genetics means that you get a chance to try a meld of both of these excellent strains, and so Crystal Locomotive is a perfect gateway strain for the uninitiated.

The key quality of the Crystal Locomotive strain is one of clearness and a general feeling of wellbeing. Just like with many other excellent indica strains, Crystal Locomotive offers up an intense high that hits you pretty strongly, washing over you with almost no warning.


However, it won’t completely knock you out, giving you a big burst of creativity and pleasant feelings of motivation instead. You will likely want to get up and complete some kind of mental challenge you’ve been putting off. Of course, you will also be enjoying big bursts of relaxation and calm that leave you almost a little bit confused as to what you want to do during your high.

There are also pleasant tingles all over your skin, but not so much to leave you uncomfortable. While it is a pretty strong strain, it is not too intense. You won’t feel overwhelmed unless you were to try and smoke too much at once.

Luckily, the high hits you super quickly, so you will immediately know your limits almost as soon as you exhale.


Crystal Locomotive is an indica hybrid strain, which means that it will generally have a more diesel forward aroma based on its genetics. However, the first smell you will notice is one of rich fruitiness and pine wood.

As you pry apart the buds and inhale deeper, even more aromas break forth. There will be just a touch of tropical fruits, like pineapples, punctuated by a pungent citrus twang.


Most cannabis strains tend to have a pretty similar flavor to their aroma profile, which usually means that you can expect a continuation of the scent.

However, Crystal Locomotive’s taste is surprisingly distinct from its smell; it is a lot sweeter, rather than tangy. There is still a similar woodiness and a slight pine flavor, but the main thing is one of sweetness and fruit.

Overall, it is lovely and calming, very in line with its series of effects.


Going along with the theme of intensely attractive physical properties, Crystal Locomotive is also really excellent to look at.

It is almost shaped like a heart, with deep coloration and plenty of amber pistils and white, clear trichomes. While the buds themselves are pretty typical of quality hybrid strains, Crystal Locomotive just has something specific about it that makes you want to keep staring at it.

The best way to really appreciate its physical beauty is to grow it yourself. But what kind of specialized knowledge do you need to know to grow your own Crystal Locomotive?

Crystal Locomotive Strain Grow Info

If you try to search for Crystal Locomotive online, you will immediately notice that you need a clone. This means that Crystal Locomotive strain seeds are basically unavailable. Thanks to the fact that it can only be grown directly from clones, you might find it rather challenging to get hold of some Crystal Locomotive to grow yourself.

The best way is to find someone already growing some and hope that they are willing to lend you some cuttings. If you are lucky enough to find someone, make sure to plant it as soon as you can get it, as transplants need to be treated carefully.

Make sure to water it thoroughly and give it the right amount of nitrogen-rich fertilizer to ensure that it can grow correctly in its new home.

Once you have it adequately situated, ensure that you perform frequent topping and trimming to provide a proper final yield. The best and easiest way to do it is to cut off the very top of the plant as it starts to develop a bit of height to it.

This makes the plant focus its growing energy on producing usable colas, which eventually leads to smokable buds. Keep this up, along with plenty of watering and fertilizing, and you will end up with a sizable yield of Crystal Locomotive at the end.

THC Content – Highest Test

The strange thing about Crystal Locomotive cannabis is that it tends to have varying levels of THC. They depend on the plant’s growing conditions and where it was cloned.

While some samples reach the 15% mark, others have been tested as offering up a larger quantity of 23%. It is more likely that your sample will sit around the 15% mark, though, making it great as a starter strain for newbies.

CBD Content – Highest Test

When you get a decently sharp, indica leaning hybrid strain, the chances are it will usually have very little CBD. As they are usually packed with THC, there simply isn’t any room for any sort of CBD content.

Crystal Locomotive, however, serves as a bit of an exception to this generality. You can expect around 3% CBD content in your Crystal Locomotive bud.

This is not quite enough to make it a CBD strain, but it is enough to balance out the THC load. This is one of the reasons why people don’t really find many side effects from this strain.

Of course, it also leads to plentiful medical benefits as well.

Medical Benefits of the Crystal Locomotive Strain

When you get a strain with both THC and CBD, especially one with indica leanings like Crystal Locomotive, you get a vast number of medical benefits.

For starters, if you suffer from headaches or migraines, Crystal Locomotive is a reliable treatment option. Its mix of cannabinoids enables it to counteract pain in the body, diminishing the pressure of headaches and soothing you.

The small amount of CBD also provides some anti-inflammatory effects, giving you an excellent combination approach to tackling pain.

As an indica strain, you can expect to experience the munchies, making it very useful to combat appetite loss. It also does not produce any kind of nausea, which some more potent strains are guilty of. This makes it an excellent nausea treatment.

Generally speaking, any kind of pain, irritation, fatigue, or other ailments can, in some way, be helped by this strain. While it is not a miracle cure, it is relaxing, and its all-encompassing list of effects means that it is excellent at helping all sorts of problems.

For those with massive flows and sharp PMS pains, this strain is an absolute lifesaver. It is also typically used to combat insomnia, as its relaxing effects make it so much easier to fall asleep. Of course, it doesn’t actually knock you out, but instead soothes you and makes it easier to fall asleep more naturally, without difficulty.

Sadly, no matter how incredible a cannabis strain is, there will always be a few unwanted side effects.

Possible Side Effects of the Crystal Locomotive Strain

Every cannabis strain has some side effects. However, some strains, like Crystal Locomotive, manage to get away with almost none whatsoever.

The main thing you will notice with the Crystal Locomotive strain is a tendency for excessive dryness in your mouth and eyes. Dry mouth and eyes are easily overcome with proper hydration and maybe some eye drops.

Other than that, though, there isn’t anything you need to worry about. Some people report upticks in paranoia levels after consuming too much Crystal Locomotive at one time, though. Keep in mind that this should only really affect you if you already suffer from paranoia on a regular basis.

As long as you keep your intake to a reasonable level based on your experience, you will be fine.

Final Thoughts on the Crystal Locomotive Strain

It isn’t often that you get to experience a piece of cannabis history while at the same time enjoying what you are imbibing in its own right. Crystal Locomotive is a strain worth trying entirely on its own merits, with excellent effects and even better combination of flavor and aroma.

However, its incredible genetics makes it so that everyone wants to try it just because of its association with the more popular Trainwreck and White Widow.

If you can look past the famed parentage of this strain and really try it for its own value, you will discover something wonderful. Great in the afternoon to chill out with, or after an especially taxing day, this is the strain you want to have on hand when things get a bit much.

Keep some Crystal Locomotive in your stash for trying times, or just grow your own to reap the benefits of having your own personal stash in your garden. The smell makes it worth it alone!

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