Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain (Full Review)

Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Strain (Full Review)

If you need a high-CBD strain, look no further than Charlotte’s Web. This strain averages in around 17% CBD, so it’s great if you’re looking for a potent bud to help ease conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson’s, or fibromyalgia. It also has a sweet and delicate lemon/citrus flavor, so it’s easy on the tastebuds too.

Dominant Terpene:
Happy, Relaxation, Uplifting
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painFatigueMuscle spasms
Growing Info
This strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, average flowering time indoors is approximately 8-9 weeks, or mid-October if growing outdoors.

When one considers the characteristics of marijuana and what it does to the human body, they often attribute the sole effects of the herb as providing a stoney high that either produces severe couch-lock, or intense psychoactive effects that result in cases of the munchies and radical fits of giggling.

Of course, however, there is another side of cannabis that has been developed in recent years to specifically offer non-psychoactive therapy for patients who possess severe medical conditions — some of which can even be debilitating or life-threatening.

These marijuana strains, such as Charlotte’s Web, offer a low -THC/high-CBD profile designed for medicinal use and almost no high.

In fact, high-CBD genetic marijuana strains like Charlotte’s Web have been designed and developed specifically with these people in mind; those who desire a cannabis-based treatment for their uncomfortable, painful symptoms, but do not want to get high.

Cannabis enthusiasts (as well as licensed medical patients) all over the U.S. have been using high-CBD strains like Charlotte’s Web to help with anything from mild headaches to debililtating depression, and the results so far have been extraordinarily positive.

In fact, many are saying that high-CBD/low-THC genetics may open up the world of therapeutic cannabis to everyone from children to senior citizens due to their ability to offer the therapeutic potential of whole-plant marijuana without providing any sort of a high.

In this complete Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain review, we talk about the flower’s origins, its genetic lineage, and where to find it/buy it whether you’re a medical or recreational consumer. Also, we discuss other ways in which Charlotte’s Web marijuana can be consumed – such as in the form of capsules, edibles, and highly-potent concentrates. Enjoy.

What Is Charlotte’s Web Cannabis?

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If you are wondering where its unique name came from, Charlotte’s Web weed was named after one of the young patients that it was specifically designed to assist. Charlotte Figi, who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome, was experiencing dozens of seizures daily until this powerful medicine was produced by the Stanley Brothers out of Colorado.

In fact, Charlotte used to experience around 300 seizures monthly, but after being administered low-THC Charlotte’s Web capsules, her seizure count decreased to as low as 4 per month, meaning she could once again participate in normal, young-child experiences. Charlotte’s Web cannabis was one of the frontrunners prior to the revolution of making medical cannabis legally accessible to patients with epilepsy.

Charlotte’s Web cannabis was one of the frontrunners prior to the revolution of making medical cannabis legally accessible to patients with epilepsy.

And although we still have far to go in terms of full-blown legalization, many states in the US have allowed for CBD extracts to be purchasable for individuals with medical conditions, such as epilepsy.

Genetically, Charlotte’s Web weed is considered by some to be a variation of hemp. This is due to its dominant (17%) CBD content, and rather negligible (less than 1%) THC content. For these reasons, the strain completely lacks any psychoactive effects, which is mostly what has made it so appealing as an all-natural therapy for both children and adults alike.

Charlotte’s Web Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

charlotte’s web review: aroma, flavor and appearance

The aroma of Charlotte’s Web marijuana is fairly pleasant and light, with an earthy and piney scent that isn’t too overwhelming but still can be noticed and appreciated. The flavor of this cannabis strain is equally as nice, sending full-bodied sweet and woodsy base notes to the taste buds, topped off with hints of subtle lemon, citrus, and sage. The appearance of Charlotte’s Web marijuana is not anything too mind-blowing, with a simple sage-green bud structure and tightly-packed leaves.

The appearance of Charlotte’s Web marijuana is not anything too mind-blowing, with a simple sage-green bud structure and tightly-packed leaves.

The sporadic presence of small orange pistils mixed throughout the sugar leaves gives it a look similar to most any high-THC weed, but of course, the true gold lies in the cannabinoid profile of Charlotte’s Web, rather than its general outward appearance.

There is virtually zero frost or snow-like crystals on the leaves (which is why they shouldn’t really be referred to as sugar-leaves), but of course, the cause of this lack of crystals is because the plant has such a low THC content.

Charlotte’s Web Strain Review: Grow Info

As of now, the actual Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain is not available for commercial cultivation (as far as we understand the rights are held by the Stanley Brothers organization), so only select individuals have access to authentic CW seeds to grow.

If you do want to grow Charlotte’s Web as a medicine you can try and get your hands on a clone, but little is known about the best growing conditions (and/or climate) in which the weed can thrive. Also, if you do opt to grow Charlotte’s Web, most have said that it requires a certain level of experience in order to experience successful yields. In other words, if you are a total rookie, perhaps trying to grow Charlotte’s Web marijuana isn’t the best idea.

In other words, if you are a total rookie, perhaps trying to grow Charlotte’s Web marijuana isn’t the best idea.

That said, although there is not much information on the best climate for Charlotte’s Web, it is understood that it can be grown both indoors or outdoors with acceptable yields (the flowering period is apparently around 8-9 weeks).

When grown outdoors, Charlotte’s Web weed is often ready for harvest around mid-October. The yield of the crop is typically quite average, with successful outdoor yields ranging about 16 ounces per plant and indoor yields ranging from 12 to 16 ounces per meter squared.

Charlotte’s Web Weed: Effects

Charlotte’s Web should technically be classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid, as it boasts a 60% sativa, 40% indica ratio. Because of its lack of psychoactive effects, however, the strain classification doesn’t really matter so much as it won’t make you feel high, aside from mild relaxation and slightly uplifting feelings.

Different users have reported different results, but most claim a general improvement in mood and demeanor, with energy and waves of happiness washing over both the mind and body (possibly related to its sativa lineage). Most of all, Charlotte’s Web marijuana has been used as an effective anxiety-reducer – hence the reason why it’s become so popular in capsule and CBD oil form.

Most of all, Charlotte’s Web marijuana has been used as an effective anxiety-reducer – hence the reason why it’s become so popular in capsule and CBD oil form.

Because CW weed does not alter your mental state, it is pretty ideal for going about day-to-day activities. Additionally, this is a medicine that may have some profound healing abilities, so the positives of Charlotte’s Web really seem to outweigh the negatives —  if there are any negatives.

Medical Benefits of Charlotte’s Web

The potential medical benefits of Charlotte’s Web are extensive as it has proven to be successful at assisting patients with a wide-variety of conditions and ailments.

To begin, Charlotte Figi successfully was able to manage her epilepsy with the assistance of Charlotte’s Web edible capsules, showing that it may be an ideal solution for children and adults who suffer from frequent seizures or epilepsy.

Additionally, this CBD-heavy marijuana strain has been used for managing chronic pain (and other forms of pain within the body).

Furthermore, some have said that Charlotte’s Web weed has the potential to minimize muscle spasms and joint-related pain, making it possibly beneficial for patients with Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, or other neuropathic conditions.

Mentally, the uplifting nature of this “sativa” may be able to assist those suffering from things like depression, anxiety, and stress disorders. And lastly, anyone that has trouble managing their fatigue might find that CW can help them, especially if the fatigue is the result of another more serious medical condition.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Charlotte’s Web Marijuana

As with all medicines, there are some possible side effects with Charlotte’s Web marijuana, but nothing too severe or too different than you would experience with other weed strains.

The most commonly-reported adverse effect of CW is dry mouth (cottonmouth), which is typically presented along with dry eyes. Of course, however, both dry mouth and dry eyes are equally avoidable and manageable, all with a little extra preparation.

To avoid cottonmouth, simply drink plenty of hydrating fluids before, during, and after consumption, being sure to keep a bottle of water on hand or nearby for easy access. By purchasing moisturizing eye drops from your local drug store ahead of time, you can be sure to keep uncomfortable moments at bay.

Also, although quite unlikely, negative side effects such as anxiety, paranoia, headaches, and dizziness have been reported when consuming Charlotte’s Web weed, but this is an interesting concept as most would suggest that the high CBD levels of the strain would keep anxiety – and any negative thoughts or pain – at bay.

Charlotte’s Web Strain Review: Final Thoughts

We hope you have enjoyed reading this Charlotte’s Web cannabis strain review, and that you not only found it to be entertaining but also educational and informative. High-CBD marijuana likely represents the future of medicinal cannabis, so we are excited to see what is in store in terms of developing other strains similar to this one.

Lastly, if you are looking to buy Charlotte’s Web weed, be advised that it is not too common of a strain; you may be able to find it in some high-end medical or recreational dispensaries in places like Colorado, California, or Washington, but otherwise, you’ll probably have to resort to ordering the “legal” hemp version, which is sold commercially as CW Hemp.

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