Black Beauty Cannabis Strain (Review + Info)

Black Beauty Cannabis Strain (Review + Info)

A rare find, Black Beauty is an excellent strain for those that want to experience THCV in their bud, especially when combined with a reasonably low THC load.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Humulene, Myrcene
Common Usage
Chronic painCrampingFatigueWeight loss
Growing Info
Precise information is scarce, but make sure to subject your Black Beauty plants to some colder temperatures to bring out its beautiful purple and black coloration.

While most people would likely think of the book when they hear the words Black Beauty, those in the cannabis world know it as one of the last few years’ most significant marijuana innovations.

Despite its surprising rarity, Black Beauty is one of those unique finds that you should pick up whenever you are lucky enough to find it.

This is because of its incredible flavor profile and a long list of effects, but also because of its unique cannabinoid make-up. Even though some of its ancestors produced only pure CBD, this strain somehow ended up providing a THC and THCV mix.

So, what makes the Black Beauty strain so interesting and so well-loved? Why does its THCV composition matter so much?

What Is the Black Beauty Strain?

Black Beauty gets a lot of its mystique and appeal from its storied history. Supposedly rescued as part of a covert operation to protect cannabis plants from a raid at Oaksterdam University in California, this strain was one of the few that made it.

The grower, George Bianchini, claims that after a few generations of meddling and further cross-breeding, Black Beauty began producing more THC than CBD, and eventually creating THCV as well. This is what gives the strain it’s signature cerebral potency, as well as its almost knock-out relaxation.

THCV’s presence increases the effectiveness and assimilation rate of the THC within the strain, amplifying the relatively mild amount of THC found in Black Beauty.

Everything feels much more potent than you would expect, leading to a memorable high.

The first thing you will notice is a rush of energy and a burst of bright, clear focus. You will feel able to get up and do anything you set your mind to, as well as feeling like you never need to sleep again.

However, like a caffeine high that fades too soon, the energy and vitality of Black Beauty diminish over time. It doesn’t completely disappear, though; a calmer, almost sativa-like relaxation mostly replaces it.

You will feel as though your spirits will be lifted forever, and that nothing could possibly ever get you down. It is intensely psychoactive, almost to the point of psychedelia, but straddles the line before it gets too much.

The relaxation that fills your body is satisfying, leaving you with a satiating sense of having just eaten an enormous meal. In fact, you will be unable to eat anything while under the influence of Black Beauty.


While the Black Beauty strain is known more for its unique cannabinoid profile, it is well-loved for an incredibly intricate and pleasant aroma.

Its initial aroma is primarily one of tropical fruits and delicate flowers, but its complexity level is so much richer than just sweet fruitiness.

The slightest hint of spiciness at the edge of its aroma is difficult to make out but is noticeable once it passes.


As the smoke of this black and intense strain hits your tongue, the first thing you will notice is that same pineapple in its aroma. It is all-encompassing and surprisingly intricate, but it carries with it a lot more flavors as you start to inhale.

Twinges of grapefruit, papaya, and even a little bit of licorice will wash over your palate, both on the intake and the exhale. Overall, it is very sweet in its taste, carrying with it the same refreshing, almost cooling effect that a tall glass of fruit juice gives you.


The Black Beauty strain is, as the name so perfectly puts it, rather beautifully black. Well, it isn’t black so much as an exceptionally dark purple. While the plant grows quite typically, its flowers develop into a gorgeous, almost tropical bird-like plumage that looks black in the fading sun.


This produces buds with a wonderfully darkened appearance, looking almost like little nuggets of coal. However, cutting the darkness are plenty of yellow pistils that provide a bit of coloration.

Of course, if you want to personally experience this strain’s intricate coloration, you need to try and grow it yourself.

Black Beauty Strain Grow Info

While the process of growing most cannabis strains tends to be pretty similar, there are a few that require special knowledge and know-how.

However, the problem with learning this particular knowledge is that, sometimes, not enough people know about it. Thanks to this strain’s rarity, finding some Black Beauty strain seeds to grow your own is almost impossible.

This means that very few people carry any knowledge about how to grow this unique strain. However, most of the growing specifics should remain similar to its parent strains.

For starters, thanks to its genetics, you will likely need to keep it well-trimmed to avoid it overgrowing itself and tipping over. Without special attention, you might find your Black Beauty plant breaks at its stem, leaving you with no harvest after all your hard work.

Most people are looking for one critical thing: The gorgeous coloration on the buds as it begins to flower. However, this doesn’t just happen on its own – it needs some temperature changes to come into effect.

If you are growing your Black Beauty indoors, set the temperature to a much colder one than you’d think the plant would like overnight during the last two weeks before harvest. This will result in the dark purple coloration in the bud, as well as a deeper flavor.

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THC Content – Highest Test

Black Beauty cannabis is not well known for its exceptional THC load – in fact, most of the time, you will not find more than about 7% THC in any sample of Black Beauty.

This is in contrast to its original readings of closer to 11%, back when this strain was in development. The grower postulates that, over generations of cross-breeding, the THC load has diminished to make way for more of the rarer cannabinoid, THCV.

CBD Content – Highest Test

When it was first released for commercial use, Black Beauty was well known as a sort of introductory strain that contained a bit of CBD as well. Usually, it would have about 3% CBD.

However, nowadays, most of the CBD has been wholly bred out – in its place is plenty of THCV. Instead, you can expect about 3% or so of THCV, which amplifies the effects of the limited THC in this strain.

Medical Benefits of the Black Beauty Strain

For starters, the small amounts of THC found in the Black Beauty strain make it excellent for treating painful conditions. However, because it doesn’t have as much THC as other, more potent strains, it is somewhat lacking compared to more conventional THC-rich strains.

What Black Beauty does have in terms of medical benefits, however, mostly comes from its THCV content. While research is still ongoing into THCV, some studies point towards Black Beauty having the potential to help treat both diabetes and obesity.

THCV can suppress your appetite, which not only helps keep away the munchies but also can help those that are unhealthily overweight. It can aid in both reducing overall weight and in regulating diabetes.

There is still a great deal to research and discover about this relatively new cannabinoid on the scene. That said, Black Beauty is a great strain to give THCV a try. It also offers some great anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent all-purpose medical strain.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Beauty Strain

When it comes to cannabis side effects, something to consider is that some of its medical benefits could be a side effect if you don’t intend them.

If you are not trying to lose weight, or are underweight, having your appetite suppressed could be bad. So make sure you are prepared for the almost overwhelming feeling of complete satiation – you won’t want to eat for the rest of the day.

Other than that, there isn’t much to worry about when it comes to the Black Beauty strain. Thanks to its very low THC content, you won’t even really notice intense dry mouth or dry eyes.

The only thing to really watch out for is the sudden shift from profound, motivating energy to psychedelic relaxation that occurs halfway through the high. If you aren’t prepared for it, you might find yourself caught unawares, unable to finish something you started to do.

If this is drawing or painting something, it isn’t so bad, but if you were cooking something, make sure you remember to turn the stove off.

Final Thoughts on the Black Beauty Strain

The Black Beauty strain is a great example of the ingenuity and careful cross-breeding that goes on behind the scenes in the cannabis world.

While most people only want a cannabis strain that boasts high THC levels and intensely psychoactive effects, there is always more to see and try.

Black Beauty is worth picking up for those wanting to experience an entirely new cannabinoid, replete with exciting effects and surprising medical uses. In fact, as long as you admire physical qualities, Black Beauty is worth it regardless – no other strain gets as deeply black or intricately colorful as this strain.

So, whether you want some THCV or just want to appreciate its gorgeous color, buy some Black Beauty the moment you see it. After all, thanks to its rarity, it might just be your only chance.

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