Chem Berry D | Cannabis Strain Review

Chem Berry D | Cannabis Strain Review

Chem Berry D is a powerful hybrid strain with extreme THC levels and effects to match. Combining a full-bodied high that leaves you numb and a sense of complete euphoria, it is not a strain for the light-hearted.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Limonene, Phytol
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painLack of appetiteMigrainesNauseaStress
AppetiteBody high/numbingCalmingCreativityEuphoriaUplifting
Growing Info
Chem Berry D is an easy strain to grow even for those with little to no experience. Happy both outside and indoors, Chem Berry D requires minimal attention and provides a good yield in return.

Everyone says they love incredibly potent strains, but not everyone can handle them. The Chem Berry D strain is one that serves as a bit of an initiation ritual. It can identify someone with a high tolerance.

Though it boasts some pretty discomforting side effects when you take too much, its long list of pleasant and calming effects more than makes up for it.

Let’s investigate this potent and overwhelming strain and find out if it is worth taking the risk and enjoying it, despite its huge concentration of THC.

What Is the Chem Berry D Strain?

Chem Berry D, also known as Chem Berry Diesel, is a hybrid strain that packs a big punch thanks to its extremely high THC content. A cross between Chem 4 and Strawberry Diesel, Chem Berry D has a decently balanced 60% sativa and 40% indica breakdown.

However, Chem Berry D weed is anything but typical in its effects, and it is not the weak-hearted. Boasting an intensity that will take even the most experienced of smokers by surprise, this is a strain to watch out for.

Starting with a tingling feeling across your temples, the effects of Chem Berry D are very quickly felt throughout your entire body. The numbing sensation works its way down your body leaving your limbs feeling heavy, but also somehow freed and energized.


The mental uplifting high quickly follows, causing you to feel calm and euphoric. It is also common to experience a heightened feeling of creativity. Chem Berry D is at its best in the early afternoon, as this gives you a chance to take full advantage of this sudden burst of creativity.

It is common to experience sudden hunger when smoking Chem Berry D, thought to be the result of the strain’s high THC content. Whether you plan to lounge in front of the TV with your favorite snacks or use Chem Berry D to increase your appetite before dinner, it is sure not to disappoint.

Chem Berry D is an excellent strain in social situations as well, as it doesn’t leave you feeling sedated. Instead, Chem Berry D causes you to feel chatty and slightly energetic, able to immerse yourself in deep conversations fully. Chem Berry D can also be enjoyed on your own, giving the creative elements of the strain a chance to really flourish.

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Chem Berry D has a deep and intense aroma that makes it easy to spot. The blend of diesel with a fruity tang is not a common pairing, but one that works surprisingly well.

As you first break apart Chem Berry D’s dense buds, you notice a wave of diesel similar to that feeling you get when you open your car door at a gas station. It is only as you start to burn Chem Berry D that the more fruity and flowery notes start to shine through.

The air quickly becomes filled with a blend of warming strawberries and a harshness that comes from the strain’s diesel roots. As Chem Berry D continues to burn, the pungent diesel smell intensifies and dwarfs the strain’s more delicate aromas.

Chem Berry D has a thick and heavy smoke that will almost certainly leave you coughing as you exhale from your first puff, especially if you are not a regular smoker. But how does this smoke taste?


The slightly strange blend of Strawberry Diesel with Chem 4 results in a truly unique flavor profile that is somehow both sweet and fruity, while also earthy with a chemical aftertaste.

The whole thing starts out as a confusing mess, making your tongue feel perplexed, bemused, and overall overwhelmed.

It does start to diminish, though, eventually developing into a sweet and fruity flavor that is reminiscent of childhood candies. In fact, your mouth starts to feel a little bit waxy, just like you are chewing a fruity candy.


Chem Berry D plants have a rather muted coloring, with the buds being a deep olive green color with a slight hint of yellow. This comes from the tiny, thin hairs that weave throughout the buds. The primary source of color comes from the dense layer of trichomes that covers the buds and give the plant an almost shiny appearance.

Chem Berry D’s buds have a rounded shape and tend to be much larger than those found on many other hybrid strains. It is these large parts that are, in part, responsible for the high yield that Chem Berry D plants produce in just a short growth period.

Chem Berry D plants can be left to grow freely and will take on a tall and slightly unbalanced appearance.

Chem Berry D Strain Grow Info

Chem Berry D seeds are easy to find for sale online, making them a great pick for anyone looking to grow their own cannabis plants. Luckily, Chem Berry D is considered one of the easier strains to grow and one that requires minimal time and effort to get right.

Happiest in a warm climate, Chem Berry D can be grown both indoors and outside and tends to adapt well as long as it is not kept in harsh climates. Chem Berry D is a low maintenance strain that can be left alone and will continue to grow without any major problems.

Occasional pruning and training can produce a slightly larger yield, although this is not a necessity. Chem Berry D plants can be harvested in as little as nine weeks when kept indoors and offer a sizable harvest given how little attention they require.

Outside harvesting times vary depending on your local climate, but you can generally expect a harvest during early fall.

THC Content – Highest Test

Chem Berry D cannabis has a high THC content with a massive recorded high of 32%.

This intense THC load makes Chem Berry D a strain not to be taken lightly. Chem Berry D is generally not recommended for those who are new to marijuana or for those who only smoke on a casual basis. Even in small doses, the effects of Chem Berry D can feel overwhelming if you do not have a high THC tolerance.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Given the strain’s high THC levels, it is no surprise that Chem Berry D has a low CBD content and is thought to contain less than 1% CBD. This does not stop Chem Berry D from being an influential and well respected medical strain, though. Chem Berry D is often considered to be one of the top options for treating conditions such as chronic pain and anxiety.

Medical Benefits of the Chem Berry D Strain

Chem Berry D’s intensely powerful effects make it ideal for managing and treating a number of medical conditions ranging from chronic pain to eating disorders.

The full-bodied numbing effects that are felt almost instantly when smoking Chem Berry D make it a popular pick for those looking to treat chronic pain.

Combined with its sense of euphoria, Chem Berry D can provide a few hours of pain-free bliss and a welcome break from the stress that comes with it. Chem Berry D can be particularly useful for treating chronic back pain and migraines, almost freeing you from the limits of your own body.

Chem Berry D has also been found to suppress nausea, which pairs perfectly with the fact that it also increases your appetite. It is said to be useful for those who suffer from eating disorders. Chem Berry D can also be an excellent tool for people undergoing medical treatments that leave them feeling nauseous and unenthusiastic about food.

It is not just the powerful physical effects of Chem Berry D that make it such a popular medical strain; it is commonly used to manage both stress and anxiety. The mentally calming effects of Chem Berry D give you a chance to look at stressful events and triggers from a more objective viewpoint, as well as giving you a little time off from your own thoughts.

Possible Side Effects of the Chem Berry D Strain

The potential adverse side effects of Chem Berry D are rarely discussed, with much of the focus instead being on the strain’s positive elements. It is worth considering the side effects of Chem Berry D, though. Its high THC levels can cause some pretty significant negatives.

The most common – but also the least concerning – is the fact that Chem Berry D often causes dry mouth and dry eyes. The temporary nature of dry mouth and the fact that it does not cause any actual harm makes it more of an annoying side effect, though. Don’t let it put you off trying the strain.

However, a little more serious is the sense of panic that can occur when smoking Chem Berry D in larger amounts. As a result of its high THC content, Chem Berry D can leave you feeling panicky and as though you have no control over your own body.

For those who smoke on a regular basis and have a high THC tolerance, this should not be too much of a concern, but it can be scary for novice smokers. Feelings of panic, paranoia, and anxiety can definitely occur if you aren’t careful and require intricate moderation and control to ensure you don’t overdo it.

Final Thoughts on the Chem Berry D Strain

Chem Berry D is an intense strain and definitely not one for casual smokers who are looking for a mild social strain to unwind with. However, for those with a high THC tolerance, Chem Berry D can produce some very rewarding effects that offer a long and enjoyable high.

Keep this strain on hand for days where you don’t mind losing hours at a time, and you also have plenty of snacks in stock.

Even better, offer this to a friend with a significant THC tolerance and the willingness to push their boundaries, but maybe keep Chem Berry D away from any cannabis newbies.

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