Bubblicious | Cannabis Strain Review

Bubblicious | Cannabis Strain Review

A varied, multi-purpose strain, Bubblicious is simply an excellent strain for mental potency and relaxation. Take this after a long, hard day and just relax with some creativity on the side.

Dominant Terpene:
Calming, Creativity, Focus, Happy, Relaxation
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionFocusInflammationStress
Growing Info
Bubblicious is a straightforward strain to grow yourself. Give it some colder temperatures towards the end of its growth for a beautiful purple color.

Bubblicious is a strain that takes after a similar-tasting brand of bubble gum, which should give you a pretty clear idea of what to expect from its flavor.

However, it has a whole lot more to offer than simple morishness and endless sweetness. Coming from a long line of prolific, well-loved strains, this relative of Bubble Gum is an excellent strain in its own right, deserving of its predecessors’ attention and admiration.

Let’s investigate this sweet and exciting strain to determine if it is worth hunting down at your local dispensary.

What Is the Bubblicious Strain?

The Bubblicious strain comes from Netherlands growers Nirvana Seeds, the well-loved growing establishment that is all about providing absolute potency.

Bubblicious is a cross between the original Bubblegum strain and the Lavender strain’s fruity phenotype. Once combined, they blend together into a burst of bright, sweet flavors and effects.


Bubblicious is an indica-leaning hybrid. It takes hold surprisingly quickly considering its roots. It will start to set up in your head, descending down into your arms and legs. You might find that it is challenging to articulate yourself or make big movements.

It isn’t like most other indicas, though, as it doesn’t make you lethargic – at least not at the start. Instead, Bubblicious just slows you down a bit.

The sativa portion of this hybrid starts to make itself known as you notice an increase in mind race. It makes Bubblicious a beneficial strain to keep on hand for encouraging creative energy and problem-solving.

You can potentially use this strain to help out with almost any problem you might have. It has high potency, so you will notice its effects no matter how much of a veteran cannabis user you are. However, it isn’t so strong that it will leave you feeling overwhelmed, as long as you make sure to take it easy and watch your intake.

Bubblicious helps you feel grounded in your reality, while still desperate to impact the world around you and make changes as and when you can. It is excellent for chilling out in the evening or just for inspiring creativity during the day.


The initial aroma of the Bubblicious strain is supremely sweet, with a fair amount of fruitiness as well.

The fruit is a bit difficult to discern, but it is quite similar to strawberries. It also possesses a typical smell of bubblegum and other sweet treats.

If you start to break apart some of the buds, you will most likely find it similar to cotton candy. There is a little bit of deep earthiness as well, which is surprisingly pleasant when combined with its overwhelming sweetness.


The Bubblicious strain has a predominant flavor of skunkiness, which is actually pretty surprising when you consider its aroma’s apparent sweetness. There is still a bit of sweetness on the palate, but dankness and skunky flavors definitely obscure it.

It isn’t too often that you get a strain with such a wildly different flavor to its aroma, but this makes the experience of smoking Bubblicious just a bit more interesting.


The buds of this strain are relatively dense, but end in a pointed, almost circular shape. There is a fair amount of fluffiness that denotes real potency. The nugs are pretty ordinarily green but have a little sheen of yellow that hints at their pistils.

There is also a bit of purple that comes out if the buds are subjected to unusually cold temperatures while growing.

This requires a bit of growing knowledge, something that a lot of people really struggle with, especially if you are growing it at home.

Bubblicious Strain Grow Info

Bubblicious strain seeds are available for purchase online, whether at third party retailers or Nirvana Seeds themselves. You can also pick up a cutting from a local grower, as this is a popular strain for home growers and industrial growers alike.

The best qualities of Bubblicious when growing it at home are its strength and heartiness; it is difficult to grow it badly. You can quickly grow it either indoors or outdoors as you like, as long as you keep it well warm.

It tends to grow quite bushy and short, with extremely intense branches to the sides. This makes it produce an absurd amount of bud when it comes to harvest time. For an even more robust growth rate, make sure to practice regular topping.

As the plant attempts to grow taller, cut off the very tip of the growth every week or so. This will encourage the plant to split and produce even more lateral growth.

As Bubblicious tends to be pretty bushy, you might need to trellis it if you practice a lot of topping. The additional support will stop the plant from keeling over on its own weight. After all, you don’t want to lose your valuable Bubblicious plant after spending so much time on it.

Finally, if you want a beautiful purple coloration, you need to subject your Bubblicious to colder temperatures. Keep it above freezing, but try to get the temperature low during the night in the last few weeks of its growing period. This will create that color and give it an intriguing flavor profile as well.

Once your Bubblicious is ready, harvest it and dry it very quickly or risk losing that gorgeous purple color.

THC Content – Highest Test

Bubblicious cannabis is well known for its intense effects, as well as its surprising THC load. However, careful analysis of this strain turns up wildly different amounts of THC, depending on the phenotype tested.

Samples range from the low teens to the upper 20s, but the most concrete answer to the THC load of Bubblicious is about 23%. Expect to find this strain a bit overwhelming if you use too much.

CBD Content – Highest Test

As usual, there really is no CBD whatsoever in this strain. This is due to the almost endless breeding and careful manipulation of this strain over countless generations.

When you have so much careful breeding and selection of genes, you need to make room for the THC and other cannabinoids. This results in the CBD content being the first to go.

Of course, there are still plenty of valuable medical benefits of this strain – you just need to know what to expect.

Medical Benefits of the Bubblicious Strain

One of the first effects of the Bubblicious strain, its intense mental energy, is incredible for medical treatments.

By being able to lose your mind in careful, planned thought that races ahead of you, you can overcome anxiety or depression. Furthermore, you will be able to appreciate the world around you a lot more. This allows you to process stress and make everything feel a lot calmer and easier to manage.

The focus can also be convenient for those with ADHD or other attention disorders, as it helps refine your focus into a razor edge.

If you suffer from any kind of chronic or unpleasant pain, this strain is also a bit of a godsend. You will be able to purge any and all feelings of inflammation or pain ultimately, thanks to its high THC load.

However, by far, the best effect of this strain for medical uses is its relaxation. It is basically impossible to find yourself in a situation where you need to calm yourself down if you use this strain. No matter what is going on in your life, you will be able to use Bubblicious to help calm yourself down and make things better.

Finally, if you find yourself struggling to get to sleep at night, Bubblicious might be just what you are looking for. While it won’t send you to sleep, Bubblicious is fantastic at giving you just enough relaxation to fall asleep easily.

Sometimes, it isn’t about passing out from exhaustion, but instead all about just peacefully dozing off into slumber, free from worries.

Possible Side Effects of the Bubblicious Strain

All cannabis strains have a few side effects, simply due to their potency. Thankfully though, despite a few mild annoyances, Bubblicious doesn’t really have a long list of side effects.

You will first notice dry mouth and dry eyes, but this isn’t too much to worry about. Keep just a touch of extra water on hand to help fight it off, and you should be fine.

The main problem is that Bubblicious might induce an overwhelming mind race. This tendency to leave your mind racing can leave you feeling uncomfortable and anxious.

This doesn’t always happen but it can cause trouble if you struggle with hyperactivity. To avoid difficulty sleeping, make sure that you don’t smoke Bubblicious too close to bedtime. The extra mental activity might be fun, but it can also be annoying if you are just trying to sleep.

Final Thoughts on the Bubblicious Strain

Bubblicious is becoming more and more common these days, allowing you to get yourself some genuinely excellent bud.

This is a strain that deserves a near-permanent place in your secret stash, as it is useful for so many things – helping you to process a particularly lousy day, chilling out with some friends, or even motivating you to finish off a creative project.

Whatever you are looking for in a cannabis strain, Bubblicious is likely able to help you get it. Filled with rich, sweet, and dank flavors and a series of effects that seem to last for hours at a time, you will undoubtedly get your money’s worth.

Just make sure that you keep it well hidden – its distinctive aroma might make others want to grab some for themselves.

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