C4 Cannabis Strain Review

C4 Cannabis Strain Review

C4 is an explosive strain that’s popular among MMJ users seeking pain relief. In small amounts, it can promote energy and cause a feeling of revitalization. However, in larger doses, C4 could cause sedation and aid with sleep.

Dominant Terpene:
Calming, Energy, Euphoria, Happy, Uplifting
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepressionSleepStress
Growing Info
The flowering time for C4 indoors is between 7 and 9 weeks. If you choose to cultivate it outdoors, C4 is ready for harvest by the middle of October.

Marijuana breeders like to have some fun when naming their strains. The C4 cannabis strain is named after Composition C-4, a variety of a plastic explosive called Composition C. It is a strong enough strain to cause explosive effects, so make sure you use it sensibly. This is especially the case if you’re a newbie.

What Is the C4 Strain?

It is a balanced hybrid that’s a cross of Shishkaberry and Cotton Candy Kush. Chimera Seeds, a breeder located in Vancouver, created it. This company has a reputation for developing multiple high-quality hybrids using Blueberry and Skunk strains.

Known for its pleasant aroma, C4 is regarded as one of the best options for sharing with friends. It is unquestionably a viable choice if you want to feel completely relaxed. When using C4, it is essential to start slowly. The high takes a while to appear. If you use an excess amount, you could feel extremely sedated.

C4 is regarded as one of the best options for sharing with friends.

Once the cerebral high takes hold, you are likely to feel happy and perhaps benefit from a sense of euphoria. According to some users, C4 makes the experience of watching a movie or listening to music more intense. After a while, the high makes its way down the body, causing the muscles to feel relaxed and heavy.

In smaller amounts, C4 is suitable for use during the day. However, if you use a lot of it, the feeling of relaxation could become overwhelming. In this situation, you’ll find it hard to move and may struggle to fight sleepiness. Therefore, use larger amounts only in the evening when your goal is to sleep.


The C4 scent is subtle at first, and you may get hints of wood and moss. Once you light it, you’ll possibly get a smell of citrus, coupled with an earthy smell that lingers.

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As soon as you inhale C4, you will notice the sweet and earthy taste. Some users say they also get hints of cheese and flowers. On the exhale, citrus notes become more apparent, especially lemon.


C4’s flowers are noticeably large, with the plant’s base covered by a thick layer of curly leaves. The pistils have subtle hints of orange that blend into the rich green leaves. Huge, resinous trichomes cover the buds near harvest time.

C4 Strain Grow Info

It was much easier to find C4 seeds online when it was initially released. You may find it more challenging these days. However, it is a strain that’s ideal for first-time growers. Therefore, it is worth looking for clippings to cultivate clones if you can’t find any seeds. C4’s genetics ensure that it is resistant to mold, most diseases, and some pests.

If you choose to grow C4 outdoors, bear in mind that it thrives in a moderately humid climate. Its ideal daytime temperature lies between 72- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. In an outdoor setting, C4 will yield up to 17 ounces per plant. It is ready for harvest by mid-October.


It is much easier to monitor your plants indoors, however. As C4 grows into a short and bushy plant, it pays to use a low-stress training technique. This practice helps keep growth under control and ensures all of the plant gets enough light.

During the blooming phase, the buds become fat enough to cause the branches to sag. Keep them supported with wooden dowels or something similar.

C4’s flowering time indoors is 7-9 weeks, and it produces up to 14 ounces per square meter planted.

THC Content – Highest Test

There is a significant difference in C4’s potency depending on the cut. Its THC can range from 15% to 23%. However, on average, it should contain approximately 20% THC.

CBD Content – Highest Test

C4’s CBD content is usually a fraction of a percent. However, it can reach almost 1% in some cases.

Medical Benefits of the C4 Strain

C4 is a well-balanced hybrid, although its indica effects become more apparent when used in large amounts. It is a popular strain amongst individuals looking to relieve anxiety or improve their mood. Some C4 could help push negative thoughts out of the mind and replace them with happier ones. As such, consider using this cannabis strain for depression.

In smaller amounts, C4 also helps provide a slight burst of energy. It could also increase your level of creativity. It is potent enough to reduce the pain associated with several medical conditions.

If you need help sleeping, you may require a larger amount of C4. However, doing so will increase the risk of adverse side effects.

Possible Side Effects of the C4 Strain

There is a chance that C4 could lead to dry and itchy eyes. You may also find that your mouth becomes dry. In rare cases, users have reported experiencing dizziness and mild headaches.

Final Thoughts on the C4 Strain

C4 is a versatile strain that you can use during the day or in the evening. However, it depends on how much you use. Take a small amount to help improve focus and fill your mind with happy thoughts. Moderate to high C4 consumption could leave you feeling couch-locked and sleepy.

C4 is a versatile strain that you can use during the day or in the evening.

It isn’t easy to find G4 seeds online, but it is worth persevering. It is a relatively easy strain to grow and produces enough resin to make it suitable for concentrates.

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