Black Haze Strain Review

Black Haze Strain Review

Black Haze is known for its balanced effects and unique flavor profile. The sativa-dominant hybrid offers a sweet, fruity aroma with earthy undertones. Users often experience an energizing high, making it a good strain for depression and low mood.

Dominant Terpene:
Energy, Euphoria
Common Usage
Chronic painDepressionMuscle spasms
Growing Info
Flowering time is approx. 10 weeks. Best grown outdoors.

Before a spur-of-the-moment road trip with a couple of friends up to Portland, Oregon last September, I had never heard of the Black Haze cannabis strain. But after a long 8-hour drive up from Eureka, CA, I found myself walking into one of the most famous rec dispensaries inside Portland’s zip code.

And there it was. A jar of deep, luscious green bud sitting on top of the countertop with a little sign that read “This Week’s Recommended Strain.” Jazmine, my kindly Portland budtender, enthusiastically pointed out that Black Haze was a rare genetic blend of Colombian Black, Colombian Gold, and Purple Haze.

Seeing as Colombian Gold is one of my favorite all-time strains, I was instantly sold.

What Is the Black Haze Strain?

The black haze weed strain, according to Jazmine, is known for its bold flavor and bubbly, energetic effects. As a sativa-dominant hybrid, my initial reaction to the strain before I even sparked a bowl was the enticingly sweet, fruity aroma that oddly mixed with a bold skunk odor.

To me, the combination of genetics doesn’t add up to the actual experience I had when smoking Black Haze. As a descendant of the legendary Colombian Black, Colombian Gold, and Purple Haze, I was expecting a dynamic sativa high that eviscerated time and space.


On the contrary, I was met with a fully in-control cerebral high, with surprisingly relaxing undertones – possibly thanks to the dominant lineage of its parent strain, Colombian Black.

All in all, Black Haze is a truly unique hybrid that promises a well-rounded cannabis encounter – embracing the best characteristics of its distinguished parents.


The Black Haze marijuana strain is a pungent bud. It carries a distinctive aroma highlighted by sweet and fruity notes with dank, earthy undertones. To me, the strain’s aroma is most reminiscent of Colombian Gold. Jazmine said she usually detects notes of pine and spice in Black Haze, but my nose must not be as civilized as hers because I noticed no such thing.


The phenotype of Black Haze that I tried had a pretty complex flavor profile. The strongest taste I was able to detect was the earthy undertone, likely from the Colombian Black lineage. I also tasted a bit of the playful fruitiness of Colombian Gold, but none of the spiciness that Jazime warned about in the dispensary.

I smoked the flower and was met with a unique and surprising harmony between sweetness and dank earth – a delicate balance amidst an array of iconic cannabis genetics.


Jazmine says the appearance of Black Haze buds varies greatly, but I’ve only ever tried it once, so I can only describe the buds that I saw with my own eyes.

The sugar leaves were a deep, dark, spiritual hue of green, with sprinkles of purple mixed in and a delicious frosty layer of trichomes that made for a sticky, resinous texture.

Black Haze Strain Grow Info

According to Jazmine, there is no such thing as true black haze strain seeds – there are only clones. As such, there is next to no growing info for this (apparently) rare cannabis strain.


That being said, proper cultivation of Black Haze likely follows the general guidelines for any cannabis strain, including proper nutrients, adequate sunlight (or artificial light), adequately draining soil, and plenty of water.

As a general side note, I personally think pruning and trimming are some of the most beneficial skills a grower can learn, as this promotes air circulation and light penetration, which result in a well-rounded canopy and dense formation of mature flowering buds.

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC percent for the Black Haze phenotype I tried was just under 22%. The effects, however, felt like it was more around 15-16%, but that’s just my opinion.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The CBD percentage in Black Haze is apparently almost negligible, with the label on mine saying <1%. Lower CBD levels generally enhance the effects and potency of THC, thereby providing a more powerful high – especially for sativa-dominant strains like Black Haze.

Medical Benefits of the Black Haze Strain

Like many cannabis strains, Black Haze has an array of potential medicinal benefits. As a sativa-dominant blend of iconic medical cannabis strain genetics, the strain would likely work well for those suffering from stress, anxiety, and pain.

Of course, individual responses will vary, thus, it’s essential to consult with your 420 doctor for personalized advice.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Haze Strain

Like any cannabis strain, Black Haze may elicit certain side effects like dry mouth, dry eyes, and heightened anxiety. It’s always good practice to start with a low dose, and gradually increase until you can gauge personal tolerance.

Black Haze Strain: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, my experience with Black Haze was captivating, to say the least. This is a unique hybrid cannabis strain with a royal lineage, and visually speaking, it is a striking plant with buds that deliver a truly breathtaking spectrum of colors.

Offering a range of flavors from earthy to sweet to fruity, the Black Haze strain delivers an energizing and uplifting high. Whether appreciated for its genetics, flavor profile, or medicinal or recreational effects, Black Haze is a diverse and dynamic strain that’s 100% worth trying – if you can find it.

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