Caramelo Cannabis Strain [Review + Info]

Caramelo Cannabis Strain [Review + Info]

Caramelo cannabis is a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid that is derived from the Lavender family. It has a creamy caramel flavor that lives up to its name, and is not only delicious in effects, but also aroma and taste.

Dominant Terpene:
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionFatigueStress
Growing Info
Generally, Caramelo is an easy strain to grow because it is resistant to most mildews and molds, and can be cultivated in fairly humid conditions. When grown indoors, expect a yield of about 14 ounces per square meter, and in outdoor environments, yields are about 18 ounces per plant.

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, then you will probably love Caramelo cannabis. It has a creamy caramel flavor that truly lives up to the name. But beware, don’t let the delicious aroma and sweet taste lure you because this bud is known to pack a punch and isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Caramelo is sativa-dominant and is about so much more than its delectable flavor. Sativa strains are known for their “head high.” Thanks to the THC content of Caramelo, you can expect an intense cerebral high accompanied by bouts of euphoria that make any prior stresses or worries of the day begin to dissipate.

Caramelo has gained quite an international following thanks to its unique flavor and invigorating effects. Although its main claim to fame is its complex terpene profile, users also appreciate this strain for its lightweight, uplifting effects. They promote energy and offer potent symptom relief.

What Is the Caramelo Cannabis Strain?

Caramelo is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain from the breeders at Delicious Seeds, hailing from Spain. It’s an outstanding plant derived from the Lavender indica variant and has very high THC levels of about 24%. Caramelo cannabis contains 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics. It tastes of sweet caramel, hence the well-deserved name.


This feminized hybrid has a strong landrace backbone and powerful, well-balanced effects, which has earned it numerous European cannabis awards. Caramelo is perfect for those who are looking for an enlightening and happy experience because it will put you in a state of bliss.

Thanks to its sativa background, the Caramelo high hits quickly. Initially, you will feel mounting blood pressure around the eyes and temples, as well as flushing in the cheeks. Eventually, as you adjust, you may find that your thoughts take on an elevated quality. You may be more in tune with surrounding stimuli like loud sounds or bright colors, and your thoughts may jump around in free association.

Caramelo cannabis can make you feel euphoric and excited, allowing users to slow down without the couchlock feeling taking effect. Since it’s such an invigorating strain, Caramelo can turn your frown upside down, and make users feel like they are treating themselves.

This strain can give you an energy boost without making you feel jumpy, and it may help you to stay more focused on one task, thus making you more productive. If you are looking for a bit of a mood booster, then Caramelo is a great one to consider. It will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted.


Thanks to its roots in the Lavender family, Caramelo cannabis has that signature floral aroma with hints of sweet and spicy fruit. It’s a sweet bud, which is immediately obvious as soon as you crack it open; expect an intense lavender and fruity aroma. You may also get subtle hints of fresh and wild berries.


Caramelo is extremely tasty and may quickly become one of your new favorites. When you combust it in a joint or pipe, it burns with a smooth and easily palatable smoke. On the inhale, it tastes spicy with notes of lavender, and coats the inside of the mouth with an interesting blend. On the exhale, expect a sweet and floral note to linger on your tongue.


Caramelo flowers are small to medium in size and have an elongated formation that narrows into a pointed tip. The buds have an indica-like structure, with leaves that are tightly and densely packed. The leaves are perhaps the most compelling visual feature of this strain, a mismatch of pale sage and vivid spring green. Yellow and red pistils twist their way through the colorful leaves, which are coated with a crown of frosty white trichomes.

Caramelo Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Generally, Caramelo is an easy strain to grow because it is resistant to most mildews and molds. It is, therefore, possible to cultivate it in fairly humid conditions. Caramelo seeds are available from Delicious seeds, and you can expect high yields – much to the delight of growers everywhere. The plant enjoys a lot of sunshine and warmth.

Indoors, Caramelo yields an average of approximately 14 ounces of bud per square meter, and it will take around 8 to 9 weeks to fully flower and be ready for harvest. These plants can grow very tall, so indoor growers may need to trim them back to curb their height.

In outdoor conditions, Caramelo yields an average of about 18 ounces of bud per plant, and it should be ready for harvest in about the middle to end of October.

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content of Caramelo has been measured at between 17% and 31%, which is quite a vast range. Based on our research, it seems unlikely that Caramelo would contain THC levels higher than 24%, but it is possible. Either way, this strain is known for its high THC content.

CBD Content – Highest Test

You know a strain has minimal CBD content when you can find just about no information on the CBD level. Caramelo is one of those strains that contains just about no CBD. But just because it’s lacking CBD doesn’t mean that this strain has no medicinal value.

Medical Benefits of Caramelo Cannabis Strain

Caramelo is known to have some useful applications for medical cannabis patients. Its uplifting effects can help to soothe the symptoms of depression and stress. Users often recommend it for the treatment of chronic stress disorder.

The cerebral effects can also aid concentration for patients with attention deficit disorders. It helps patients to slow down their thoughts while still staying alert and focused. It also encourages users to think more positively and not give in to their fears.

Caramelo can also help to relieve physical pain, whether it’s chronic, like conditions such as arthritis or lupus, or temporary, due to injury. This strain can also help soothe those who may be suffering from back pain or migraines since it allows users to feel less weighed down by physical pain.

Caramelo can also help patients trying to combat chronic fatigue, making it easier for them to stay active and leaving them feeling less sluggish. If you need some help regaining your appetite, Caramelo may also help induce the munchies.

Possible Side Effects of the Caramelo Cannabis Strain

Due to the high levels of THC, Caramelo may have some side effects and could leave you feeling a bit dizzy, especially if you consume higher doses or aren’t used to smoking such a potent strain. At first, it’s best to approach this strain with caution to ensure that you don’t overwhelm yourself.

Of course, as with just about every cannabis strain, there’s also always the possibility of cottonmouth and red eyes. Be sure to stay hydrated and keep water nearby to minimize these effects.

Final Thoughts on the Caramelo Cannabis Strain

Caramelo is a delicious strain and a great option for anyone looking for a bit of mood booster. It offers potent, euphoric, cerebral effects with an indica influence that also provides deep relaxation. The high is known to last longer than average, and it can be smoked at just about anytime during the day.

Thanks to Caramelo’s uplifting and invigorating effects, as well as its ability to keep you high for a long period of time, you should definitely consider making this strain a regular in your stash.

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