Cripple Creek Kush Strain Review

Cripple Creek Kush Strain Review

Cripple Kush strain is a hybrid with a peaceful and calming effect. Users love its distinctive yet delicious sour diesel flavor. It is also especially popular for its ability to get creative juices flowing. Although it doesn't have a quick turnaround, most growers won't have to wait around too long with a can expect a harvest time between 9-11 weeks..

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionFatigueStress
Growing Info
This strain grows indoors and outdoors. It has a harvest time of about 9-11 weeks.

OG Kush is easily one of the most popular marijuana strain families out there. With literally hundreds of related strains and tens of thousands of people smoking it daily, it is well known as reliable, dependable and capable of lending a potent, incredibly enjoyable high.

However, due to the sheer number of available options for those looking for an OG Kush relative, it can sometimes be a bit difficult to try and find a strain that you actually like. Though it might seem strange, there can sometimes be too much choice to make a useful decision.

Let’s take a look at one of the more unknown OG Kush family strains, Cripple Creek Kush, and discover whether or not it is worth trying for those interested in trying more OG Kush family members.

What is the Cripple Creek Kush Strain?

The Cripple Creek Kush strain is a hybrid originally made by crossing together two indica-dominant hybrid strains: Chemdawg and OG Kush.

The interesting thing about this pairing is that Chemdawg is itself a strain made from crossbreeding OG Kush with another, similar strain; most likely Sour Diesel. Even stranger, Sour Diesel itself was originally created using an even older Chemdawg variety, Chemdog 91.


This makes Cripple Creek Kush the perfect strain to use as an example for the varied and strangely interbred nature of the marijuana world; almost every other strain shares some unique and interesting genetics, possibly with its own genetic parents having been crossbred as well.

All of this endless genetic tampering and crossbreeding is all for the purpose of either improving strains that are already well-loved, or to try and make something entirely unique and interesting.

In the case of Cripple Creek Kush, it would appear that its reason for creation is the immediacy of its effects. Many strains in the OG Kush family are well known for having a long-lasting, yet long developing high that can take a little while to kick in properly. With Cripple Creek Kush, however, you notice it almost immediately.

Despite the relative scarcity of the Cripple Creek Kush strain, its effects are quite well known, producing an instant buzz of relaxation and a well-balanced feeling that leaves you reeling, but not quite knocked out.

On first taking a big toke of Cripple Creek Kush, you can expect to feel like a wave of Kush sensations wash over you, producing similar effects to the OG Kush strain, albeit much, much faster than you would expect.

It is rather like being suddenly hit by a freak wave at the beach, soaking you through with its relaxation and a general sense of calm and peacefulness.

You will feel yourself caught in a riptide, being pulled out to the depths of the ocean. However, just before going too far and sinking all the way into peaceful slumber, you will hang just on the cusp, enjoying the gently pulsating waves of calm and peacefulness for hours on end. All this allows you to experience this intense high for as long as you could possibly want.

Stimulation of both the mind and the body will follow, as well as a general sense of vague happiness, though you won’t ever be sure of what you are exactly happy about.

Cripple Creek Kush is named extremely aptly, as it very much does indeed cripple you, at least for a few hours at a time, leaving you incapable of doing anything other than enjoying peace, quiet and relaxation.

So, what about its flavor and aroma? Or is Cripple Creek Kush just a strain to enjoy for its effects?


Despite how well-liked the Cripple Creek Kush marijuana strain is among OG Kush family aficionados, there is remarkably little information about the actual aroma and flavor of this distinctive strain.

The primary aroma you are going to notice is one of intense spiciness and a vague fruitiness wafting from the bud. This is the kind of aroma that can’t help but draw you in, encouraging you to pick it up, handle it, and get the smell stuck to your fingers as quickly as possible.

As the bud is pried open and the secrets within exposed, the typical OG Kush aromas begin to burst forth, carrying the smell of sourness and pine needles, as well as that ever-present distinctive diesel quality that every strain in the OG Kush family seems to possess.

The smell lingers for an exceptionally long time, no matter how often you wash your hands or try to get rid of it, so be warned!

Is its flavor similar?


As might be expected from a strain within the OG Kush family, the Cripple Creek Kush strain has quite typical flavors of the Kush family. On first hitting your tongue, the smoke will taste of that distinctively sour, almost diesel flavor that pretty much every OG Kush related strain tastes of.

However, the initial hints of the aroma then begin to hit your palate, inducing a sensation of intense spiciness, rather like an Arabian market, as well as intermittent pine and general earthiness alongside.

This is one of those strains that manages to offer pretty much the same aroma in the flavor. However, in the case of Cripple Creek Kush, it is somehow reversed – you notice the initial aromas only at the very end of the exhale, which is surprisingly smooth, with very little burning compared to a typical Kush strain.

What about its appearance? Does it have as beautiful and intense an appearance as its flavor?


Despite its interesting and varied flavor and aroma, the Cripple Creek Kush strain is rather ordinary in its appearance. With a deep green hue and light orange coloration throughout, thanks to its large quantity of orange pistils, this strain could be mistaken for any other OG Kush related strain.

By far the most interesting quality of this strain is its bright orange pistils, so expect it to be quite delicate when you try and handle it, as it can tend to break away from the main bud and fall quite depressingly to the floor.

If you really want to experience the true appearance of this strain, you, of course, need to try and grow some yourself.

But what kind of special knowledge and tips do you need to know to be able to grow your own Cripple Creek Kush?

Cripple Creek Kush Strain Grow Info

Despite the all-encompassing, exceedingly enjoyable intensity of this strain, you will not really have any kind of luck looking for Cripple Creek Kush strain seeds. Whether it is because of relative scarcity, or just because the strain has fallen out of popularity due to other OG Kush strains taking the limelight, it is very difficult to find Cripple Creek Kush anywhere.

Instead, you will have the best luck in trying to find some Cripple Creek Kush clippings to use, by knowing a friendly grower that specializes in Cripple Creek Kush, or at least has a few plants to hand.

If you do get lucky and get your hands on some Cripple Creek Kush, you won’t find it too difficult. But as with most indica-leaning hybrids, it is going to have a tendency to grow quite bushy, necessitating regular clippings and growth management.

The best way to do this is to take a look at the growth of your Cripple Creek Kush plant each week and see if it is starting to overshadow any branches on the bottom of the plant. If so, simply cut them off; remove them so as to not encourage mold growth on the soil.

Additionally, make sure that this strain gets plenty of sunlight – if you are growing it outdoors, ensure it is only grown in a significantly sunny patch of your garden. If growing indoors, simply ensure that the light is kept to a suitable intensity to make sure that it gets plenty of necessary sunlight.

Once you have grown, harvested and processed your Cripple Creek Kush, what kind of cannabinoid content can you expect?

THC Content – Highest Test

When growers make an effort to crossbreed various different strains, one of the most common reasons is to attempt to concentrate its cannabinoid content in the hope of producing a strain that has more cannabinoids than either of its parents and to up its intensity.

In the case of Cripple Creek Kush cannabis, this effort is readily apparent in its THC content.

On average, you expect to find between 20% and 23% THC in any particular sample of this strain, resulting in a significant high that is both long-lasting and insanely quick to take effect.

What about its CBD content, however? Is there any CBD worth mentioning?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Though you are probably sick and tired of hearing about it, when it comes to the CBD content of high intensity, high-THC strains, you aren’t going to find anything at all.

Due to the way in which marijuana cross-breeding takes place, namely that only the plants with the highest THC content are carried over, the CBD content of the strain is filtered out. After all, one plant can only dedicate so much of its energy to cannabinoid production, and when it needs to focus so heavily on THC, there isn’t much room for CBD.

This means that you won’t find any more than maybe 0.5% CBD content within any particular sample of Cripple Creek Kush. This doesn’t mean that it has no medical uses, however; in fact, people use Cripple Creek Kush for a variety of medicinal purposes.

Medical Benefits of the Cripple Creek Kush Strain

When it comes to high-THC strains, there are a few mainstay effects which induce certain medical benefits that can be easily expected.

The foremost of these effects is effective pain relief. Thanks to its high THC concentration, it is easy to completely forget about any and all pain after smoking this potent strain. Additionally, it is great at helping deal with stress or other unpleasant mental conditions, as once again, the high THC content forces you to be incapable of even considering it while you are high.

What’s more, these effects linger long after the high has worn off, making it not only useful as a way to get through the day when suffering from pain or mental disorders, but it also acts as a long-term treatment that can help make the condition better in the long run.

One other interesting benefit of the Cripple Creek Kush strain is somewhat difficult to quantify as an actual medical benefit, but many people see it as that regardless – it is an excellent cure for writer’s block.

Thanks to the intense wave of relaxation and creativity that this strain induces, it is perfect for overcoming the complete inability to put your pen to paper or paintbrush to an easel, as it strips away any fear or anxiety about your creativity. Instead, it simply allows you to focus on what you want and let your creativity shine through.

Unfortunately, with all good medical benefits, there are always going to be a few unpleasant side effects to go alongside.

Possible Side Effects of the Cripple Creek Kush Strain

First and foremost, you are going to notice those two ever-present, pesky side effects of high THC weed: Dry mouth and dry eyes.

You will notice an intense sensation of your mouth drying up, which is ironic considering the way in which this high hits you in waves. Despite the mental imagery of water, your mouth will begin to feel like a desert, so make sure you keep a moist towel and a glass of water nearby to help make it better.

However, the main side effect of the Cripple Creek Kush strain is a heightened feeling of anxiety. As this strain is often considered a useful mental aid, those with anxiety often find themselves giving it a shot and hoping it will help them.

Unfortunately, though, this strain does the exact opposite. Plenty of people report heightened sensations of anxiety and anxiety attacks after using this strain, likely as a result of its particularly high concentration of THC.

So, if you are prone to anxiety attacks, make sure to steer clear of this strain. That, or only smoke a very small amount at a time.

Final Thoughts on the Cripple Creek Kush Strain

Of all the strains in the OG Kush family, Cripple Creek Kush is by far one of the most interesting. It is has a mixed flavor profile of both its parents, while still carrying with it that distinctive OG Kush sensation of euphoria and relaxation.

It provides a serene, endlessly calming experience that leaves you feeling relaxed and soothed, while still permitting you to enjoy the rest of the day and even dedicate some of your newfound focus into creative projects.

If you are looking for a new strain to add to your everyday repertoire, one that won’t leave you feeling completely wrecked afterward, but instead peaceful and chilled out, then definitely keep an eye out for some Cripple Creek Kush.

It isn’t likely you will find it at your average dispensary, but it is certainly worth a try.

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