Banana Puff | Marijuana Strain Review

Banana Puff | Marijuana Strain Review

Banana Puff is the perfect nighttime strain thanks to its warming, spicy banana flavor profile and relaxing effects. Banana Puff is a hybrid strain and therefore offers a deep physical numbness mixed with calming mental clarity.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Humulene, Myrcene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painMigrainesNerve painSleepStress
Body high/numbingCalmingCreativityRelaxationSleep/SedationSpacy/cerebral
Growing Info
Banana Puff plants can flower in as little as seven weeks, making them perfect for those looking for a high yield in a short space of time. Banana Puff seeds are easy to find and can be purchased from most online seed retailers.

Hybrid strains are a popular pick for many cannabis enthusiasts, as they allow you to enjoy the body buzz of an indica with the uplifting boost of a sativa strain. However, when it comes to actually choosing a hybrid strain, it feels as though there is an almost endless list of options.

All hybrids are slightly different, with some favoring more stereotypical indica effects while others offer a more energizing sativa mindset.

For those who are unsure of the exact effects they desire, or who want a complete balance between an indica and a sativa, a 50/50 hybrid is the best way to go. Banana Puff is a great hybrid strain for this very reason. It contains the perfect split with a 50% indica and a 50% sativa content.

Let’s take a closer look at the Banana Puff strain and what you can expect from this fruity hybrid.

What Is the Banana Puff Strain?

The Banana Puff strain is a cross between Banana OG and Joseph OG and was initially created by Gage Green Genetics in Southern California. These two OG strains combine to create a hybrid strain with a 50% indica / 50% sativa breakdown.

As you would expect from a 50/50 hybrid strain, Banana Puff provides a combination of physical relaxation and mental calm. As the effects first take hold, you notice that your body suddenly feels light, with your limbs becoming slightly numb.


More sativa-driven effects shortly follow, clearing your mind and leaving you feeling slightly spacey. It’s almost as though you are disconnected from your physical body. Some people find that Banana Puff helps them to channel creative thoughts, making it the ideal strain for a creative afternoon at home.

The blend of physical lightness and mental ease also makes Banana Puff the perfect strain for a chilled evening. It allows you to lose yourself in your thoughts. You can also enjoy Banana Puff with a small group of close friends thanks to the light and relaxing atmosphere that it creates.

Banana Puff is best for use during the early evening. However, it is also suitable for use during the afternoon when you have the rest of the day free and want to zone out and relax. As the effects of Banana Puff start to fade, you are left feeling calm and sleepy. It is, therefore, often recommended for those who struggle with insomnia and other sleep-related conditions.


Some describe Banana Puff as having a slightly funky smell that can be a little off-putting at first. However, it quickly shows its more enjoyable side. Subtle spicy notes fight their way to the forefront of your attention, creating a pleasing aroma that offers hints of the strain’s flavor profile.

As you light Banana Puff, you experience a wave of dense, earthy smoke that has a herbal skunkiness to it. It is worth fighting through this heavy smoke, though, as it quickly settles to leave behind the smell of spicy baked goods fresh out of the oven.

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Banana Puff very much lives up to its name when it comes to its flavor profile. It possesses a rich banana taste that hits you from the very first puff of smoke. As your taste buds slowly absorb all of the different layers of flavor, you start to notice a rich and complex profile unfold.

Banana Puff is an exciting strain in that, while its main flavor is one of spiced banana, it also has many other flavors such as a skunk herbal taste and a smooth blend of sweet fruits. As you exhale your first puff of smoke, you are left with a slightly unpleasant skunk flavor, which is quickly covered up as you inhale your next wave of smoke.

Luckily, the herbal skunk flavor dissipates after your last drag, leaving behind the much more enjoyable banana flavors that make Banana Puff such a popular strain.


Banana Puff plants have a beautifully bright and appealing appearance, drawing a great deal of attention. Vibrant, olive-colored buds and rich green leaves give the plant an uplifting feel that perfectly matches the strain’s effects.

Banana Puff plants have dense buds that allow for a high yield despite small space.

Every element of Banana Puff’s appearance is uplifting, including the plant’s leaves that curl upwards, almost as though they are smiling at you. The leaves’ coloring and shape add to the plant’s upbeat feel.

Despite Banana Puff buds being covered in a layer of frosty white trichomes, the plant does not have the muted coloring that such trichomes can often cause.

Banana Puff Strain Grow Info

Banana Puff plants are ideal for both novice growers and those with years of experience. Growing it is a quick and overall simple experience in comparison with many other strains that require a great deal of attention.

Banana Puff plants can flower in as little as seven weeks, making them perfect for those looking for a high yield in a short space of time. Banana Puff strain seeds are easy to find from most online seed retailers.

Alternatively, if you don’t feel comfortable growing from seeds, you can also purchase clippings from mature Banana Puff plants. Using clippings can be a slightly more predictable growing experience as they are genetically identical to the plant they were taken from.

Banana Puff plants are happy both indoors and outside in warmer climates. Originating in Southern California, Banana Puff plants prefer a dry climate with temperatures that match that of a Southern California summer.

With such a short growing time, Banana Puff plants are ready to harvest and enjoy in no time. But what can you expect in terms of THC and CBD levels?

THC Content – Highest Test

The Banana Puff cannabis strain is thought to have a THC content of between 14% and 20% making it a very standard hybrid strain when it comes to its THC levels.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The specific CBD content of Banana Puff is not known, although it is generally thought to be less than 1%.

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Medical Benefits of the Banana Puff Strain

Being a hybrid strain with extremely balanced effects, Banana Puff provides both physical and mental relief. Banana Puff is most commonly used for treating pain-related conditions as well as managing stress and anxiety.

For a hybrid strain, Banana Puff packs some potent, physically numbing effects, especially in larger doses. Banana Puff can be used to treat a multitude of pain-related conditions, including arthritis, nerve pain, migraines, back pain, and temporary pains from injuries.

The effects of Banana Puff are not purely limited to the physical, though. It can also be a potent strain for tackling mental health issues. Banana Puff is particularly useful for both stress and anxiety.

The sedative effects toward the end of a Banana Puff high make it a popular option for those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep-related conditions. Banana Puff helps to numb your body, blocking any pain that causes sleep problems. Equally, if you are someone who finds falling asleep difficult due to anxiety and stress, Banana Puff could also be beneficial.

Possible Side Effects of the Banana Puff Strain

Banana Puff appears to have very few potential side effects, and even those that are common tend to be on the milder side.

The most common side effect caused by Banana Puff is dry mouth, which occurs typically when smoking the strain. Dry mouth is a side effect among most strains when smoked and can cause your mouth to feel fluffy and dehydrated.

The good news is that dry mouth should not last for more than a few hours and has no long-lasting effects.

When consuming more massive doses of Banana Puff, some people find that they experience sudden dizzy spells. Dizziness is more likely to occur when smoking larger doses as your body becomes overwhelmed with the high levels of THC it has to deal with.

Much less common side effects of Banana Puff include dry and irritated eyes as well as an enhanced sense of anxiety.

Final Thoughts on the Banana Puff Strain

Banana Puff is a delightful strain for both those in search of a balanced hybrid strain and those looking to naturally treat a multitude of medical conditions ranging from insomnia to pain.

The spiced banana flavor that washes across your senses from the moment that Banana Puff touches your lips makes for an enjoyable, flavor-packed experience.

It is perfect for novice smokers who are not used to much more robust flavors. The warming winter flavors found within Banana Puff also draw attention away from the strain’s slightly unpleasant aroma.

For a mentally relaxing evening with a slight body buzz, Banana Puff is the ideal strain for both cannabis experts and complete beginners.

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