Cheese Quake Strain [Review + Info]

Cheese Quake Strain [Review + Info]

A reliable, if especially funky strain, Cheese Quake should be enjoyed while out with friends or while relaxing at home with a good movie.

Dominant Terpene:
Body high/numbing, Calming, Focus, Relaxation, Social, Spacy/cerebral
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painCrampingDepressionFocusMigrainesMuscle spasmsNauseaNerve painStress
Body high/numbingCalmingFocusRelaxationSocialSpacy/cerebral
Growing Info
A simple strain to grow yourself; it just needs pretty regular maintenance through topping and general horticulture to do well.

The flavor of cheese is not the first thing that people think of when it comes to cannabis; a tangy, salty, and savory smell doesn’t typically get associated with relaxing cannabis high.

However, once you start to get more into the world of marijuana, you realize that there are cheesy strains everywhere.

One of the very best examples of the Cheese family is Cheese Quake, but what makes it stand out from the crowd?

Here is all there is to know about the Cheese Quake strain and what you can expect.

What Is the Cheese Quake Strain?

Cheese Quake weed is an indica-leaning hybrid strain initially created by the growing entrepreneurs, The Dank Seeds. The breeders are famous for their previous potent cannabis experiments like Conspiracy Kush.

Cheese Quake is all about providing a focused high that comes packed with intense flavor.

The high of Cheese Quake will hit you pretty fast, pricking your ears and leaving your head slightly numb. You will notice that you feel immensely pleased with yourself, as well as finding that all of your senses have been somehow heightened.

These effects are typically associated with sativa strains, but the mostly indica genetics of this strain start to shine through after a little while. The high develops into a pleasant, calm, and numbing sensation that settles over your entire body.

Lean back, relax, and find yourself wanting nothing more than to sit and enjoy the world around you, or possibly even a really visually pleasing movie.

It doesn’t create sleepiness or immense couch-lock with its high, allowing you to remain able to get up and move. It makes Cheese Quake a great strain for hiking, going out for the evening, or even enjoying with your partner.


This strain is perfect for those who particularly enjoy strong, intense flavors. Immediately after smelling Cheese Quake, you will notice a huge hit of tanginess, as well as plenty of familiar sourness. There is, of course, a decent amount of cheesiness, but the main aromas are ones of intense, tangy sourness.

There is also a hint of slightly sour grapes, as well as some indeterminate berries that linger in the nose.

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The taste of this strain is remarkably similar to its aroma, with the primary exception being the fact that the cheesy flavor is a lot more noticeable. It isn’t really a particular type of cheese, but instead a sort of general cheesiness that lingers on your tongue and lasts throughout the whole day.

Be careful with the smoke of this strain, as it can tend to burn your eyes and leave you wincing from its potency.


Cheese Quake’s appearance is quite typical, both in terms of the plant and the buds themselves; it has a pretty standard, dappled green color. There is a good quantity of bright orange pistils, as well as the potential for some of the buds to offer up a little bit of purple coloration.

Overall this bud is pretty regular in appearance and doesn’t really let you know just how potent and pleasant it is going to be just from how it looks.

Cheese Quake Strain Grow Info

Cheese Quake is a pretty easy strain to grow yourself, as it can handle most temperatures and conditions equally well.


Getting Cheese Quake seeds isn’t difficult, as you just need to buy them online, either directly from the growers or at TGA Genetics.

It does well both indoors and outside, though it needs a bit more sunlight than most other strains.

The key thing to keep in mind when growing your own Cheese Quake is the need for regular topping. This process of cutting off the very tip of the plant’s growth helps to ensure that the plant grows healthily. It also encourages it to grow more laterally, ensuring better bud production.

THC Content – Highest Test

Cheese Quake cannabis is well known for its potency and can offer up some pretty significant highs thanks to its decent quantity of THC.

The highest test results for this strain show around 22% THC, which is more than enough to overcome even the staunchest of resistances and leave beginners feeling overwhelmed. So, make sure you are only taking as much Cheese Quake as you know you can handle!

CBD Content – Highest Test

Just like many exceptionally potent cannabis strains, Cheese Quake doesn’t really have any CBD to speak of. Most tests report less than 1% CBD concentration, so don’t expect to really notice any CBD with this strain.

Medical Benefits of the Cheese Quake Strain

Cheese Quake is commonly taken to reduce symptoms of mental disorders, especially depression and anxiety. Thanks to its high THC concentration and genetics, people suffering from too much stress or anxiety could find some relief after smoking even just a little bit of Cheese Quake.

It is also commonly taken by people with ADHD, hoping to help increase their ability to focus. Furthermore, this strain’s high THC concentrations can help suppress feelings of pain, especially from injuries or last lasting conditions.

Possible Side Effects of the Cheese Quake Strain

All cannabis strains have a few unpleasant side effects. The primary ones you need to concern yourself with from this strain are dry mouth and dry eyes.

Easily defeated by some eye drops and a tall glass of water, these two symptoms have nevertheless been plaguing cannabis smokers for generations. Keep yourself hydrated, and don’t let them get to you.

The other major thing to consider is the potential for headaches, but this will only really happen if you smoke too much Cheese Quake at once.

Final Thoughts on the Cheese Quake Strain

The Cheese family of cannabis strains has a lot of wonderfully tasting and potent strains, and Cheese Quake is no exception.

Able to offer up some truly incredible highs and some really great tastes, this is a strain to keep on hand for special occasions with friends.

Whether relaxing on your own at home or enjoying with your partner out on a date, Cheese Quake will help improve almost any occasion you can imagine.

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